Its #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here! I’m still in Texas where I’m on the verge of melting, and that was the ironic side of a curve-ball presentation I did this week for local photographers at Precision Camera here in Austin. For their Spring Expo I was invited to come and do a 90 minute class all about my arctic photography and the northern lights while it was 95° outside. It was a curve-ball that worked and I had a great time talking about something so juxtaposed for the environment I was in.

Anyway, have you seen DALL$#x2022;E 2? This incredible display of the power of artificial intelligence (AI) blew me away. Here’s what it does: –

As a user, we go to the app or website and we write a description of an image. The AI has studied and learned about photos and images, and it converts our writing into art. We have a range of options to choose from and download the unique art. It’s basically 2022 magic!

My thoughts on this are that it’s the culmination of years of learning, just like what Google and Instagram and other such companies have been doing with the images we’ve posted online. These computers have learned about what the content of our photos is based on our descriptions and keywords/hashtags, and we’ve now managed to turn that all upside down and go from the text to the image rather than the other way around.

Is this going to change the future for photographers? I’ll leave you to decide, but my personal belief is that we’ll start to see some big changes in in the next few months. Judge for yourself right here.

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