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You’ve gotta watch the short video above for all the details, but here’s the quick scoop:

(1) It’s a raffle I’m using as a final year-end fund raiser to help feed the orphans at the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage

(2) There’s more to it than just winning a cool guitar, so you have to watch the video.

(3) The raffle tickets are $25 each, and you can buy as many as you’d like to increase your chances to win. (Once you add your ticket to the cart, just click the “add another”  button as many times as you want).

(4) All the money, every single penny from every raffle ticket goes directly to Springs of Hope Kenya to feed and care for these wonderful children

(5) We’ll choose the winner at random on Monday, January 4, 2010 so enter now (or at least before that Monday. If you win—what an awesome way to start the year. If you don’t win, all your raffle ticket money still goes to feeding orphans. There is just no way to lose on this one).

(6) Here’s where you enter (link)

(7) This is my last fund-raiser for the year, so please help me spread the word through your blogs, Twitter, Facebook, carrier pigeon, etc..

(8) This is the stuff that Christmas is really all about. Well, not necessarily guitars, but you know what I mean. :)

Thanks you guys for helping transform an empty plot of land into a place where homeless children are homeless no more, and they’re loved and cared for by two of the most wonderful and genuine people I’ve ever known—Molly and Joseph Bail.



If you’re looking for a really unique holiday gift for the photographer on your list (or you just want a really cool t-shirt that nobody else will have), AND you totally love the idea that 100% of the profits go to feeding and caring for kids in a orphanage in Kenya that you guys helped to build (see below), then man have I got a holiday gift idea for you!

I came up with the idea for these off-camera flash t-shirts earlier this year, and with the gracious help of the folks over at, you can order yours today in different colors and styles (men’s and ladies’ versions) , and sweatshirt and hoodie designs, and if you don’t want the t-shirt, there’s even a coffee cup for the off-camera flash geek on your holiday gift list.


There are four different shirt designs:

  • Group A, Channel 1
  • Group B, Channel 2
  • Group C, Channel 3
  • Group D, Channel 4

and the coffee cup, and you can find ’em all right here.

Note: The Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage was built this year from the ground up with financial help from the readers of this blog who have adopted this orphanage as their own. The orphanage is now fully open (they finally got electricity, which was a big hurdle), and they are housing and feeding some really wonderful kids, including their latest orphan who is HIV positive.

This is one of two fund raisers I’ve got planned for the end of the year, and I’m very grateful for your continued support of these very deserving children. If you’re not a t-shirt person, but want to help feed these kids, you can make a PayPal donation to Springs of Hope right here.


I am absolutely thrilled to share that last night I got an email from my friend Molly Bail from Springs of Hope, Kenya, to let me know that today they’re welcoming the first children to the Orphanage that you, the readers of this blog, helped to build.

Your contributions literally helped finish the roof on this orphanage earlier this year, and then later you helped buy the beds, furniture, and kitchen appliances, and now today there are homeless children that are homeless no more because of your gracious generosity. I am incredibly thrilled, and humbled at what you all have done in supporting the construction of this Orphanage.

In her email, Molly calls today’s opening a “soft opening” because they are still dealing with some electrical issues, but the first children arrive today, and are sleeping under a roof you helped build tonight. To me, that’s a grand opening indeed. (The photo’s above are from Molly, and the captions are hers as well).

It’s been a real struggle for Molly and Joseph to build this orphanage half way around the world, and in the past few months they have really struggled to clear the final hurdles, approvals, and mountains of red tape like you would not believe, but today we have something wonderful to celebrate.

Whatever else happens in your day, and whatever hurdles life throws at you today, just remember that because of your contributions, a homeless child now has a home, food, and has two people in Molly and Joesph that will love and protect them.

Honestly, there’s no adequate way to thank you all for what you’ve done. The phase “Thank you” isn’t enough, but thank you.


I’ve had so many people who were a part of my 2nd annual Worldwide Photo Walk write in to tell me that we should do a book made up of the great photos taken that day, that I thought I should at least investigate the idea.

