That’s my awesome Chicago group on a beautiful day downtown.

Good morning, everybody – I’m back from leading the local Photo walk in downtown Chicago.

We were blessed with perfect weather and a really great walk route created by my buddy, Chicaoean Paul Kober. Chicago is such a great city for a Photo Walk, with its mix of modern and classic architecture (and great food – did I mention the food?). We wound up at Epic Burger on State Street and shared lots of stories, photos, and laughs. A great to wrap up my Chicago walk.

Thanks for helping the Orphanage (and if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late)

Thanks to all the gracious photographers who donated to help those less fortunate by donating to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya, which this photo walk has adopted as our own. We’re well behind last year’s numbers, so I hope you’ll find a way to help out with a donation — they are really counting on us. Just $1.00 would make a difference.

Group Shots From Around the World

One of the highlights for me each year, is seeing the group shots from around the world come pouring in — it’s such a treat to see all those smiling faces, from every part of the globe, having fun and enjoying one of the great joys of being a photographer, which is hanging out with other photographers and making new friends in the process.

I’m going to post a few shots here, but I would love it if you’d upload the group shot from your walk here in the comments (don’t forget to name your image with the city and country name of your photo walk).

La union ilocos region, Philippines 
Graz, Austria
Braunschweig, Germany
Gamcheon Village. Busan, South Korea
Lisbon, Portugal (with Chicky Nando!)
Old Town Spring, Texas, USA
Sooke, BC, Canada
The happiest photowalk on earth: Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA
London, England. City – New and Old
Celebration, Florida, USA
Johnson City, Tennessee, USA
San Diego, California, USA (at Balboa Park)
Davao Photograhers Club and Guests. Santa Cruz, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Bryan Salazar Calbayog City, Western Samar, Philippines
Houston, Texas downtown at night.
Butuan City, Philippines
Gingoog City, Philippines
Tumon, Guam
Egypt , grees village , menofia
Calbayog City, Western Samar, Philippines
Bood Promontory Eco Park, Butuan City, Philippines
Westworth Village, Texas / Airfield Falls
Rochester MN, USA
Olo-olo Mangrove Forest in Lobo, Batangas, Philippines
PHOTOGRAPHERS CLUB OF CEBU – Magellan’s Cross Cebu City Philippines
Lancaster, California, USA

More Group Shot photos to come! :)

Thanks to our awesome sponsors!

Thanks to our wonderful main sponsor, Canon USA — we couldn’t have done it without them, and we’re so grateful for their help, enthusiasm and support, and the awesome prizes!

A big shout out to all our official awesome sponsors:

Rocky Nook
Think Tank Photo
B&H Photo
and FJ Westcott

Their support means the world to this photo walk.

Now it‘s time for the photo competitions!

The optional local, leader and worldwide photo walk competitions (with awesome prizes at stake) are just beginning, so look for more as we enter the competition phase. :)

Thanks to everybody who participated in walks around the world. Hope you got lots of great shots, made some new friends, and had a lot of fun making photographs.


It’s here and I’m so excited (and I can’t believe this is the 12th year in a row right?)

Greetings from beautiful Chicago, where this morning I’m leading a local walk here with 50 awesome photographers (My co-host on ‘The Grid’ Erik Kuna is here with me along with my buddy, Chicagoan Paul Kober) as part of my 12th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk, sponsored by the great folks at CanonUSA.

Here’s some “Day of Walk” stuff from me and the crew:

1. Our hashtag is #WWPW2019

On Twitter, follow @kelbyone and talk to us about photo walk using the hashtag #WWPW2019

2. Post your group shots here

One of my biggest thrills is seeing the Group Shots from walks all over the world come in, so if you have yours, please send me the link or leave me a link here in the comments so I can share them. DON’T FORGET to tell me your city and country for your group shot (in fact, it’s really helpful if you name your file with the city name and country, too!).

3. Keep an eye out for an email from us on where to upload your images to share with your other walkers

Once the walk is completed, we will ALSO email all of you so you’re aware of how to upload a picture for the optional walk competition.

4. A big, big thanks to our sponsors, including our premier sponsor Canon USA, for their gracious support and awesome prizes:

Here’s wishing you all beautiful weather, a safe fun walk, a chance to make new friends, and some of your best photos yet!


P.S. Don’t forget that the Spring of Hope Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya is counting on us – I urge you to give the $1 donation and help some kids you don’t even know, which is makes it all the better because you’re truly giving from your heart. Here’s the link to donate. :)

It’s here!!! Tomorrow, in nearly a thousand cities around the world my 12th Annual World Wide Photo Walk kicks off, and by tomorrow night collectively we will have taken literally millions of photos. How cool is that!!!! I’m up in Chicago and I’m psyched about leading the local walk here tomorrow.

