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OK, I’m Kinda Psyched
I mentioned earlier in the week that I had shot the Honda Grand Prix Indy Race on assignment for wire service Southcreek Global Media, but I was totally psyched when I saw that one of the Indy Car images I shot that day was featured on their Home Page in their “Recent Coverages” section (as seen above). Hey, it’s a start. :)

Camera GPS Smackdown!
My buddy Terry White did an in-depth review and look at the different devices and their specs for embedding GPS data into your DSLR photos, and you can check it out right here.

Neutral Day Reviews My Photo Recipes DVD/Book Combo
I just found this in-depth review of my Photo Recipes “Behind the Scenes” DVD, and while they say “it’s not for everybody” they do a really good job of explaining who it is for and why. Here’s the link. In semi-related news; I just heard from my publisher, and this combo has been such a success, it’s going into its second printing, so if it’s out-of-stock at your local or online bookstore, they’ll have new stock soon.

Brian Bloom’s Photography Rocks!
I learned of Brian’s work through a blog post on Seth Godin’s blog, and his stuff totally rocks. If you want to be inspired going into the weekend, click right here.

David Ziser captures “Big Electric Cat” stills & video with his Canon 7D
“Big Electric Cat” (featuring Kalebra, Felix Nelson, Tony Llanes, Scott Stahley, and yours truly) played a gig at the Photoshop World Attendee party at B.B. King’s Bar & Grill, and photographer and author David Ziser was there taking photos and video with his new 7D, and then he used Animoto to combine the two seamlessly into one video slidesshow, and it really came out pretty cool. Here’s the link to watch it online over at David’s “Digital Pro Talk” blog.

Seth’s new “Fire & Ice” Workshop in Iceland Sounds Amazing!
If you’re into shooting extreme nature, and want to do it with a fantastic photographer/instructor, check out Seth Resnick’s “Fire & Ice” Workshop coming up April 28th to May 4th in Iceland, as part of the Focus on Nature Int’l Photography workshops. Here’s how they describe it: “The majority of the workshop will be spent shooting the dramatic volcano eruption in the south of Iceland and the neighboring area. Also the icebergs on the glacier lagoon on the south-east coast. Finally ice caves if approachable.” Wow!!!! Here’s where to go for all the details.

The iPad’s Here on Monday and….
…..I’m waiting for the Wi-Fi + 3G model, which I already ordered, but I’m going to Best Buy this weekend just to check one out. From what I hear, the App’s are just amazing. Can’t wait (but I’ll have to—-until the end of the month. Ugh!).

Have a great weekend!
Hope you guys have a great one, and I hope to see you back here on Monday. :)


Earlier this week I got my hands on the latest version of one of my favorite plug-ins, Topaz Adjust, which now sports a clean, new very, very, very Lightroom-like interface. In fact, if you use Lightroom plug-in version of Topaz Adjust 4, you might not even realize you’ve left Lightroom, as the layout is so similar. That’s not a criticism—you open it and you immediately know how to get around, and how things will work, and that’s not a bad thing. [Photo above by Stephen Gober].

I use the Topaz Adjust 3 plug-in quite a bit, and this upgrade (which is free to existing customers, which is awesome) is a big step in the right direction. Here’s what the gang at Topaz says is new 4:

…includes many new presets, the ability to handle larger images, a new user interface, faster noise reduction, and greater stability.

So far, I agree with everything, except on my machine the stability part isn’t 100% there yet, as it does occasionally crash, but I imagine a bug fix will be on the way soon.

But there are these two little things….
I do love the new interface—-a huge improvement over the old one, but there are two little things that are driving me a little crazy (but, of course, these may just bother me—you may not bat an eye), but to me it seems like they stuck the “OK” button in the wrong place. Instead of putting it in the bottom right hand corner of the window (where everything from phone numbers in print ads to OK buttons usually wind up, simply because that’s where we’ve all be trained to look for them since just after birth), instead it appears below the center preview window.

So, when I’m done editing I keep going over to click where OK should be, but instead it says “I feel lucky.” At that moment, I don’t feel lucky. ;-) But that’s not the weirdest thing. When you launch the plug-in from Photoshop’s filter menu, the dialog you see below appears:


OK, so, ‘Why?” I just chose Topaz Adjust 4 from the Filter menu in Photoshop, so I was pretty sure the next thing that would appear was the Topaz plug-in. I’m not sure it’s necessary to reinforce that. Secondly, it goes on to tell the user that when you’re done with filter click OK or Cancel. If my teenage son read that, he’d say “Duh!”

Those two minor things aside, this is a big step ahead for Topaz in refining and expanding their plug-ins. While I can nit pick some of this little stuff (both of which really just make me kind of chuckle), you can’t argue with the quality it produces; the ease of how it does it’s thing, and the incredible value for the price if you’re buying the plug-in for the first time (and of course, if you’re already a registered user, the upgrade is free).

Here’s a link for more details on the new Topaz Adjust 4.

UPDATE: I just got word from Larry Becker (NAPP’s Executive Director) that NAPP members get 25% off Topaz plug-ins (check the member web site for details).


Hey gang—that’s right—it’s back. I’ve snagged another deal on the amazing Drobo (the same units I use to back up my entire photo library). Here’s the scoop:

The deal is on the Drobo S & DroboPro (pictured above) models. People who buy during the “This Weekend Only Deal” (which ends Sunday at Midnight EST) and use “KELBY” as the special discount code, will get what the folks at Drobo have told me are “…the lowest prices we’ve ever offered on these products…. ever. But only for the weekend.”

