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Hi Gang: I’m happy to announce that the weekly show for DSLR Shooters: D-Town TV (hosted by me and Matt Kloskowski) is back for Season 3 (right on time, which is somewhat a miracle unto itself), and our first episode is packed to the gills with cool new stuff. Here’s what’s in the first episode of Season 3:

– I kick things off with three great tips for beginners on getting sharp shots in low light situations
Moose Peterson is back to show us how to use a gimbal tripod head for shooting moving subjects
– Matt talks about the mode and setting switches on both Canon and Nikon 70-200mm lenses
– Top Pro Wedding photographer Cliff Mautner shows a tip for getting great edge lighting on location
– I share a really handy accessory for you off-camera flash shooters, called “Sticky Filters” (which are gels that stick to your flash to help color balance your light). Leave a comment on the D-Town Site (link) for your chance to win a set!
– Plus this week’s featured photographer is adventure photographer Tyler Stableford!

Of course, it’s all free, and you can watch the show right here (well, right above here, anyway).

….none other than Jeremy Cowart.

I totally dig Jeremy’s work (and I also love the way he has his portfolio categorized into the types of shots by their style — Mood, Light, Texture, Atmosphere [my favorite] — rather than the usual categories we see day in, day out).

Besides his amazing work, I’m equally impressed with the kind of person he is, and how he gives back (like what he’s done with Help Portrait), and while I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us tomorrow (it’s truly an honor to have him back once again as a guest blogger). Why don’t we all take a quick moment right now to jump over to his portfolio, and check out his work?

It’ll get you in the mood for tomorrow (and it will make you want to grab your camera and start shooting in the meantime). Here’s the link, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

OK, this totally has nothing to do with Photoshop or Photography, but my buddy Scott Diussa sent me a link to the band Rock Sugar, and they are a band of middle-aged rockers who fuse (mash-up) classic rock songs from the 80s with pop songs from the 80s, but the way they do it absolutely kicks butt!

The band is really talented (the lead singer is off the hook), so it’s not just how how cleverly they blended the two songs, but their performance is on the money, and now everybody at NAPP HQ is listening to Rock Sugar all day (a tremendous productivity killer).

I put their video below, which is a mash-up of Metallica’s Enter Sandman mixed with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” which they call “Don’t Stop the Sandman” You just gotta hear it for yourself. Great video, great guitar work, great harmonies, great stuff all around. I promise you’ll be smiling. Here’s the video (the song actually starts 38 seconds in):


I snapped the shot above with my iPhone after a box of foreign translations of my books came in to our offices a few weeks back, and I just ran across it while looking through my Camera Roll (that’s what it’s called on an iPhone anyway).

I get such a kick out of seeing how they’ve laid out these translated versions, because in most cases the size is different (often times they’re hard cover as well), and they often completely redesign in insides and in particular the front cover to suit their market (I complain about them redoing the cover, but my publisher swears that each market feels like they know the kind of cover that appeals to their demographic, so I let it go, but it still kind of drives me crazy).

What’s in the Stack
Taking a quick look at the stack, I can see various versions of my Digital Photography book series, my iPhone book (co-authored with Terry White) gets translated a lot; I see my Mac OS X Leopard books in there, and my Lightroom 2 book, and a couple of copies of my Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks books are in there as well. I see Russian, Korean, German, Turkish, and my first Photoshop book translated into Japanese. (NOTE: If by looking at the spine of the book you recognize any of the languages here, let me know in a comment).

Anyway, I just want to thank all of you who buy these translated copies of my book, and help my books reach a wider audience. I get emails from all over the world each week (sometimes telling me about the quality of the translations, which they say is usually very good, but I have gotten a few that let me know that the people of their country don’t get my jokes. I don’t feel so bad. People here don’t get my jokes either). :)

Calendar for friday on white background. Isolated 3D image

Yup, I just popped open another fresh can of wholesome Friday goodness. Here’s what’s inside:

10 Things That Will Do More For Your Photography…
I thought this short article was really well written, and there’s some great thought-provoking and inspiring stuff it in for the market we’re dealing with now. Well worth a stop by over at Lighting-Essentials.  (Here’s the link). Also, while you’re there, don’t miss his article: “You know that guy…I hate that guy. Am I somehow more successful now?” You will love it (or really, really, not. Gene, make sure you read this one!). Here’s the link .