If you haven’t signed up for a walk yet: go here right now – find a walk near you and sign up free! (you can be walking with us tomorrow!).

Walk Leaders: Make Sure You Watch my Leader’s Video

If you’re leading a Photo Walk, go to your Leader’s Dashboard page on the Official Worldwide Photo Walk site and watch my video called my: “Top 10 (or so) Tips for Leading A Successful Photo Walk.” There is some VERY important info in that video, so please make absolutely sure you watch it before your walk.

How ’bout some really helpful tips for getting great images on tomorrow’s walk?

If you’re already signed up to walk, here are SEVEN LAST MINUTE PHOTO WALK TIPS from our dear friend, and Canon Explorer of Light to help you get some great images on the walk tomorrow.

Which gear to bring on the photo walk

7 Tips for Photographing in Cities

Rick Sammon reveals 7 tips for photographing cities and getting the most out of our images from this year’s Worldwide Photowalk.

Find out what gear you should bring on the Worldwide Photo Walk.

Photo Walk Tips: Making Pictures with Rick Sammon

Rick Sammon shares his secrets for creating photos and not snapshots on your photo excursion during the Photowalk.

Photo Walk Tips: Photographing People

Try these 7 tips from Rick Sammon on photographing people during during the Photo Walk.

Photo Walk Tips: Storytelling with Pictures

Rick Sammon shares his best tips on storytelling with your photography.

Photo Walk Tips: Capturing Sunsets

Here are 10 tips from Rick Sammon for creating beautiful sunset photos during the Worldwide Photowalk.

Thanks, Rick! :)

Group shot from my Tarpon Springs, Florida Photo Walk back in 2010

Get a Group Shot Right at the Beginning

Remember to take a group shot before you head out for your walk (it’ll be much harder to corral everybody after the shoot, so get one right before you head out). Post them here, or post a link to them here, and I’ll post ’em on my blog next week and over on my Facebook page at

This is The Gear I’m Taking on My Photo Walk

I’m going with a Canon EOS R Full-frame Mirrorless body with just one lens; a Canon 24-240mm R-mount lens. I’ll be using a Black Rapid strap (a strap that goes across your body, rather than over your shoulder) and a Lexar 128 GB SD card.

Don’t Forget to Wear Really Comfortable Shoes

You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so make sure you wear shoes that make your feet happy. Don’t forget sunscreen (or a raincoat, depending on the weather for your walk).

Charge your camera batteries tonight

Don’t forget to charge your camera batteries, clean your lenses (and sensor), and make sure you’ve got an empty memory card and a back-up.

Brings LOTS of water (and drink lots of water!)

This is key! You don’t want to dehydrate on your walk – you want to have 100% fun the whole time, so make sure you drink plenty of water before the walk, and during the walk – it makes a big difference in your enjoyment of the walk, and your safety and well being.

The Most Important Thing Is… That You Stay Safe

Look out for each other on the walk. Don’t go into scary-looking areas, traipsing down deserted alleys, or anyplace that looks unsavory. Don’t get distracted by shooting – you don’t want to bump into, or trip over, anything. Get some great shots, and I’ll see you back here on Monday for a recap of the event.

Special thanks to Canon, the official Photo Walk sponsor, who gave us some incredible prizes for the contest portion of the walk this year) and to all our wonderful sponsors (thank you Adobe, B&H Photo, Platypod, RockyNook Publishing, Think Tank Photo, Skylum, and Westcott) who made all of this happen, and to all the dedicated photographers around the world who volunteered to lead walks.

Also, a very special thanks to our Walk Leader Coordinator, Jeanne Jilleba, who once again did an absolutely outstanding job from start to finish. Also, a high-five to our Web team for making the Web part of this project work better than ever!

My humble thanks to you all for being a part of this historic photography event. Can’t wait to see your shots!!!!!!


Blending Moments Of Light in Photoshop for Travel Photographers with Ramtin Kazemi

Join Ramtin Kazemi for his latest installment of advanced Photoshop techniques for travel and landscape photographers! In this class Rammy takes you through his entire process for blending two photos taken at different times to create a result that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Through each step in the process Rammy shares his unique take on evaluating the best parts of each photo, how to seamlessly blend the photos together, how to adjust contrast and color, how he approaches dodging and burning, and his special technique for adding depth and dimension. You’re bound to be inspired as well as learn techniques you can apply to your own photography.

In Case You Missed It: Advanced Landscape Post Processing Techniques

Learn advanced techniques for processing your landscape photos with Ramtin Kazemi! In this class you’ll discover Ramtin’s workflow, from start to finish, for taking a raw photo from scratch through to being ready to print or share online. Ramtin takes you step-by-step through his techniques for creating vertical panoramas, color adjustments, luminosity masks, selective contrast adjustments, adding atmosphere, and so much more!

