I’ve Finally Made The Big Time!!!!


I am so psyched that I can’t even tell you, because something really amazing happened to me last night. I made the big time! That’s right, I was mentioned on my favorite NFL football blog (one that I visit literally three or four times a day) —– the best football blog anywhere, NBC Sports’s “ProFootballTalk.com”.

That’s right, baby PFT!!!! My football reportage hero (and PFT kingpin), Mike Florio, did a post about their new PFT t-shirts, and they saw me on D-Town TV wearing one of their cool new PFT t-shirts (as seen in the image above, taken from this week’s episode of D-Town TV) and well…here’s what he wrote about the new PFT gear:

“We introduced the new line of PFT gear recently.  And while yours truly has yet to obtain one of the new shirts, MDS points out that famed Photoshop guru Scott Kelby is sporting one of the new PFT T-shirts in the latest episode of his popular online show.

You can get your own right here.

And welcome to PFT Planet, Mr. Kelby.  Then again, there’s a chance that he lost a bet.”

When I saw that post—seriously, I almost blacked out. I was at dinner with Matt K, Dave Cross, Corey, RC and Braddo when I read this, and I have to tell you, they had to peel me off the ceiling. For those of you who aren’t football fanatics, this may seem kind of odd, but for those of you who are—well—you totally know what I mean! Yeah baby!!! PFT! PFT!!! PFT!

Anyway, I was so excited, I rushed home to tell my wife, who feigned semi-excitement for me, because I was acting like a 12-year-old who just got the new Resurgence map pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (which comes out today by the way).

If you’re a NFL freak like me, and you haven’t checked out Mike Florio (in my opinion, one of the best, most entertaining, and informative football reporters, perhaps even more so now), you gotta go to ProFootballTalk.com. They have the scoop on everything (and they must like Photoshop, which is just the icing on the cake). Here’s the link. Thanks Mike—you totally made my day (My week, my month, etc.).


P.S. Hey, did I mention that I was mentioned on ProFootballTalk.com yesterday? (Giggle, giggle!)

    1. Yeah, some days my biggest source of incoming links is your Alltop page. :-)

      I just love seeing you (or anybody) get distinguished in such a way that is so exciting and meaningful to them.

  1. Cool…………Ok, any one in the Spartanburg/Greenville area that wants to join my Scott Kelby Photowalk come on the map and join!

    Scott, Can I see a list of my walkers somewhere? I can’t find a place to see my list.

  2. Congratulations, Mr. Kelby. I can report that I’m suddenly a much more ardent NFL fan now that Tim Tebow is with our local Broncos.

    But you made the big time by being mentioned on a football blog? No Sir. You ARE the big time.

    1. Alexander, I shoot mostly in manual but when I’m shooting…say…sports, I like ot use apature. I believe they both are good at the right time, I will even use shutter priority on an occasion.

    1. Hi Mike:
      My son and I play it on XBox Live just about every night, usually with Matt, Corey, RC, Brad, some of my son’s friends, and even Terry White every once in a while. :)


      1. I’m supposed to be getting in on these Modern Warfare games soon. As soon as my wife is done with Red Dead Redemption, which is really cool.

  3. Heh…your response was pretty much my response when you mentioned my 365 blog on one of your Thursday News Stuff last year. Nice to see people who you consider to be the “Big Time” have their own “Big Time”. Congrats :)

  4. oh I’m so happy for you scott. we just got featured on some famous photo blogs in the past weeks. not such a big one tough, but I exactly know how you feel about it! goose bumps all over, right? :-)
    take care and have fun

  5. Congratulations! I’m a girl, so of course I don’t care about football (Except when it comes to the annual bowl game pool and I blow my husband’s friends out of the water. Gall I love that.), but I can imagine how excited you are. Awesome!

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