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I’ve got a bunch of book news, so I thought I’d put it all in one quick post, so here goes:

  • Joe McNally’s landmark book, “The Moment it Clicks” is already sold out just about everywhere, and the publisher has already gone back to press for a 2nd printing to print another 25,000 copies, so if you want to get yours as soon as they’re available, preorder yours now at or Barnes& Congrats to Joe for creating the most highly acclaimed photography book in years! Note: Here’s a recent review on Joe’s book from Michael Clark Photography [link], and an in-depth review from David duChemin at the PixelatedImage blog.
  • On Saturday I saw one of the first copies off press of Matt Kloskowski’s new book, “Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature” and it came out just beautifully (some of the people who pre-ordered his book have already begun receiving their copies). His step-by-step method is really ideal for learning Layers, and his whole project-based approach really makes the book stand apart. Here’s the link to it on and Barnes&
  • Here’s some recent reviews I’ve run across on my book, The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 2:
    > Stephen Zeller Photography (link)
    > Professional (link)
    > Hal Maclean (link)
    > Mike Lao (link)
  • Also, picked my book, “The Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” as one of their top five books of 2007. I would have really been excited, had they not prefaced the mention with, “Some hate his worn-thin humour. Some dislike the fact that he tells you what to do rather than shows you how to do it,” particularly because it’s true. Hey, I am what I am. ;-) (Here’s the link).
  • Also, I’ve just finished up the latest edition of “The Photoshop Elements 6 Book for Digital Photographers” and it’s on it’s way to press, so we should see copies before long. And, for this latest edition, I brought in my buddy, and Photoshop User TV co-host Matt Kloskowski as my co-author, and I’m totally psyched about having Matt on board. He rocks the houseski (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Here’s links to the book on and Barnes&

Thanks for reading for this episode of the Book Report.


Hi everybody. I’ve been in Vegas all this week, first for some business, then I took a few days off with my wife and some friends to just hang out and see some shows (saw Cirque du Soleil’s “Love” show Wed. night, featuring the music of The Beatles and it was just unbelievable!!! My favorite Cirque show ever!). Now, I’m back, and here’s whaz up:

  • I’ve been working with Nik Software’s brand new Viveza plug-in for Photoshop, which brings the U-point technology used in Nikon’s popular Capture NX to Photoshop, and I have to say; it’s freakin’ incredible! In fact, so much so, that it’s getting my “Scott Thinks It’s Hot” award, given only to absolutely kick-butt products! The plug-in has a great user interface, pretty snappy performance, and it’s so fast and easy to use, that it’s going to become a part of my regular workflow. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out their video clip which shows it in action (click here); and you’ll totally get it, (and why it will change the way you do selective editing forever). Kudos to the gang at Nik Software for bringing Viveza to Photoshop. I’m psyched!!!
  • I saw a comment posted on my blog this past week from Adobe’s Vice President of Product Development, Dave Story, in response to my post called “Adobe’s Listening.” Here’s what Dave wrote:
  • Adobe is definitely listening, and not just to Lightroom requests. It’s absolutely common for me to require my team members to spend 10-20% of their time out in the community. Not just product managers, but software engineers and software quality engineers…everyone.

    I really don’t understand why every software company doesn’t do this. It is harder, and it is definitely difficult not to be able to accomplish everything our customers want, but it’s critical if we are going to meet our customers’ needs.

    One thing I will say, is that it takes some thick skin to read all the criticisms of our “beloved babies” that we poured so much sweat and tears into…but in the end it is all worth it to see what our customers create (in part) using our tools.

    I say this all the time — Adobe has the best customers in the world!


