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….that’s right—the Strobist himself, David Hobby.

It is such an honor to have David as a guest here on the blog. I’ve been such of fan of his site, his teaching, and what he’s done in creating the world’s leading site for off-camera flash education, Make sure you check in tomorrow to see what our very special guest has in store. I can’t wait!!! :-)


Lightroom has become such a big part of the professional photographer’s workflow these days, that this year at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (held in Boston, March 25-27, 2009 at the Hynes Convention Center) we have added so many more Lightroom sessions that it’s become its own “Conference within a Conference.”

There are now so many Lightroom classes that you can actually come to Photoshop World and totally immerse yourself in Lightroom learning as we now have a full track of Lightroom training every single day! (So, you could actually go to Photoshop World and never take a Photoshop class. Eerie. I know).

We’re calling it “The Lightroom Conference at Photoshop World” and check out this all-star line up of the world’s leading Lightroom instructors:

  • Katrin Eismann
  • Scott Kelby (hey, that’s me!)
  • Julieanne Kost
  • Matt Kloskowski
  • Jack Davis
  • Martin Evening
  • Kevin Ames
  • Andrew Rodney
  • and David Ziser

Plus, we’re planning special after-hours events just for Lightroom Users, including Birds-of-a-Feather dinners, and more.

Best of all; it’s all included in your Photoshop World Conference Pass, so if you sign up for Photoshop World, you’re able to attend any or all of the Lightroom sessions and special events. We’re really excited about “The Lightroom Conference at Photoshop World” and to be able to add this new training experience, which is based upon what attendees at last year’s Photoshop World Conference & Expo in Las Vegas told us—“We want more Lightroom!” Well, you got it, baby!!! Here’s where you sign up. Hope to see you there!

A couple of weeks ago, Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski and I were all talking about how one of the most common questions we got from attendees during our Lightroom and Photoshop tours in November and December was, “I’m not sure what’s in Photoshop CS4. Should I upgrade or not?”

We were kind of surprised, but again on my blog last week, people are still asking the same questions, “What’s in CS4? Should I upgrade? Is it worth the upgrade? etc.” so we went into the studio to put together a comprehensive discussion on all of CS4’s new features. Now, we’re not saying that Adobe hasn’t done a good job of letting everybody know what the new features are, but…….anyway, if that many people are asking we thought we ought to do it.

Now, the funny thing is; there actually is a LOT more to CS4 than we realized (as you’ll see on the video clips this week), because what was supposed to be a short video, turned into a packed-full four part series that will run here on my blog all week (except of course for Wednesday, when I have a VERY special guest blogger). Anyway, I think if you take a few minutes to check out these video clips this week, you’ll see another side of CS4 that I don’t think a lot of folks know about. Start with the video below, and we’ll pick up back here tomorrow with Part 2.



Our good friend, and legendary Wildlife Photographer, Moose Peterson has posted a mini-review of Nikon’s new D3x over at his Moose News blog, and he gives one of the first real field tests out there (from the Digital Landscape Workshop Series taking place out in Yellowstone right now) of this newly released high-end camera.

Here’s the link to Moose’s blog to check it out.

foca2lHi folks, and happy Friday!

Before we kick into things; a big thank you to Tim Wallace for his excellent guest post on Wedneday, and for directly posting answers to so many folks comments. It’s really great when a guest blogger brings that personal interaction, and it was an honor having Tim share his wonderful work, and give us a behind-the-scenes peek into his world. Cool stuff!

If you’re a landscape photographer, then the two most important times of the day for you are Sunrise and Sunset, and I just picked up an app for my iPhone that you’ll want to check out called Focalware. Among other things, it shows you the exact time for that day’s sunrise and sunset based on your iPhone’s built-in GPS. You can watch a demo of it right here, or buy it online at the iTunes App Store by clicking here (it’s $9.99). A very slick little app, and a landscape photographer’s new best friend.

  • Good news for everybody who already bought the Spiral-bound editions of my “Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers”—it  just came in last night, and I’ve already started signing copies so we can start shipping them out to you right away! Now, I have good news and bad news: The good news is—the spiral bound edition was a HUGE hit and we only have a few left. The bad news (for some of you anyway) is that since there’s only a few left, we’re reserving them for sale to NAPP members only, so if you’re a member, you can buy one of the remaining spiral-bound editions at the NAPP member web site. (Note: Since it requires an entire press run to create more spiral editions, the only way we’ll have more of this title in spiral bound is if in the future the publisher reprints the book, and we order a certain amount to be spiral bound).
  • This you gotta see: Our in-house Video guru, Jason “The Scriv” Scrivner put together a hilarious little clip showing some of the hilarious “lower third name titles” Jason has snuck into Photoshop User TV over the past year or so. They totally cracked me up. Here’s the link (way to go, Jason!).
  • A big thanks to the Lightroom Lab blog, who did a review of my new Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers, and called it their “Favorite Lightroom reference book.” Here’s the link to their review.
  • Joe McNally has a great post going over at his blog called “Random thoughts in the cold,” which includes some cool photos, and a cute take-off on my “12-24mm VR” rumor conspiracy. If you’ve got a minute, give this a read—it’s good stuff.

That’s it for today folks. Have a kick-butt Friday. :)

I’m kicking off a series of surveys on which tools and features you use in Photoshop CS4, and your responses will help me (and all of NAPP) to focus our CS4 education efforts on the tools and features you use most. On the flip side of this is, if there are features that many users don’t realize are in CS4, then we can help uncover those for new CS4 users.

The survey is below, and if you have CS4, I invite you to take part (if you don’t use CS4, please do me a favor and skip the survey). I’m making the results visible during the life of the survey, so you’ll be able to see for yourself which tools and features are making the most impact with users. If all goes well, we’ll have a new survey each week for the next few months. Many thanks—-Scott