How Will AI Change Photography? with Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna & Yotam Gil | The Grid EP. 537

Artificial Intelligence can be a very divisive topic with lots of interesting thoughts, opinions, and insights into the future. As it continues advancing, will it eliminate the need for photographers and photography altogether? Or will it empower and assist us to accomplish things that we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago? Join Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna, and their guest Yotam Gil of Imagen as they tackle this topic head on!

New KelbyOne Course: So You Just Got Your Camera, Now Let’s Make Some Landscapes! with Dave Black

Perhaps you have just acquired your first camera, or maybe you’ve never photographed Landscapes before and want to know how to begin making Landscapes, or what are those “Rule of Thirds” anyway?

Wherever you are on your photography journey this class is perfect for you and anyone wanting to learn how to begin making beautiful landscape pictures for your Instagram, prints for your home or you just love to be outside enjoying nature with your camera.

We will explore and learn what makes a visually pleasing Landscape. We will learn about Exposure and Autofocus settings. We will learn how to compose the scene and the Rule of Thirds. We will explore gear, accessories, and much more for your landscape photography journey. So come join me and Let’s Make Some Landscapes.

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