Drobo S
Deduct $100 off of these redlined prices

Deduct $250 off of these redlined prices

So, they are offering a deal to the public, but then this deal is on top of that. Pretty sweet! If you’re not familiar with Drobo yet, and why just about every pro photographer I know has at least one (I have three), watch these short videos on the Datarobotics Web site.




OK, there is a slight distinction in the headline you see above from my normal football game coverage—I didn’t say “shooting from the sidelines.” This time, I actually shot from up in the stands, because I didn’t have sidelines credential.


Now, if you’re wondering how I got some “big glass” into the game, here’s the trick. The NFL has a rule that a spectator can’t bring a lens that’s more than 6 inches long (15.25 cm) into the stadium, and they measure the length as you come through the security. So, I measured my beloved Nikon 70-300mm f/3.5 – f/5.6 VR lens, and it measures (without the lens hood, and attached to a camera body), about 5-3/4″—just under the wire, so they let me in with it.


I shot with a D700, so to get even closer (I was a ways back from the field), I used the DX crop, so although it got me in much closer than I would set at full frame, it does crop your image down to 6 megapixels.


Our seats (I went with my brother-in-law), were right on the goal line, so when the action was down on our end of the field, we both took some shots, but when they went past the 50-yard-line in the opposite direction, we pretty much just put down our cameras and watched the game.




The half-time show was absolutely amazing to see in person (and especially seeing them build that huge stage and lightshow in less than 6 minutes). The Who sounded just fantastic in person (much better than I expected), and the stage looked so cool I had to snap a few shots of them, too (but again, I didn’t really have the right access or the right lens, but it was fun shooting them anyway).

Although I didn’t get a sidelines pass, as I was walking into the Stadium, I ran into my buddy Jeff Snyder from Adorama, who had sideline media credentials, along with his son (who was shooting his 9th Super Bowl). You can check out his blog about shooting Super Bowl week right here.





As I write this, I’m back in my hotel room in Miami (heading back home first thing in the morning), and I really had a blast. A good friend hooked me up with the tickets, and we hung out with him and his family during the game, and just had an amazing time (plus the Saints won, and as an NFC guy, with a few buddies as die-hard Saints fans too, I had to root for New Orleans, but honestly, I thought the Colts would take it. Glad they didn’t though!).


Saw lots of celebrities at a party before the game (Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Harry Connick, Jr. [he’s told me he’s been using Photoshop since version 1.0], Jerry Rice, LL Cool J, Hillary Swank, and we saw Brad Pitt and John Travolta a little later).

What a fun day. I know, I know—the fun’s over—now back to work. :)


Last Friday I was sick. This Friday (today) I feel great, so instead I’m calling in lame ’cause I’ve just got nuthin’.

I’m in my hotel room in Dallas, and I’ve been preparing for my seminar tomorrow, and it’s really late, and although I have some things I want to talk about, none of them are short and sweet, so unfortunately, I’m having to “call in lame” for the blog today.

If I can remember, I’ll get an iPhone photo or two from the seminar here and post them, but it’s kinda hectic seminar day, so I’m not sure if I’ll remember (I have the memory retention of a hamster). ‘Big Daddy Don Page’ will be at the seminar, along with Austin Mann (we all grabbed a bite last night), so maybe I’ll get them to stop moving long enough to snap a photo.

Anyway, have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.  :)


> Learn Concert Photography Live at Photoshop World
One of the coolest pre-conference workshops we’ve ever held during the Photoshop World Conference is the Real World Concert Photography workshop, taught by two pro-concert photographers, and kick-butt instructors: Alan Hess and Scott Diussa.

This workshop was a huge hit back in Vegas—-so much so that we’re bringing it back for Orlando (on March 23rd), but it’s limited to just 40 participants (the photo above was taken during  the workshop in Vegas, during the “Live Shoot” portion of the class) where you get to practice shooting with a live band.

For more info, or to sign up, click right here.

> 50 Free Fonts (this is not a scam)
Braddo (my knickname for Brad Moore), turned me on to this site that has links to 50 actually fairly cool fonts. I went there myself and snagged half a dozen or so, and I have to tell you—-there’s some totally great stuff there. Here’s the link.

> My Dallas “Photoshop for Photographers” Seminar will be sold out later today
It actually had sold out last week, but we were able to expand the room so now we can accommodate the nearly 700 photographers who’ll be joining me there on Friday. As of this morning, we have just a handful of seats left, and we’ll be sold out by tonight, so if you’re thinking of going, you can grab one of those remaining seats right here. (If you read this blog, make sure you come up and say “hi.”).

> Have you Entered Adorama’s Ultimate iPhone Photo Contest Yet?
They have so many prizes that if you don’t win something, you’re just not tryin’. Here’s the link with all the details.

> This is just a really cool song
This has nothing to do with Photoshop, and I’m not quite certain how I even came across this song, but it’s really cool. It’s by the band “Porcupine Tree” and the song is called “The Sound of Muzak.” Here’s a link to the song on iTunes, so you can hear a free 30-second preview. Give it a listen and see what you think (by the way—the recording quality is great).

> Apple’s Tablet on Wednesday?
Apple will be announcing something on Wednesday (hopefully, it will be the rumored tablet, or Apple’s stock will drop down to like $3), which is my guest blog day, so I won’t have a post here until Thursday. However, if my head explodes with excitement (which I feel is likely), I’ll be sharing my total freak out over on twitter at

> That’s it for today!
Hey, thanks to everybody who wished me well during my sick-day on Friday. I feel much better now, and I’m back to work (well, back to writing a book, and the occasional stop by the office to tape a show or do a meeting). Hope you guys have a really great Tuesday!