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“How Would I Edit Your Photo?” with Scott Kelby & Erik Kuna | The Grid Ep. 492

This week on The Grid, Scott and Erik tackle editing viewer submitted photos! Tune in to see their approaches to different types of images and find out how you can apply their tips to your own photography.

New KelbyOne Course: How To Ignite Your Photography Business with Alex Cearns

Get your ducks in a row with this photography business bootcamp! Join Alex Cearns as she shares her wisdom and experience from getting her own pet photography business off the ground to the successful business it is today. In this class you’ll gain tips on how to choose a solid direction for your business, strengthen your client reach, focus on branding, skip common mistakes, and learn how to run your business more effectively!

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always. Today I write this post from the Faroe Islands where I arrived with my van just yesterday morning. I’m here for a week and so far I’ve taken photos in just one location.

As photographers we are largely at the mercy of nature. Some of us have the luxury of shooting indoors but for people like me who shoot outdoors, we rely on the circumstances being just right. I decided to travel in the this van of mine for that very reason. I am now far less limited than I was before and if the circumstances aren’t I right I can simply wait until they are.

Last night I had planned to shoot the setting sun from atop a mountain overlooking the incredible Faroese fjords, but nature had other ideas. As I climbed the mountain (in the van) a storm closed in fast. My plans had been completely hampered and nature was winning. The howling gales and rains offered the full force of the Atlantic Ocean to me, with nothing else to stop it between here and Antarctica. It just wasn’t to be and I had to move to a safer and more comfortable location, suspending my plans.

The weather around here is deemed to be ‘Subpolar Oceanic Climate.’ That translates loosely to mean ‘anything can happen.’

So I find myself here, on the island of Vágur. I’m waiting for a break in this crazy weather and I’m overlooking the waterfall I want to shoot today when, with a bit of luck, the clouds will part and let that golden light through.

We are at the mercy of nature. But we strive to succeed and show the world through our eyes.

Much love


Blind Critiques with Scott Kelby & Erik Kuna | The Grid Ep. 491

This week on The Grid, it’s another round of blind critiques with Scott and Erik! Tune in to see what advice they have for improving viewers’ submitted photos.

New KelbyOne Course: Macro Photography: Up Close and Personal with Karen Hutton

New to Macro? Not so new, but want a new way to approach it? Professional Fujifilm X-Photographer Karen Hutton shares her secrets to success. She’ll show you what lenses to use, what aperture is best, whether to use handheld or tripod, what to do if you’re stuck at home, how to use storytelling to make an amazing image, how to use natural light to your advantage, and the right lenses for the job. With her help you too can become “the Macro Whisperer”. That is, one whose photographs at first glance inform, but at second glance touches deeply, revealing the whisperings of Mother Nature herself—up close and personal.

It’s #TravelTuesday again and I, Dave Williams, am writing this to you from under the sea! I’m in the eurotunnel – a 25 mile undersea tunnel that connects us Brits to mainland Europe. This is the first big part of my ad-van-ture and I plan to wake up in Kinderdijk, Netherlands in the morning when this post goes live. 

Today I want to talk to you about the fear I felt in changing my entire life in order to do this and hopefully inspire you to be brave. 

I’ve been a photographer for years but I was working alongside a full-time ‘regular’ job while I built my photography business. The regular salary was secure and would arrive in my bank account every month. Running your own business isn’t quite like that in most cases. 

I knew that if I was going to quit the day job and shoot for a living, rather than as my side hustle, I’d lose that security. I agonised over it for a few years, constantly telling colleagues that I was going to quit. It got to the point that I’m sure they didn’t actually believe me when I eventually did it! 

The process before that is the bit where I had to take all the thoughts, the niggles, the worst case scenarios, and everything else that was running through my head and try my beat to organise it and rationalise it, adding an element of bravery into the mix. We live our lives largely looking at our fears and the things that might go wrong and, if I’m totally honest, there is an element of risk still present despite all the planning and preparation I’ve done here. But if I didn’t have some bravery to throw into this mix I would never be here, under the sea in a metal tube moving towards France at 100mph and totally changing my future. 

So that’s my message for this week. Be brave. Consider everything, assess risk, but be brave in doing so. Sometimes the thing you really want that may appear to be just outside arms teach is achievable with a little bravery.

Much love


(and yes, this was entirely written and uploaded whilst under the sea. 2021 is making a comeback!)

Last week Adobe’s own Terry White did an excellent live webcast about what’s new in this recent update to Lightroom. Terry is so great at this stuff, and I wanted to share it with you, so I embedded his Webcast from Adobe Live right here below so you can check it out. It’s super informative and there’s lots of great stuff in there. So worth checking out. 

Thanks, Terry. So well done (as always). :) 

Here’s wishing you a fantastic Monday (hey, it could absolutely happen). :)


P.S. Over on my other blog,, we’re talking about “How to cancel your Adobe subscription.” What? What! It’s the good, and bad, and well…it’s just those two things.