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Adobe announced that Lightroom 2 is shipping today, and today releases two major Lightroom 2 online training sessions;

(1) Lightroom in-depth; a comprehensive 4-1/2 hour online class

(2) The Lightroom 2 Power Session; a quick 2-hour “get up to speed fast on the new LR2 features” online course.

The instructor for both courses is the host of the Lightroom Killer Tips weekly video show, and blog, Matt Kloskowski and one of the leading experts on Lightroom.

The courses are available right now to Kelby subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber, you can learn more, and sign up right here, and have unlimited access to not only Matt’s new courses, but all the online courses at Kelby Training. 


I had a number of comments on my “Wedding Shoot” blog post yesterday, asking how to set up Lightroom and your camera to shoot tethered (where the images aren’t written onto your memory card—they go straight from the camera onto your laptop, so you can see them full size on screen). So, I thought I’d go ahead and show that today, so here ya go. The shot above, taken by RC, shows me shooting (along side makeup artist Shelly Giard) but I’m tethered very close to my laptop, because I forgot to bring my USB extender cable (I highly recommend picking up a USB extender cable. It’s really helpful, if you actually remember to bring it to the shoot).

Step One: To connect your camera to your laptop (or desktop machine), you need to use that little USB connector cable that came with your camera (the same cable that some people use to connect their camera to their computer to download photos as slowly as humanly possible). So, connect one end to your DSLR’s USB input, and then the other end into your laptop’s USB port.

Step Two: You will need a piece of software that goes between your camera, and Lightroom. If you’re a Canon shooter, you already have that software—it’s called “Canon EOS Viewer” and it comes free with your Canon digital camera. If you’re a Nikon shooter, you need Camera Control Pro 2, which sells for $160 at B&H, but you can download a fully working trial-version for 30-days from Nikons’ site (here’s the link).

Step Three: Make a folder somewhere on your computer (I put mine on my desktop), and name it “Watched.” Note: Since I’m shooting Nikon, I’m going to show how to set up Camera Control Pro 2 for Nikon shooters.


Step Four: Make sure your camera and laptop are connected, your camera is turned on, then launch Camera Control Pro 2. When the software launches, go under the Tools menu and choose Download options. When the dialog appears (shown above), click the Choose button (as shown here), and then find the “Watched Folder” you created in Step Three and choose it. That’s all you do in Camera Control Pro 2. On to Lightroom.


Step Five: Now you’re going to go to Lightroom, and set it up Go under Lightroom’s File menu, under Auto Import, and first choose “Enable Auto Import” (to turn it on) and then choose Auto Import Settings. When the dialog appears (shown above), at the top where it says “Watched Folder” click on the Choose button, find your watched folder, and choose it (now, any photo that goes into that Watched folder will get automatically imported into Lightroom, and that’s exactly where Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 is putting them). The rest of the dialog is pretty much like Lightroom’s normal import dialog, where you choose where the files are saved, what they’re named, and you add keywords.

That’s it—when you shoot now, the images go seamlessly through Nikon Camera Control Pro 2, and right into that folder in Lightroom. I select that folder in Lightroom, switch to the Grid view, double-click on the first photo so it zooms up to Loupe view size, and I start-a-shooin’. Hope that helps. :-)

Here’s a short video clip (which aired on this week’s NAPP TV episode), which gives you a quick look at my Santa Fe Workshop. Click play on the image below to start the video (If you can’t see it, you probably need the latest Flash Player Plugin).

Now that my new Lightroom book is hitting stores, I put together a short video clip describing the book, what makes it different, and what it’s all about it. You can watch it right here (well, right below. You knew what I meant, right? Anyway, just click the little Play button on the bottom left and the video starts. ).

My Lightroom book is finally (finally!) hitting books stores this week.

My Lightroom book is finally (finally!) hitting books stores this week. Peachpit had copies for sale at Photoshop World last week, and although sent out an auto-email saying it wouldn’t be in stock until June, it was just one of those crazy “email bot things” and they’ll actually have it any day now (I guess they’re working on sending out a “it’s on its way” bot email maybe as soon as today). So, thanks to everybody who pre-ordered the book (we had record-breaking pre-orders). If you haven’t seen the book yet, you can get a cool interactive look at the layout and feel by going to this site, and checking out this really slick Flash-based look inside the book (a shot of which is shown above). My thanks to Nancy Ruenzel, Scott Cowlin, and everybody at Peachpit Press who worked so hard to make this new book a reality. Way to go!!!! :-)