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Last Tuesday I got the assignment from Southcreek Global Media to shoot the Beef ‘O’ Brady College Bowl Game (at the Tropicana Dome in St. Petersburg, Florida) between the Louisville Cardinals and the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.

My Fluke Mistake of the Day
If you’re thinking that the image above looks like it has some clipped highlights, well…you’d be right. At one point during the game, I turned D3s upside down, and leaned it against a wall in the end zone, so I could focus in-close for a series with my 70-200mm. Unfortunately for me in this case, the bracketing button is on the top of the D3s, and it turned on bracketing without me knowing. When I went back to my camera, and starting shooting, it took me a few minutes before I noticed that some of my photos were dark, some were really light (like the one you see above, which had been overexposed two stops), and some were OK. Of course, that shot above is one of my favorite shots from the day, and while I could lower the Exposure to recover some of the highlights, I couldn’t get them all back. The shot’s still “OK” but the clipping on his helmet and arm wrap on his left arm really bug me. NOTE: If you click on the photo to see the larger version, you can really see the blown out areas).

Southcreek arranged for me to have a Editor at the game to make the editing and uploading of images live during the game much faster and easier. I asked my buddy Matt Kloskowski to be my editor, and work the game with me. After each quarter, and at half time, Matt would come down to the field, we’d swap memory cards, and he’d head up to the Pressbox to import the images, find the best ones, do the editing, add the metadata required by Southcreek, and then upload it to Southcreek’s live servers. Not surprisingly, Matt did a fantastic job, and we had images uploading the entire game, and afterward. (Photo above by Andy Gregory, who was ejected from the game for once again trying to steal my shots).

Above: That’s Matt up in the press box, editing away. He looks very serious. Well, for Matt, anyway. ;-)

Above: Not only does he make the catch, he takes it in for a touchdown!

Above: It’s kind of a boilerplate shot, but for some reason, I like it (well, except for that foot on the far right edge of the shot. Because this is for a wire service, you can’t clone stuff like that out, but if I were going to make myself a print to hang on my wall, that foot would be gone in about two seconds.

Above: I love the way he’s hanging on to the drawstring on the receiver’s pants. Anyway, here’s a few more from the game:

Above: It was a back and forth battle all day, but in the end, Louisville edged Southern Miss 31-28. A great game, a great time, and it’s my last college game this season [sigh], but at least it ended on a high note —my first game where I had an on-site editor, and it was shot in a comfortable 72° indoor dome, which after the Steeler’s 22° shoot on the previous Sunday, that was a real pleasure.

Above: One last thing: I was psyched to see that one of my shots from the game—seen above—wound up on Southcreek’s home page in their highlights reel of their latest coverages.

For Christmas, I wanted to share something very special—a short video clip (below) put together by two very talented guys from our video team: Adam Rohrmann and Daniel Bryant, and hosted by our own RC Concepcion. The video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at our small part in Jeremy Cowart’s amazing Help Portrait day. I hope you’ll take a moment to watch the video. It’s what this season is all about.

Here’s wishing you and your family a warm and wonderful Holiday and all the joy His Season can bring.

Well, it’s the last Pimpy Thursday before Christmas, so we’d better get right to it. Here we go:

> Four New “Learn How to use Your Camera” classes at Kelby Training Online
This week we just released four brand new classes that teach you all the buttons, dials, menus, and features of some of the latest new cameras, including:

$#x2022; The Canon 60D (Instructor Jeff Revell, of
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The capture above is from Anne’s class, and Matt Kloskowski was on the set with her, acting as the viewer’s surrogate—asking the same type of questions of Anne as you might have when you’re watching the class yourself. The dynamic between the two, and the back-and-forth really makes these classes fun, and they are truly packed with great info. Matt was also on the set with Jeff for one of his classes (in the same role), and I snuck my way into one of Jeff’s classes as well, asking Jeff questions as he goes. If you have any one of these cameras, these brand new classes are tremendously helpful in getting you up and using your camera to the fullest right away.

> Learn and Shoot in Africa with Ben Willmore
Photoshop Hall of Famer and photographer Ben Willmore has a workshop coming up in an opportunity of Botswana & Zimbabwe, on October 30-November 13th, 2011 that just sounds like an amazing adventure. The workshop is hosted by Ben and wildlife photographer Dana Allen. Here’s what Ben says about the workshop:

“This is a VERY special time of year in these regions, as it is the beginning of the summer season and the camps for this photo adventure have been specially chosen for the unique game behavior and climatic vistas. Each participant will have their own row in our vehicles so they can shoot out either side without anyone else getting in the way and we bring an extra plane just for camera gear so you don’t have the usual overly restrictive baggage weight limitations that you’ll find on most other tours.”

There are just a few spots available for this workshop of a lifetime, and you can get more information, or reserve your spot, right here. (Would this make an insane Christmas gift or what!!!!).

> is Showing My Photo Recipes 2 Book/DVD In-stock on Dec. 26th
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That it for today folks. Here’s wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and all the joys this holiday can bring. :)

(Pimpin’ in for Brad)

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably recognize both of the guys in the photo above. If you’re kinda new here, that’s Alex Walker (left) posing with my buddy, pro sports photographer Mike Olivella (Photo by Melina Vastola).

Alex won a contest last year that we hosted here on the blog called “Shooting on the Sidelines with Scott & Mike” which was a sports photo contest only open to non-pros, and the winner would get to shoot a big time College football game from the sidelines with Mike and me. Sadly, it turned into a huge debacle (in short, a group of sports photographers got up in arms over the contest and they got Alex’s sidelines pass revoked—-you can read all the gory details here—it’s one of my most commented upon posts ever). As it turned out, although he got his College game pulled out from under him, we were able to get Alex on the sidlines of an NFL game, to make up for his missing the College game (you can read about that here).

Well, Mike being the big-hearted guy that he is, never got over what happened to Alex, and earlier this month arranged to have Alex get his rightful prize,as he got to join Mike for a sidelines shoot during the ACC Collage Championship Game, where the photo you see above was taken. Anyway, I just wanted to share a shot of two really good guys (above), and another happy ending for Alex—-a really great guy, a super dad, and a top notch photographer.

Hi Gang: I just woke up a few minutes ago (I shot the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s College Bowl Game last night between Southern Miss and Louisville for Southcreek Global Media), and I didn’t get back home until after 2:00 am.

I was allowed to bring an Editor to the game with me, so I could keep shooting while the editor picks out the images each quarter, processes them, adds all the metadata, and uploads them to Southcreek, and I was lucky enough to have Matt Kloskowski as my editor (He didn’t get home until after 2:00 am either). As expected, Matt did an awesome job.

Anyway, what does all this have to do with the “Missing Guest Blog Mystery?” I just got an email from Jeff Revell asking, “Hey, did you forget to schedule today’s guest blog post?” Actually, it’s worse than that. I forgot that Brad and I had decided that we’d take the next two Wednesday’s off from our Guest Blog Wednesday, but I totally forgot to mention that yesterday (totally my fault. Sorry about that).

So…..please consider this your official announcement that today, and next Wednesday, we’ve “takin’ off.” In fact, outside of a last minute “Pimpy Thursday” I think it’s a pretty safe bet that on Friday, the blog will out shopping for last minute Christmas gifts. :)

Again, sorry about not letting you know in advance about the missing Guest Blog today, but I hope I’ll see you back here tomorrow.