There’s A Better Way To Make Panos in Photoshop

Hi Gang: This is a quickie, but it’s important if you’re a Photoshop user and you stitch your panos in Photoshop CC, because if you’re using the “old” way, you’re missing out. Watch the quick video below:

Hope you find that helpful. :)

What’s next?
Lots of stuff. On the 19th I’m up in Little Rock, Arkansas (my first time in Arkansas in my whole life) at the Photo Expo 2016, (on behalf of the fine folks at Canon) – doing a keynote presentation. Really looking forward to it (thank you Canon for the opportunity) and I hope I get to meet some of you there. :)

I’m teaching my full-day seminar (part 2 of my “Shoot Like a Pro” day up in Nashville on August 15th, and then in Indianapolis on the 25th. Come out and spend the day with me.

I’m in NYC late next week. Let me know if you have a cool place I should shoot (not the standard places. It has to be someplace really cool, really unique, you can get special super-secret access, etc.). Hit me up here in the comments.

I’m headed to Iceland at the end of this month, just to take some photos and see Iceland for the first time. My buddy, the awesome Terry White is coming with me, and if you have any tips, good hotels to stay at, etc., drop me a line here.

Do you dig Photoshop? Me, too! Want to get really, really good at it? Go take the free trial at – go to the Learning Tracks; choose the one that’s right for your skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and you’re off and running. Here’s the link. 

That’s it for now…
Have a great weekend, and I’ll catch up with you on Monday.





  1. I was in Iceland last year, Its a beautiful country. A few tips.
    Plan on losing weight, food is expensive and outside of Reykjavik good food is not easy to find. Sometimes the only food is found at gas stations. And make sure you have a full tank before leaving some towns.
    Go swimming at the local pools. Or at Myvatin. If you do swim at Myvatin, the woman who looks like a lifeguard is actually delivering beer.
    If you have a short trip, Stay west of Hof on the south coast. And west of Akuyeri on the north coast. And the west coast is great. We did not go to the north west fiords so I won’t comment.
    It can be cold, take warm clothes and a rain coat.
    Stay off the F roads unless you have a serious off road vehicle, unless you like walking back to the main road.
    Icelandic script isn’t that hard to read, and driving is easy.
    You will need a wide range of lens and do not expect to be able to buy a replacement if you lose a camera or lens.
    If you want to know more, contact me.

  2. Hi Scott I would love to take my camera club to Iceland. Any chance you could do a guide similar to the Paris and Rome guides which I found fantastic. If anyone knows of other similar guides I would appreciate a pointer.

    All the best, look forward to the images.


  3. One of our favorite trips, tho we went in winter to see the Northern Lights (and it was overcast all week — gotta go back!)

    Anyway, we had 2 fantastic meals at this place: Not all that inviting from the outside, but the inside is a bit pubby and the food is superb.

    By the way, a few steps away from the restaurant is an eclectic store (books, clothes, coffee) that has outstanding coffees that they’ll sell by the kilo. I bet you know someone who would appreciate a gift…

  4. Hey Scott!
    Really nice Idea to visit Iceland !! It’s a wonderful and amazing country! You will enjoy it !
    In 2014, We have made an Iceland Road trip, you can see a lot of pictures here .
    For renting a car in Iceland, i recommend you the local company Blue Car Rental, really nice people and great cars !
    For the hotel, take a look here , it ‘s one of the most wonderful hotel of the country :
    Bon voyage! :-)

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