    Dave Story
    VP Product Development
    Creative Solutions, Adobe Systems

  • Dave is confirming something we already knew—that Adobe is listening to us, their customers, more than ever, but it’s still awfully nice to hear it direct from the horse’s mouth (so to speak).
  • We’ve posted our first online class from Digital Video Guru (and Photoshop World Instructor) Richard Harrington, and it’s one a lot of people have been asking for: Getting Started with Apple Motion. Here’s the link to Rich’s new online class over at Note: We’ve got a lot more classes coming from Rich very soon, so stayed tuned! (That’s TV talk. I thought Rich would appreciate that type of jargon). ;-)
  • If you’re in the Waipahu, Hawaii area (you lucky dog!), then you’ll want to catch a free seminar this Sunday, Feb. 17th, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm with Photoshop “WOW” books author Jack Davis. All you have to do is RSVP to  808-877-7022. For more info visit the Institute of Visual Arts site (link).
  • The monthly newsletter of celebrated landscape photographer Stephen Johnson is now available online. Click here to check it out.
  • Want to see some beautiful photography to take you into the weekend? Then check out the winners of PDN’s “World in Focus” travel photography contest. They’ve posted an online gallery of the winners right here.
  • I had my day made on Thursday afternoon, when I looked in my email in-box and there was a very nice email from Clement Mok. Apparently, a number of my readers had sent him the link to my story from Monday, and he dropped me a line, and was as gracious as ever. What a class act!
  • You’ve heard me mention the popular “Flying With Fish” blog (run by photographer Steven Frischling, who has dedicated his blog to helping photographers navigate the increasingly tricky task of traveling with pro-quality photo gear. Well, he’s now offering a series of one-day workshops called the “One Day No Jet Lag Photo Quick Course Seminar & Workshop” which are “designed to educate photographers on a wide range of skills and tools to make life on the road easier.” The next ones are coming up soon: March 15th in the Baltimore/Washington area, and then on March 16th in Manhattan (he just wrapped up his workshop in Hong Kong this past week). Check out the day’s schedule (it sounds surprisingly cool), right here, for all the details.

That’s what’s going on today. Have a great weekend everybody, and I’ll see you on Monday (which could be “Manic Monday” or “Mondo Monday” or “Manheim Monday” depending on how late I write the post). Have a good one!


When you’ve been writing news every Thursday since 2005, sometimes you just have to call it something other than just the “Thursday News,” so since it’s Valentine’s Day I came up with this name, which includes just a hint of French (the international language of love. Hey, my first thought was to call it “Thursday News Pellets,” which makes “Industry Communiqu©” sound totally palatable now, doesn’t it)? Here goes (remember, this is for just for Lover’s—-backwards skating only!):

  • On February 28th I’ll be over in Dallas, Texas teaching (on behalf of Nikon), at the annual International Symposium for Aerial Photography (ISAP). This is my 2nd time speaking for this group, and it is just a blast. Beside being just a great group to present to; their photography (which was on display at the event) is simply breathtaking. For more info on the International Society for Aviation Photography, click right here.
  • Hard to believe as this must sound, but Photoshop User TV actually did air on “real” television last night on Fox Business channel. Now, as you might expect, besides the date problem, there was apparently a time slot issue in some parts of the country, and as soon as I’m back in the office (tomorrow), I’ll track it down and hopefully get you the right info for next week, but hey….it’s a start. :)  Also, we expect to have the on-screen guide show “Photoshop User TV” within the next week or so, to make it easier to Tivo each episode.
  • Last week, a NAPP member named Charlie Guild posted this comment on my blog, and I wanted to share it with you. He wrote, “Of all the things you and the rest of the pack at NAPP have done for me as a photographer (and there has been a ton), one of the best surprises was being turned on to Joe McNally’s The Moment it Clicks. No amount of hype could match what this book delivers. I sincerely believe that time will prove this out to simply be one of the most important single pieces of work in digital photography.” Charlie, I couldn’t agree more.
  • For those of you planning to go to Photoshop World in Orlando, make sure to make it a point catch our special after-hour session called “The Art of Digital Photography.” This is not another Photoshop class—-it’s the photographers themselves showing some of their best work, and talking about the creativity and art behind the image, and it’s just such an inspiring, funny, and often touching evening that the following day it’s always the talk of the show. You’ll see presentations from gifted photographers, including Jay Maisel, Joe McNally, John Paul Caponigro, Moose Peterson, Joe Glyda, Vincent Versace, and the panel is moderated by the wonderful Jim DiVitale. It’s a night to remember, so make it a point to be there (the session is open to all registered Photoshop World attendees). Here’s a link with more on this after hour sessions.
  • Tech Note for Nikon D300 users: We’ve heard from a handful of D300 users who, since switching to Mac OS X Leopard, have been having a hard time getting their Macs to recognize files from their D300s. The interim fix is to set your D300 so it captures Raw images at 12-bit rather than 14-bit, and that fixes the problem. Rumors have it that Apple is prepping a major bug-fix of Mac OS X Leopard which will be released by month’s end, and that may well include a OS-wide fix for this problem, but at least for now we’ve got a way around it. Just thought we’d pass that on.

