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Once again, there were so many great images this year; so many that you could make a case for that “should have been the one,” and the photographers themselves keep improving. It all makes the judging process even harder. Narrowing it down to just ten finalists and one winner from entries literally all over the world — it’s just very challenging. Especially since they are so many things to consider when looking at an image.

After a considerable amount of blood, sweat, and tears, I’m delighted to present to you this year’s ten finalists and our 2022 Worldwide Photo Walk Grand Prize winner.

NOTE: After the winner is revealed below, I’ll be listing this year’s Leader’s Winner and some honorable mentions (images taken by photo walk leaders that didn’t win a prize but deserved some recognition nonetheless).

Here are this year’s Top 10 Finalists (in no particular order):

SIMONAS PASKEVICIUS | Copenhagen, Denmark Photo Walk

NABILAH DAUD | Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur