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Good morning, everybody and a happy Monday to you from the not nearly as hot as I expected Phoenix, Arizona (I’m here for my Lightroom Seminar today).

Just some quick photographic “food for thought,” but it’s something that has helped me immeasurably.
When you see an image you like; stop and take a moment to ask yourself why. “What exactly is it that I like about this photo?” but not just the general “why” (it’s interesting, it’s beautiful, etc.), but really breaking it down in a much more specific way. For example, when you look at an image (we’ll use my shot above as an example), if you like it, what exactly is it that you really like about it? Because once you really figure out what it is (and it may often be multiple things), it really can help guide your own photography to grow.

When you start doing this — and start analyzing the image (like I’m going to detail in just a moment), I’ve found that when I’m honest with myself, I’m often surprised by what it is that I actually liked in the image. I don’t like “everything” about it — I like certain aspects — things I’m drawn to. Once I know they are, I can then steer my photography in that direction. For example purposes, let’s look at my image above. We’re going to suppose that you like it (of course, in reality, you might not like it at all, but just for the sake of this exercise, it will help if you pretend you do).

When you look at it, is what you like about it:

  • The lighting?
  • The location?
  • The model?
  • Her Pose?
  • Her Hair?
  • Her outfit?
  • Her position in the scene?
  • That it’s shot from a low perspective?
  • The wide-angle aspect?
  • The overall color?
  • The post-processing?
  • The sharpness?
  • The props?
  • The story?
  • Her Expression?
  • The Composition?
  • The mood of the image?
  • The emptiness of the set?
  • The many textures?
  • The depth of the scene and layers?

It may be a number of different things, or it may be just one thing, but let’s pretend in this case you were honest with yourself and said, “It’s the location.” Great! That’s actually a huge help to you. You now know that locations like this have an appeal to you, and now you can either set out to find a shooting location near you that’s along these lines or at the very least keep an eye out for similar locations in the course of your daily life. You might know a friend, or a realtor, or an event space near you that you might be able to use or rent to create your take on this type of image.

Let’s say you also liked the wide aspect of the shot. That’s another huge help. Knowing you like this ‘on location’ type of shot taken with a really wide angle lens maybe means you want to be a storyteller with your images, but you’ve been shooting something entirely different, and that’s why you’re not happy where you’re at. Perhaps you’ve been shooting 2/3 length portraits or headshots when what you really like are these wide sweeping storytelling type of shots, where your subject is only a small part of the overall bigger scene. But you didn’t even know that about yourself.

Why this might be more helpful than you realize
I sometimes hear photographers say “Oh, I could never make a shot like that” talking about how it’s too complex, or too costly, or takes too much help, or it’s an impossible to get location, where in reality that’s not even the type of shot you want to make. But, within that shot, are things you do like and are drawn to, and once recognized, just those parts — the parts you’re drawn to — may be more accessible than you thought. You don’t have to do them all at once. For your next shoot, pick one aspect and try it. If you love the results, you’re on the right track — now add a 2nd element that you’d liked from that image you saw online. Your own style will start to emerge from mixing all these different aspects you like, from many different photos.  When you shoot them your way, in your location, lit the way you want it, with the lens you now realize you like, and subject you chose, it’s an opportunity for real growth. For real progress. To break that log-jam. To start loving what you’re creating. There’s no reason this can’t be you. It starts with stopping to think. To analyze. To learn more about yourself.

There’s no reason you can’t do this. There’s no reason this can’t be you. It starts with stopping to think. To analyze. To learn more about yourself, and give yourself a goal and a chance to grow.

I wish you great success in achieving your photographic dreams, and I hope this food for thought nudged you a little further down the path. :-)

All my best,



Hi Gang. I got an email from one of my readers here asking me to point him to a Photoshop tutorial I did a few years back on how to create a poster layout. Well…I couldn’t find it, so I made a new one (and I’m sharing it with you here). :)

Check out the video, then check back in right below it.

Hope you found that helpful. :)

If you’re a Lightroom user, you should see this…

Over at my sister site, I posted a clip from Bryan O’Neil Hughes from the Adobe MAX conference, and it’s the segment where he shows the new program Lightroom CC. A lot of people are talking about Bryan’s presentation – if you’re a Lightroom user, you should at least see this, even if you know it’s not for you, it’s worth watching. Here’s the link. 