I love the idea of creating a beautiful coffee-table style and quality book, with a simple, clean no-nonsense layout, that lets the photos take center stage and do all the talking.

I see it including more than just some of the winning shots. I would love it if it included some group shots from walks around the world, and shots of people shooting during the walk, and some shots that weren’t even picked by the local winners—but are still great shots and deserve to be recognized, and I just want to share visually what an amazing day it was, and some of the amazing images that were created that day.

To do something like this would take a lot more work than you might imagine. For example, because we’d be selling the book, I’d have to get permission for every single image we want to use in the entire book, which I would envision would include hundreds of images. But that’s just one of the hurdles, which include creating the layout, printing, marketing the book, and on and on (books aren’t easy).

In the spirit of the World Wide Photo Walk, I don’t want to do all this just to make another book of interesting photos. I want to capture the spirit of the walk and use this opportunity for something bigger (you knew this coming, right?). I would want to have this book feed some hungry children half way around the world that really need our help.

By sending 100% of the profits from the book to the Springs of Hope Kenya orphanage (to house and feed the orphans that the readers of this blog have adopted with their hearts and with their pocketbooks), This would make the book extend way beyond what we did on July 18th to something much bigger. But before I get all carried away with the idea, I need to hear from you.

Here are some things I need to know:

  1. If you participated, how would you feel about donating the use of your image for the book?
  2. If you participated in the walk, does this sound like a book you’d buy, even if your image wasn’t included in the book? (After all, we had around 32,000 participants, who took literally millions of photos that day, so only a small percentage of walkers’ photos would wind up being included).
  3. Do you think other people, who didn’t participate in the walk would buy the book?

I love this idea on so many levels, but I have a fear that the logistics of putting it all together, (getting all the releases and permissions and then either finding a publisher who wants to donate their services, or publishing it ourselves, and then trying to market it, distribute it, fulfill orders, etc.), might be even more work than putting on the Photo Walk itself (which was a huge undertaking).

Anyway, before I even start researching what all would be involved, I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can make this work, and whether you feel the project would be a success in the first place.

I look forward to hearing what you think about this whole concept, and thanks in advance for helping me navigate these waters.



Pictured above with me are my fellow Photoshop Guys Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski, (photo by RC) holding a special award we created to honor Rob Jones, (from Towner Jones Photography) who not only came up with the idea to sell World Wide Photo Walk t-shirts to raise money for the Springs of Hope Orphanage (at last count nearly $7,000), but he set-up and managed the entire process, then even matched donations to help raise even more. (We’re shipping Rob the award today!).

It reads:

Presented to Rob Jones in grateful recognition of your contributions to building the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage.

Please take a moment and help us thank Rob personally by saying a few quick words here on the blog.

My humble thanks to Rob, and to everyone around the world who supported the kids at the Orphanage by purchasing one of these shirts.


…and as amazing as that is, it’s about to get better!!!

First, an update. You probably already know that $5 from the sale of every official “Worldwide Photo Walk t-shirt” goes straight to the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage, and you probably also know that the man to thank for the idea was Rob Jones from Towner Jones Photography.

Well, this week Rob let me know that we sold more than 1,000 official t-shirts, which we means we’ll be sending more than $5,000 to the Orphanage right as they’re opening their doors for the first time, and giving some very deserving children a home.

I was thrilled that we were able to raise $5,000, but Rob wasn’t. He wants to do more, and that’s why, Towner Jones Photography will match the $5 donation from every shirt sold between now and the end of the month (July 31st) – that will make the total donation for Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage $10 for every item sold.

Rob has such a heart for these kids, and while I’m not surprised at what Rob did, I sure am thankful. So, if you went on a Photo Walk and didn’t get one of the official t-shirts before, I hope you’ll order one now, and take Rob up on his offer, and feed and clothe some wonderful kids.

Here’s the link. Stop what you’re doing and order a shirt right now. It’ll make your day, and someone elses as well.