Hello Kelby fans and fellow photographers! My name is Tricia and I’m a photographer. I know, that sounds like I’m introducing myself at a Photographers Anonymous meeting and that I have some sort of obsession or addiction. So true! Just like you, I’m a bit obsessed, or at least passionate about photography. When I’m not shooting, I’m thinking about shooting, or setting up a shoot. So much so, that it turned into a full-time career.

It’s a great honor to be here today! Thank you Scott and Brad for the invitation and encouragement to share my photography story. I’m flattered and thrilled, and truly humbled to pass along a few of my favorite tips for great food photos. I also hope I can encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and pursue the dream of capturing amazing photos of whatever your favorite subject matter might be. Scott thought you may find my journey interesting, so here we go!

Never Give Up On Your Dream

I’ve always loved photography but didn’t start shooting until I was 50 years old. Yes, this is one of those never give up on finding your gifts and talents posts! I hope I can encourage you to continue pursuing your dreams!

Let’s back up a little … you see in 1985 I married a photographer. My husband Ed is a dedicated lifelong photography student, a terrific award winning photographer and my favorite teacher and cheerleader. While our kids were growing up he shot almost all our family photos. There was no need for me to learn how to handle a camera, other than a point and shoot. I didn’t need to know anything about controlling light, depth of field, ISO or shutter speed.

What I did know is that I wanted our photos of the kids to look a certain way. Some of our best family photos were made when we worked together as a team. I explained my vision, offered input, styled the kids and dogs and Ed made the photos happen. Looking back now, it seems I always zeroed in on photos that had exceptional lighting, but I never thought about what attracted me to those kinds of shots. Rim light around our children’s heads or an incredible golden hour photo was what I longed for. I always had an idea of what I wanted from the photos but didn’t understand how Ed made it happen.

How I Became A Full-Time Food Photographer And Blogger

Fast forward to 2010. While working full-time as an office manager, I read an article about healthy food bloggers. I had never read a blog, and really wasn’t sure what it was. When I clicked on the links I found this fairly new concept intriguing. At this point we were empty nesters, Ed traveled a good bit for work and I was craving a creative project to fill my free time. It wasn’t long before I decided to start a food blog of my own, “Saving Room for Dessert, a blog about saving room for the best parts of life.” 

I’ve always been a weekend baker and thought blogging would be a great way to document some of our favorite family recipes and preserve them for our kids and grandkids. And, this was a great excuse to try my hand at photography!

It took me a month to write and publish my first blog post. Honestly, I was afraid to put myself out there especially since my photos were sometimes out of focus, not well lighted, and not very appealing overall. I was still working full-time and for 6 years posted recipes and photos twice a week while baking and shooting on the weekends.


Hello world! It’s me, Dave Williams, and it’s #TravelTuesday so I’m back, right here on, just for you!

This post comes live from Iceland where I’m about to board a plane back home to London. Sad times! But this trip has been epic so I can’t grumble! The purpose of this mission was to shoot the northern lights, and out of the four nights I’ve been here they came of for three of them! There’s been a little bit of a geomagnetic storm on, so combined with the cloud-free skies it’s been awesome! I’ll be posting some of the shots on my Instagram when I get them finished so keep an eye on that. Also, just for the record, I’ve switched my social media handle from capturewithdave to idavewilliams. It’s not because a new operating system came out, but in short it’s because I needed to get my whole name in there somehow, and I was limited with options.

Anyway, let’s get to the point! Photowalk leaders, this ones for you (and Photowalk attendees, keep an eye on them!)

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk is just around the corner. Having led a fair few photowalks in my time, I’m in a reasonable position to lay down some tips and tricks for the walk leaders.

First, and probably most important, everything takes longer than you think it will. You can be so stringent when it comes to planning your timings, but the group will always have stragglers who will be stopping to take more photos when it’s time to move on, or walk slowly having a chat at the back. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way it is. Just be aware of this if you have something planned with strict timings.

Next, the word ‘leader’ comes with responsibilities and expectations. You will be asked questions, and you will be expected to know answers. The Worldwide Photowalk is not an educational experience, rather it’s a social one, so work out your stock answer for questions you can’t field.

Breaks – personal breaks, refreshment breaks, you need breaks. Having plans for your route which includes restrooms, coffee, water, all these food things, will make your walkers so much happier. Plan a good route taking these things into consideration.

Enjoy yourself! There are pressures that come alongside being a walk leader, but make sure you take the time to chat to people, make new friends, and enjoy yourself! You deserve it – in planning and leading a Photowalk you’re doing a wonderful thing. You’re amazing, well done!

Much love