Preparing Your Prints for Framing
I ran across a free PDF from Epson on how to prep your prints for framing. Some great info here (and it’s free). Here’s the link.

Are you comin’ to see me in Atlanta?
I hope so. I’m there on Friday, May 28th (just two weeks from now), with my “Photoshop for Photographers Tour” and I’m including some of the new CS5 stuff in my tour, so I hope you’ll make it by. It’s $99 for the full day ($79 for NAPP members), and includes my step-by-step workbook. You can sign up right here (seating is limited).

Jeff Revell in the Washington Examiner
My buddy Jeff Revell wound up getting interviewed in the Washington Examiner. If you’ve got a sec, go check ol’ Jeffy out (here’s the link).

Attention Drobo Users: Seagate 750GB Hard Drives for $39.99 each
If you’ve got a Drobo and want to add some extra storage on the cheap, TigerDirect has Seagate 750GB ATA internal drives that slide-right in to a Drobo for $39.99 each (after a $20 mail-in rebate). Amazing! A regular Drobo holds up to four of these, so if you’ve got one you can jump up to 3-terabytes for only $120. Insane! Here’s the link. (Right now I’m in the middle of moving all my archival backup for my photography to two Drobo S units, which have five drive bays each. This morning Terry told me had two-terabyte drives on sale for $90 each (of course, they’re already sold out), so you can have 10-terabytes of storage per Drobo unit for just $450. That’s sick! P.S. I can’t live without my Drobos). More about the Drobo S once the switch is complete. Here’s a link for info on the Drobo S in the meantime.

Free Photoshop CS5 Webinar at 3:00 pm Today for NAPP Members Only
If you’re a NAPP member, Matt Kloskowski and Dave Cross are hosting a free Photoshop CS5 Training Webinar called “The Best of Photoshop User’s Tips & Tricks” (This is different than our recent free public Webinars, because this is training rather than just demoing the new features). Plus, they’ll be answering your questions live as well. Just go to the NAPP member Website, and you’ll find the link to the free Webinar. It’s at 3:00 pm today so don’t miss it.

If you’re into Sports photography….
Check out my buddy Matt Lange’s blog, and his great story about his photo of the Saint’s Jeremy Shocky (that totally should have been an SI cover!). Great story, and a great shot (while you’re there, check out his MTV video clip, too.). Here’s the link.

Join Matt Kloskowski at Peachpit’s Photo Club
My DtownTV co-host (and all-around cool guy), Matt Kloskowski is this month’s special guest at Peachpit’s Photo Club, and he’ll be talking about his photography, Photoshop, and other cool stuff next Tuesday, the 18th. It’s free, and you can register right here.

Want to see some really cool stuff?
I just absolutely love this automotive HDR image by NAPP member Victor Caroli (it was chosen as “Image of the Week” over at NAPP). Here’s the link. Also, Larry Becker turned me on to the Photoshop retouching and illustration work T.C. de Hoyos, a Utah-based NAPP member. This guy has some really cool stuff, too (here’s the link).

That’s it for today, folks
It’s great to be back in the saddle again. I have lots of great stuff coming up soon, including a new “Photography Challenge” and hopefully I get to share some of it with you next week. Hope you all have a fun, relaxing, weekend. Hug the kids! :)


First off, it is an honor to be featured on such a great photography blog. As long-time readers, we’ve often enjoyed reading the “Weekly Guest Blogger” feature so it’s a bit surreal to be taking part.

About a year ago, we all came together (from various freelance backgrounds) with a strong desire to share our strengths in close community with one another. The idea behind us being a “collective” is that we believe that together we can create work at a higher caliber than we could as individuals.  We all fill different roles at different times, which is something that helps us grow individually and as a functioning unit. It is a spectacular feeling to share in both the struggles and triumphs with people who you not only consider artistic peers, but friends as well.

Here’s a video that walks through a recent shoot we did with the band Shapiro.

Click here to view on the iPad/iPhone.

And here’s the before and after of the image in the video:



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