That’s it for this “Lover’s Only, Valentine’s Day Industry Communiqu©.” I’ll be back tomorrow, with the boringly named “Friday News Wrap-up” to send you whirling off into the weekend full of hope, and promise, and other stuff I only say to my kids. See you then! :-)

OK, I just found out why the show didn’t air last night, but I actually have good news. Here’s how it was explained to me:

“A 24 hour period of 5am to 5am is a day of programming for them.  So when they said 1:30am on Wednesday it actually falls on Thursday at 1:30am which is still in the Wednesday block of time for their scheduling. Which means our show airs on Thursday at 1:30am.”

So……….we’ll all be keeping our fingers crossed to see if it actually airs tonight. If it doesn’t air, be sure to stop back by tomorrow to see what level of humiliation I’ve actually achieved. ;-)   See you then!


Jeff Revell over at PhotoWalkPro had a post last week that left me speechless. It was a series of ads for the Cape Times newspaper (in Cape Town, South Africa) that showed photos taken the day before tragic losses of human life. The one above, from that series, has the caption, September 10, 2001 (I’m showing it here in US date format). The series had a number of different images, and it’s worth taking a moment to see these powerful images and what they represent. Kudos to Jeff for uncovering this (here’s the direct link).


If there is some lingering question in your mind of what’s actually in a “McNugget,” then one can only imagine what’s in a “News Nugget.” Well, imagine no more, friends; here’s a tasty box of Tuesday News Nuggets (now with added nutrients and infused with a hint of magnesium and zinc):

  • OK, it’s pretty clear by the reviews, Joe McNally’s written the photography book of the year (which is already going on it’s 2nd printing), but who’s going to write the “Photoshop book of the year?” I’d put my money on Matt Kloskowski’s soon-to-be-released (about two weeks away), new book, “Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature” (from Peachpit Press). I’ve seen the book (while it was in its final stages of production), and Matt just plain nailed it! If you’ve been dying to finally really understand layers, and start using them like a pro, Matt’s book will open that door for you in a big way. Get yours first from or Barnes &, or where books you’ve been waiting forever for someone to write are sold. Way to go, big Ski!
  • If you are going to Photoshop World this April, my buddy (and maybe tonight on real TV co-host) Dave Cross has come up with a simple, yet incredibly useful PDF to help you plan your custom class schedule. Dave calls it “The Photoshop World Planner” (OK, it’s not the most exciting name, which may explain why Dave isn’t in the marketing dept.). But generic name aside, this thing rocks (and best of all–it’s free). Try it once—love it forever (like Coke Zero, which Dave might well have named “Coca Cola With No Calories”). Find it over at Dave Cross’s blog, which is called (Come on, you can guess this one), that’s right–Dave Cross Online (here’s the link).
  • A brand new resource for Fine Art photography has just launched called Fine Art PhotoBlog, and it includes a gallery of fine art work from a host of well known photographers. Some really beautiful images there—definitely worth checking out (here’s the link to their press release, which includes a link to their site).
  • Joe McNally has now joined the ranks of the “Sleepless Zombie Club” as last week he launched a daily blog. People all already talking (and he’s already costing me money, because I really like his shooting tethered accessory listing—I’ve got to have it. Don’t tell my wife—she never shoot’s thethered, so she won’t understand). Here’s the link to Joe’s new blog.
  • Lastly, there’s a really excellent article over at David duChemin’s “Pixelated Image” called “You Did That on Purpose!” based on this concept: “If you were to do three things this year that you did not do last year – three things that would impact your craft and the way you do business as a photographer, what would they be?” and he gives you some really thoughtful starting places and ideas. This is a must read (it’s very simple, yet very powerful). Here’s the link. Thanks David, for making us step back and think.

Well folks, it’s a busy week, so I’ve got to run. Have a kick-butt Tuesday, and don’t forget today is “National Take a Pixel to Work Day” (which is observed in several Canadian provinces and in Belton, South Carolina).