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We kick off every Photoshop World Conference with a movie that runs before the opening keynote, and it sets the tone for the rest of the conference. Creating these silly Photoshop-related mini movies is a tradition of ours, and with all the recent private space launches, we decided to go with a space launch theme (it didn’t hurt having Erik Kuna on the creative team). So without further ado, I present the Oscar-worthy acting, and James Cameron style production that is…the Photoshop World Opening Keynote Movie:

Hope that helped kick off your week right (or wrong?)



This is such a great, practical tip from photographer Jack Reznicki – even if you’re not going to be scanning negatives, it’s still worth checking out (it’s just 50-seconds or so).

Many thanks, Jack! If you’re into scanning your old images and making them digital, make sure you check out Jack’s class. Here’s the link:

Have a great weekend everybody. GoBucks and #RollTide!


I’m still on an iPhone 11, and I was 100% fully expecting to upgrade to the iPhone 13 the minute it came out, but I’m going to skip this one, too (I skipped the iPhone 12), andI can boil it down to one simple thing – the zoom is still WAY too short. The iPhone 13 Pro went from a 2x zoom, to a 3x optical zoom, so their idea of a “zoom” is a 77mm. Seriously? Couldn’t even get us to 85mm for portraits? But what I wanted (ever since I saw it on my buddy’s Samsung) is a 10x optical zoom.

I figured by now, surely Apple has to add a 10x optical, right? Wrong. So, I’m sticking with my 11 Pro. This will be the first time I’ve ever skipped two iPhone upgrades, but there’s just not enough useable improvement to the camera (unless you shoot serious video with your iPhone, which I don’t), and today IOS 15 comes out and so I’ll get some new features on my old iPhone 11 anyway, so that’s where I’m sitting.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Am I missing something or some feature that should make me reconsider? I’d really love to know (I’m only concerned about still photography features – not a faster chip or that stuff. I’m never working on my iPhone and think, “Man, this thing is slow”).

Here’s to a free IOS update, Monday – Hope yours is a great one! :)


P.S. Over on today I did a post on how to move your Lightroom Classic catalog to an eternal hard drive, or if your catalog is already on an external hard drive, how to move it back to your computer (I explain why you should or shouldn’t in the post).

I did this interview a while back, but I had never actually seen it until I ran across it by accident earlier this past week, and the person interviewing me is Mubai-based Photoshop wizard (and super great guy all around) Unmesh Dinda.

He did such a great job in every aspect of this, from the production (just watch the first minute and you’ll see what I mean), to the questions he asked, to well…the whole thing. It was such a fun and different chat, and I give the credit to Unmesh – he is really, really good at this stuff and it was an honor to get the opportunity to chat with him.

If you get a sec, give it a listen (you can let it run in the background while you’re editing). :)

I’ve embedded the interview above, but I’m very grateful to Unmesh for his thoughtful questions, and for making the interview so much fun. He’s a very special guy, and we’ve been very fortunate to have him teach at the Photoshop World and to feature him in KelbyOne Online Courses.

Thanks for giving it a watch (or a listen in the background), and here’s wishing you a great weekend! :)


This feature is so incredibly useful, I can’t believe Adobe hasn’t made a bigger deal of it. It’s kind of a “hidden right in front of our eyes” feature but I haven’t found any of my friends yet that even knew it was there.

Check out the short video below where I show what it is, where it is, and why it’s so awesome:

Is that super helpful or what? Time to add that one to your workflow. :)

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday! Go Bucs and #Rolltide!