Come spend the day with me getting a whole lot better at Lightroom
On Monday I’m in Phoenix, then next month I’m in Dallas and San Diego. Hope I’ll get to meet you at one of my seminars soon. Ticket and info here. 

Hope you have a great weekend. :)



Today, during the opening keynote at Adobe’s MAX Conference in Las Vegas, it’s a day of big announcements, new features, new applications, and just tons of cool stuff! Here’s a brief look at what’s coming:

Above Left: The Lightroom we know and love is now rebranded as “Lightroom Classic” – Above Right: There’s a new Lightroom in town, it’s branded as “Lightroom CC” — it’s Lightroom for “the new generation” (my words, borrowed from Pepsi I think). 

Let’s Start with Lightroom
Lots going on in the world of Lightroom, including an update (which includes a HUGE speed boost in performance, and new features); plus there’s a whole new version of Lightroom!

Today we’re releasing the new issue of Lightroom magazine (Issue #34) published 10-times a year for KelbyOne members, and our cover story is from Lightroom super brain Rob Sylvan, and he goes over the new “Ecosystem” for Lightroom; looks at the new Lightroom CC (who it’s for, and how it works), and goes over the new features in Lightroom Classic. It’s over on our sister site:

Photoshop CC gets a BIG update!
Lots of new features in Photoshop CC — lots! (one of my favorites is shown above; the ability to easily edit 360° panos taken with those new 360° cameras that are becoming hot right now), but there’s lots of great stuff throughout, including the ability to open sync’d images from Lightroom from right within Photoshop; a new Quick Share option to get your images directly from Photoshop to social media; big improvements to the Pen tool (including a new Pen tool); Type enhancements; lots of great Brush Stuff; a big new masking feature in Camera RAW, and on and on.

Live “What’s Next in Photoshop and Lightroom” Webcast
Today at 11:00 AM EDT I’m doing a LIVE Webcast for KelbyOne Members to answer questions about all the new Lightroom changes; talk about the new Photoshop stuff, and chat live with members from around the world.

Here’s the link to watch and join in the discussion.

NEW COURSE: “Get Up To Speed FAST on the new Photoshop CC 2018”
Today at KelbyOne we’re releasing my full-length course on all the new features in Photoshop CC 2018, to help our members get up to speed fast! Check out the member’s dashboard today for direct access to this brand new class — there’s a LOT of cool stuff to learn about this major update to Photoshop CC.

It’s an exciting day to be a Lightroom, Photoshop or Adobe Creative Cloud user (lots of new stuff for CC subscribers today, including new applications and updates).

Don’t forget ‘The Grid” at 4:00 PM today with my guest, wedding photographer Justin Wojtczak
It’s going to be a great show – lots to share and talk about. Here’s the link.

See you online today!



Happy Monday, everybody. :) (That’s the Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Photo Walk Group Photo above).

We had lots of leaders asking for extra time to submit their picks for the best shot from their walk (yours truly included), so we’re extending the deadline to tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017, at 11:59 PM EDT).

Pasadena, California, USA

So….get those entries in, because we’ve moved up our timelines for all the contests this year (so it doesn’t drag on), so let’s get rolling, ya’ll. :)

Have a better than average day! :)



P.S. If you’re in Phoenix or Houston, in just one week from TODAY I’m bringing my Lightroom seminar there (well, I’m in Houston on Wednesday, but ya know). Come on out (it’s just $99 for the full-day, and it’s 100% money back guaranteed to totally rock). Details and tickets here. 

Hi gang, and happy Friday! (Thanks to Photo Walk leader Fernando Santos for this shot from the Sintra, Portugal walk).  

One of my personal favorite parts of the Worldwide Photo Walk is seeing the group shots from around the world. I love seeing the big smiles, and the personalities, and I love how some groups went all out, making banners, printing their own t-shirts, and seeing all the wonderful places that participated — it reminds me how creative things like photography, music, and art draw us together as people, and well, it just does my heart good. :)

Today I want to share some of these awesome group shots (people either posted a link to them here on my blog earlier in the week, but mostly over on my Facebook page). If you didn’t send in yours, just post a link below (make sure to include your city and country) and I’ll add them to this post). Here we go!

