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airefareWhen I went to the Photoshop World Conference travel page the other day, they had added a little widget thingy on the bottom of the page with a scrolling updated list of roundtrip airfare deals to Las Vegas, from cities big and small all over the U.S., and there are some smokin’ deals I missed the other day.

Now, the one you see here to the left is just a screen capture, because I couldn’t figure out how to get the real thing embedded into my blog, but if you click this link, it’ll take you to the Photoshop World travel page, and if you scroll down you’ll find the real thing there.

Anyway, I’m still amazed at some of the deals, so….whatdaya waitin’ for? See you in Vegas, baby!!!

51fjgl1oarl_sl500_aa240_When I was in Italy, and wound up having to buy that Nikon D-5000 because I left my other gear back in New York (here’s that sad story), I immediately called my buddy Jeff Revell and asked him if he’d real quick write a book on the D-5000, and anyway….the first batch just came off press, and Jeff just got his first copies yesterday. By the way; I’m totally joking about asking him to write the book—-I just got lucky that Jeff was already writing that book, and yesterday I was begging him to send me one of that first batch.

Anyway, the book will be hitting bookstores shortly, and you can pre-order it right here from Barnes & or, or wherever great camera books are sold.

Congrats Jeff, not only on expanding your series, but for creating a new way to learn our cameras—-not just so we know which buttons do what, but how to use those buttons to take better photos, which is what it’s really all about.


Do you guys remember a while back when I had concert photographer Alan Hess here as my guest blogger? He did a kick-butt article on how to shoot concerts, and it was a huge hit.

Anyway, that got me to thinking; we’re always trying to bring new really cool things to Photoshop World—stuff you wouldn’t find at any other conference, and that’s why I’m psyched to tell you that Alan himself will be teaching a pre-conference workshop at  the upcoming Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas.

Here’s how we have the day structured:

  1. It starts in the Classroom, where Alan will show you the ins and outs, tricks of the trade, and all the inside stuff you need to know (everything from which gear to use, to shooting under ever-changing concert lighting conditions, to “getting the shot” when you’ve only got the standard three-song limit to get a killer shot).
  2. Then the class heads to a live concert shoot where they get to take the skills they just learned in the classroom and put them to use.
  3. After the shoot, it’s back into the classroom for more learning, and critiques of the work from the day’s shoot.

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot concerts, this is an incredible opportunity to learn from a seasoned pro, and actually get some hands-on experience in the process.

This optional pre-conference workshop is limited to just 40 participants, and takes place on Sept 30th (the day before the actual conference kicks off). Here’s the link to the Photoshop World site to sign up (by the way; if you’re already registered for Photoshop World, just call 1-800-738-8513 to reserve your pre-conference class spot).


You guys know I’m a Think Tank Photo gear freak (I use their Airport Security V2 as my go-to bag for most everything now, and their modular belt system for shooting sports. Incredible stuff!).

Anyway, they gave me a special code to give to any of my readers (you guys) who might be thinking of buying some Think Tank gear, and if you input the code when you’re buying their gear (for orders over $50), not only will they send you a freebie accessory bag thingy, they’ll give me a commission which I will pass on 100% of that to the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage.

So, you get a great camera bag, and a freebie, and you’ll be feeding some kids on the other side of the world at the same time. Come on—that totally rocks!

Anyway the code is AP-327, and just follow this link where you input that code, to buy your stuff.

Now, go buy lots of great Think Tank gear!

Hey, before I mention Terry’s review, I have to stop right now and give a big thanks to Jamie Smith for yesterday’s totally awesome Guest Blog. I loved it!!!! (and I think Jamie has a second career in writing just waiting in the wings). I loved the insights he gave into working for Jay, and I especially dug the Jay Trivia. What a perfect way to kick off our series of Guest Blogs by assistants. :)

Now, back to the reason for this post: Terry White (over at the popular Terry’s Tech Blog), just posted a review of Westcott’s new Green Screen kit (it’s a crazy inexpensive way to light and shoot people, or objects for that matter, that you want to composite on a different background in Photoshop). Basically, it makes your Photoshop compositing job that much easier (of course, you can use it for video too, where Green Screen is a staple in commercial video and movies).

Here’s the link to Terry’s review.


There is no perfect existence, but being blessed with a beautiful wife and working for Jay Maisel is pretty close – for starters my cubicle is more than TEN times the size of our entire NYC apartment.  At home we “share” the closet, at work I share space with a basketball hoop.  I got engaged at the bank building and we were married there.  (Yes, I’m currently in negotiations about a cemetery plot in the courtyard.)


There is no job description.  (more…)