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  1. Hello Scott, where is your Tamron 28-300mm f/3.5 to f/5.6?
    Stefan :-)

  2. Scott, I’ve been to your workshop and bought your series of four books. In one of them you mention a large wheeled camera bag that you like – I can’t find the page after looking through the books. I don’t think it was a think tank bag but I may be wrong. Is it a LowePro? I have an airline overhead compartment-approved lowe pro wheeled bag but need a bigger one to fit more gear for non-flight work. Thanks!

  3. Scott, one more thing to add to my first question – I really need the biggest rolling bag there is that is worth buying in your opinion. Thx. I have 10 lenses, a body and lots of miscellaneous stuff to jam in there.

  4. Hey Scott, where did your Nikon stuff end up? :)

  5. Scott, just a suggestion, you might want to try answering at least some of the questions on your own posts, wtf?!

  6. Kerri, just a suggestion, you might want to give the guy a break. New release of Photoshop; full class taped on new features released tomorrow; new book of “How Do I Do That in Photoshop?” out; three day convention in progress; several new class offering in KelbyOne; the list goes on….. Ain’t but one of him.

  7. I shoot with a nikon D7200 and need a portrait lens. I wish I could afford a Nikon 58mm fi.4. Any suggestions?

  8. Hey Scott, thanks in advance. A quick question. Which type of monitor do you use?

  9. Hey Scott, How do you protect your gear from moisture? Do you recommend Dry Box?

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