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This week, I placed two different orders with B&H Photo, and since NAPP members get free shipping, I saved $51.70 on UPS shipping on my first order (some C-stands), and then another $26.80 on my second order for empty sandbags (for a total shipping savings of nearly $80.00). Considering that a full year NAPP membership is only $99, that ain’t too shabby.

I know a lot of NAPP members take advantage of this discount, but then I always run into members at my seminars that have no idea this discount is in place, so since I was on my “I saved $80 bucks” high, I thought’d I pass it along.

Also, another discount that might come in handy during the holidays is one NAPP members get from Apple, on everything from new Macs to Monitors, and loads of other cool Apple gear. They’ve set up a special NAPP members version of the online Apple Store and we get emails from members who have saved more than their annual membership fee in just one order.

To get these discounts, just go to the NAPP member website, and click on the Discounts link. If you’re not a NAPP member yet, click here for the full scoop.


Hi Friends of Scott,

This is Scott's publisher, and I just heard that some of you who pre-ordered the book at Amazon may have received an automated email message from Amazon stating that The Scott Kelby 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book has been delayed. The book has already released from our warehouse and is already selling, but because Amazon hadn't fully received the inventory before the trigger to put in place an automated email date change message went out, you may have received that automated email saying the book wasn't yet available. Please ignore Amazon's email, as the book is available from us, and will be shipping from Amazon within the week.

Thanks to all of you for your patience. And I can tell you now, after having read the book myself, it's SO worth the wait of a few days from Amazon. Enjoy.

– Nancy


It’s Wednesday; here’s what’s up:

  • Ben Willmore sent me a link to a video demo he did on the Think Tank holster belt-based system I mentioned last week, but it was Ben’s comment, that “I’d rather change camera brands than use a different bag system… it’s that good.” That really made an impact with me. Here’s the link to watch Ben’s review on YouTube.
  • If you’re ready for one of those once-in-a-lifetime photo workshops, here’s one I’d love to take; it’s Santa Fe Workshop’s “Australian Photographic Journey,” hosted by Jerry and Julie Courvoisier, coming up on November 7 – 17, 2007. It just sounds like an amazing experience, and the details are right here.
  • I recently got a really fascinating photography book, called “In Katrina’s Wake: Portraits of Loss From An Unnatural Disaster” by Chris Jordan (shown above). It’s really surprising in how it creates images that are almost beautiful out of such a tragic event. It really shows a side of Katrina that I, for one, had never considered, and you can see some of these images on Chris’ web site. However, I encourage you check out his “Running the Numbers” gallery while you’re there, which uses a very clever method to relay his message. It’s pretty amazing, and well worth the visit. Here’s the link to Chris’ photography.
  • Don’t miss next week’s episode of Photoshop User TV, as our special in-studio guest is renowned outdoor photographer Moose Peterson, and he brought along the newly announced Nikon D3, and he gives a quick demo on some of its coolest features. The show will be posted on Monday afternoon at
  • UPDATE: Don’t miss the current issue of Photoshop User TV, with special guest Wedding Guru David Ziser. David showed us more cool stuff than we could actually fit on the show, so we’ve created a special bonus segment with him, that’s only available on the Web. Here’s the link.

That’s what’s goin’ on. Have a great Wednesday everybody! :)


Just a quick update: I just went to and Barnes & and the book is in-stock and available for shipping (at least, it was at 12:34 pm EST), at both.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, click either of those links above to order yours today. If you want the full scoop on the book, click here to see the video post I did describing the book, how it came to be, and what makes it different. :)


They’ve added one additional city to my Photoshop CS3 Power Tour (Washington, DC), so I thought I’d give a quick recap of where I’ll be teaching until the end of the year:

Lightroom LIVE! Tour
Tampa, FL
Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Tampa Convention Center

Honolulu, HI
Monday, December 3, 2007
Hawaii Convention Center

Photoshop CS3 Power Tour
New York City
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Javits Center, New York, NY

Washington, DC
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Washington DC Convention Center

I hope you’ll come out and spend the day with me in one of these cities. Tickets are $99 for the full-day event (but only $79 for NAPP members). Hope I’ll see you there! :)