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Hey gang, Brad here with three super-pimpy posts today.  First up we have…

Matt Kloskowski is coming to Houston with the Lightroom 3 LIVE Tour on March 9!

This tour takes advantage of Lightroom 3’s new features, and shows you how to make your Lightroom workflow faster, easier and more fun than than ever.

If you feel like you’ve been doing things the hard way for a while, this seminar might just be for you. Once you see Lightroom live, you realize that not only is this the future, but you can see firsthand how it’s going to change and improve your workflow.

For more info and to register for the seminar, check out!

What has over 500,000 layers, measures 300 in x 60 in, weighs 6.52 GB (flattened), features some of your favorite industry icons, and took four years to create?

Bert Monroy’s latest creation!  Leave it to Bert to create something so huge and complex that it pushes the boundaries of all the hardware and software he used to put this thing together.

And you can see it printed out in its full glory in the Epson booth at Photoshop World Orlando :)

Jump over to for all the details, and to scan through to see who all you can spot in this creation!

Hey gang, Brad here with this week’s news and deals!

Photoshop World
If you haven’t signed up for Photoshop World Orlando yet, today and tomorrow are your last two chances to take advantage of our killer Gimme Five deal!  There are five options for great freebies when you sign up this week, including free Speed Passes, Midnight Madness tickets, Pre-Conference Seminars, and more!  Check out for more details.

Also be sure to reserve your room at the Rosen Centre Hotel, where all of the instructors stay during the conference, before the special rate ends.  More details over at

And, lastly, don’t forget your After-Hours Party Ticket and Pro Pass Upgrade when you’re registering!

Scott’s All-New Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It LIVE Tour

Scott Kelby, award-winning author of The Digital Photography Book and editor of Photoshop User magazine, brings one of his all-time most popular online classes to life in this amazing day where you learn it all: the lighting, the shooting, and the retouching, all live, as it happens.

You’ll see everything unfold from scratch in each session, with different lighting setups and looks, as Scott starts with an empty stage and then puts together the lighting for a live portrait shoot.

You’re right there as he takes you through the entire shoot, tweaking the lighting and working with the models. Then he takes those very same images into Photoshop where he shares his very latest portrait retouching techniques, so you can see exactly how it’s all done from start to finish.

Keep an eye out for details and tour dates over at very soon!

Kelby Training Live
Dave Cross is bringing his Photoshop CS5 Power User Tour to Tampa TODAY, February 17, then up to Richmond, VA on Monday, February 21!

And Ben Willmore is coming to Salt Lake City on Wednesday, February 23, and San Jose on Friday, February 25 with his Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished Tour!

For all the details and registration info on these and other exciting seminar tours, check out

Kelby Training Online
Check out Photographing Adventure Sports, Part 2, the newest Kelby Training Online class from Tom Bol!  Tom shows you how to create killer action images and portraits on location in Moab, Utah with rock climbers and trail runners in their natural environment.  Tom starts off using just ambient light, then combines that with small flash and Elinchrom Ranger Quadras, gets some great shots, and takes you along for the ride.

For Two Days Only…

For today and tomorrow only, when you purchase an annual online training subscription to, you’ll also receive the book/DVD combo Get Your Photography on the Web: Extended Training Package from Rafael “RC” Concepcion as a free bonus (a $99 value)!

Good Morning Everybody,

Once again I want to say THANKS to Scott Kelby for letting me step up to the plate the second time for part two of my post, “Wedding Photography: The State of the Union – Part 2”.  You can find last week’s post right here.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest it raised among the readers.  And my sincere thanks to all those folks who took their time to add to the conversation with their thoughtful comments.

Wedding Photography: State Of The Union – Part 2

So where does that leave us today?   (more…)

Hi Gang: I was hoping to get your input on two ideas that people who have participated on my previous three Photo Walks have put out there, and I think they’re really worth considering. Here they are:

(1) Making it a “Photo Walk” Weekend
The idea here is that the Photo Walk leaders could choose to hold their local Photo Walk on either Saturday or Sunday, rather than just Saturday. That would let a lot more people participate in walks.

(2) Changing the Time of Year
When I initially choose the date for the first Photo Walk, I chose it to coincide with the release of my first Lightroom book (which the walk leaders and winners of local walks would receive), which put the walk in the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. But obviously, now we could change it to either Spring or Fall, when there’s a much better chance for better, more temperate weather. Because of other commitments here at Kelby Media Group, this would mean holding it in the Fall this year, which would move the date back by at least two to two-and-a-half months (likely around the first weekend in October).

I’m actually open to both of these ideas, but I’d love to get your feedback, as we’re trying to plan way ahead. Let me know what you think—I’d really love to get your take on all this.

Many thanks,


As someone who loves to shoot sports, I am just tickled silly to let you guys know that at the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida (March 30-April 1, 2011), we are welcoming a new instructor (and sports photography rock god): Dave Black.

A lot of you know Dave from his work for Sports Illustrated, or his immensely popular “Workshop at the Ranch” (link) where he shares his techniques on everything from shooting sports, to working with off-camera flash, to light painting, and now I am so psyched to announced that he’s teaching at Photoshop World.

I wanted to share Dave’s bio (I nabbed it off the Photoshop World Website), and man has this guy had an amazing career:

As a freelance photographer for over 30 years Dave’s work has primarily centered on the sports industry for such publications as Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek and the award winning TV show Sports Century on ESPN. The list of event coverage includes the Masters, Kentucky Derby, National Football League, NASCAR and extensive work regarding the United States Olympic Committee, Olympic athletes and coverage of twelve Olympic Games. Known for his creative use of lighting and in particular with the artistic technique of Lightpainting, Dave’s portfolio continues to broaden into the commercial and advertising industry, and with specialized lighting projects including work for the National Geographic and their book Where Valor Rests, Arlington National Cemetery.

He is one of Nikon’s “Legends Behind the Lens” photographers and is a prominent instructor at a variety of workshops each year. His monthly website tutorial articles “Workshop at the Ranch” attract more than 85,000 unique visitors monthly. In 2010 he released his highly acclaimed instructional book, The Way I See It. To see Dave’s images, learn more about photography, or purchase his book visit his website

Dave is teaching Thursday in our Lighting Track, so if you’re going to the conference, keep this class in mind, because I’ve seen Dave teach and he, and his images, are just amazing. If you haven’t signed up—there’s still time to get the $100 off early bird discount. Here’s the link. Hope I’ll see you in Dave’s class!