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I can’t believe it’s almost here, but I am super psyched!!!! Watch the short video trailer below and you’ll see what it’s all about and why it might be just what you’ve been waiting for:

It’s coming up on March 29th and 30th, 2022

It’s two full days, two simultaneous training tracks, all online with an all-star instructor team, and, everyone’s invited. Not only that, you get full access to all the classes to stream on-demand for an entire year after the conference, so you rewatch any classes or catch any classes you missed. It’s an incredible value!

You will learn so much, you’ll glean insights, come away with new ideas, inspiration, and real education, and if you sign up right now, you’ll save a bundle.

Tickets and more info are right here. Hope to see you there. :) 

Here’s wishing you a super fun, safe, and yummy weekend!


I’ve got one single ticket left for you to join me and KelbyOne Instructor Mimo Meidany for an unforgettable four-day travel photography workshop in one of the most photogenic, architecturally diverse, and just plain amazing cities in the world – Picture Perfect Prague, May -5-8, 2022.

First, watch this short video about the workshop (below):

What: My “Picture Perfect Prague” Travel Photography Workshop

Instructors: Scott Kelby and Mimo Meidany

When: May 21-24, 2022

Where: The Hilton Prague Old Town

Price: $4,950 Per Person (includes 4 nights accommodations, breakfast each day, the night before dinner, parting luncheon, transportation to and from the daily location shoots, and the workshop itself).

Tickets: More details and tickets here (limited to 12 participants maximum — but there is only one spot left!)

Don’t Miss Out!

Reserve your spot now, and we’ll see you in Prague this May.

Head to for tickets and lots more info.

Have a great Monday, everybody! :)


Shutter release, cable release – different names but they do the same thing – they press the shutter for you, and take the shot, so you don’t move the camera with your fingers while pressing the shutter (and yes, it makes a bigger difference than you’d think – that’s why we pay for, carry around, attach and uses Cable releases when we’re out shooting, particularly for things like landscapes, cityscapes, interior shots, and any shots where sharpness is critical). It’s one of those “most have” accessories, which is why it’s nice they’re now free.

Ok, so go and download your free cable release now. You do this in the App Store for your phone. Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, Olympus (OM System) — they all have free downloadable apps that can press the shutter release wirelessly for you, so there’s no camera shake whatsoever.

Since most cameras these days come with a built-in wireless feature, setting it up is a breeze. Also, using an app to wirelessly fire your camera comes in handy when you have your camera down low (maybe on the ground), or in a hard-to-get-to place (like behind the bride at the altar during the ceremony), and most allow you to see a preview of what the camera is seeing and give you the ability to change your camera settings right there in the app.

Here’s wishing you super-sharp shots, without spending a penny (well, at least any more pennies than you’ve already spent on your gear). :)


Happy Friday, everybody. First, we’ve got a killer Focus Stacking tip, in this case, for food photography, from top food photographer Aaron Van, but after the tip, I’ve got a link to a tutorial I did on not only how to shoot for focus stacking, but how to compile the multiple images into a single stacked image in Photoshop. First, the video:

OK, if that sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, if you’re a food photographer (or want to be one), here’s the link to Aaron’s awesome course, but I also did a step-by-step tutorial here on the blog for using Focus Stacking in Landscape photography. Here’s the link to that one.

OK, everybody. Stay healthy, safe, and warm out there and have a kick-butt weekend. I would say #GoBucs, but…well…ya know. ;-)


OK, technically this is a Photo Tip Friday, and I realize that today is Monday, but I get special dispensation because tonight is the College Football National Championship, and once again, my Alabama Crimson Tide is in the championship, so it’s a special day, and anyway (#rolltide), this is such a great tip I wanted to share it here. It’s from pet photographer Alex Cearns, and it’s so right on the money. Check it out below (it’s just 60-seconds).

Such a great, relevant, and timely tip as we kick off a new year. If you want to learn more from Alex, here’s a link to her latest online course called “how to ignite your photography business” at KelbyOne.

Here’s wishing you a kick-butt Monday, and here’s to a big Bama win tonight!


It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always. This week I write to you from Lofoten in northern Norway. I’m on a mission to capture the northern lights while I’m here, amongst other things, and so far it’s going pretty well. I had to bunker down for a couple of days because a polar storm rolled in, but just as it cleared I got a solar storm. Perfect timing!

This week I want to evoke your mind and get you thinking about why you love photography. I know that many of you will have photo-centric New Years’ resolutions, so hopefully, this will help a little.

Here’s a shot of me and Erik ‘the rocketman’ Kuna in Germany getting our waterfall shots on point. We’re both in pretty much the same spot but ended up with different images, and this leads to the point of today’s post.

For me, photography is many things. One of those things, and perhaps the most important, is that I really enjoy showing the world in the way I see it. I was talking to Scott about this some years ago and I said to him that one thing that resonates with me is the phrase, ‘lend me your eyes and I’ll show you what I see.’ He said it made him think of literally plucking someone’s eyes out, and I get that, but the subtext remains the same. It’s the amazing power to convey my vision through photography. I can rock up at a location and put my own spin on it, capturing a moment in time and a place in space and, from the capture through to the edit, I can put my spin on it. It’s a combination of reportage and art.

So what is it for you? What do you enjoy about photography? There’s something to think about today as 2022 starts. With the knowledge of what it is about photography that you like, build some goals and get out there and achieve them!

Much love