Doha, Qatar
Tokyo, Japan
Angono, Rizal, Philippines
Angono, Rizal, Philippines
Antibes, France
Bent Creek, Western North Carolina, USA
Braunschweig, Germany
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Calle Lencha, Costa Rica
Cebu City, Philippines
Cebu City, Philippines
Central London, UK
Danao City, Cebu, Philippines
Davao City, Philippines
Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Florida, USA
Doha Pinoy Shooters Club, Doha, Qatar
Georgetown, Texas
Krefeld Hüls, Germany
Hafa Adail, Guam
Heritage Walk, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
High River, AB Canada
Lenoir, North Carolina, USA
Lisbon, Portugal (morning)
Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines
Valletta, Malta
Manila, Philippines
Maria, ilocos sur, Philippines
Marietta, Ohio (USA)
Monterrey, Mexico
Montréal, Canada
Mumbai City. India
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Norrköping, Sweden
Northern Mindanao. Philippines
North West Indiana, USA
Panama City, Florida, USA
Aye Dela Cruz POP team, Philippines
Quezon City, Phillippines
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Redding, California, USA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sintra, Portugal with Cheeky Nando!
South Texas Botanical Gardens, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Southport, North Carolina, USA
St. John’s, Newfoundland
Stellenbosch, South Africa
Sykesville, Maryland, USA
Titusville, Florida, USA
Vienna, Austria
Wagon Wheel Flea Market, Pinellas Park, Florida, USA
Wallace, Idaho, USA
Wallace, Idaho, USA
Wesel, Germany
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Fort Pierce, Florida USA
Guangzhou, China
Ocean City, Maryland, USA
Saint Jospeh, Michigan, USA
Tripoli, Libya
Ventura, California, USA
Rome, Italy
Pila, Poland
Vilnius, Lithuania

Are those some awesome groups, or what!!! :) :) :)

Now the photo competition phase starts, and I’ll have lots more on that, on Monday. In the meantime, have a great weekend, and I hope to see you back here then. :)



Good morning, everybody from fascinating Marrakech, Morocco (we came here after my Photo Walk in beautiful Lisbon, but we’re heading back home tomorrow). Here’s the group shot from my Libson walk – I was very fortunate to have another great group of photographers, along with some of my friends join me on the walk, including Fernando Santos, Peter Treadway, Dave Williams, Roby Pisco, Mimo Meidany, Kathy Baitson and her/our new friend Gabby, Mike McCaskey, Piotr Trumpiel, and my big brother Jeffrey).

We had such a great walk, thank to perfect weather and an absolutely awesome walk route created by my friend Lisbon photographer Fernando Santos. What a perfect place for a photo walk. It was cool to meet everybody, including many who came from all over Europe to join us for a day of photos and fun. It was a perfect way to celebrate the 10th year of this Worldwide Photo Walk. :)

Group Shots From Around the World
One of the highlights for me each year, is seeing the group shots from around the world come pouring in — it’s such a treat to see all those smiling faces, from every part of the globe, having fun and enjoying one of the great joys of being a photographer, which is hanging out with other photographers and making new friends in the process.

I’m still in Morocco (where the Internet upload speeds at our Airbnb apartment are among the slowest on the planet), I’m not going to be able to share group shots here, but folks are posting lots of them from walks all over the world over on my Facebook page (here’s the link). When I get back home, I’ll do another post and feature those shots, so post ’em here, post ’em there, but I’ll post them all when I get back. I get such a kick out of seeing all the group shots – it really means so much to me to see all the different folks that participated.

Thanks for helping the Orphanage (and if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late)
Thanks to all the gracious photographers who donated to help those less fortunate by donating to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya, which this photo walk has adopted as our own. We’re behind last year’s numbers, so I hope you’ll find a way to help out with a donation — they are really counting on it.

OK, we’re off to wander the busy streets of Marrakech today — lots of photos and stories to share when I get back, but I have to at least share this one (below) — something we were just not expecting to see yesterday on our road trip to the ocean.

Thanks to everybody who participated in walks around the world. Hope you got lots of great shots, made some new friends, and maybe even saw a goat tree or two (hey, it’s possible). ;-)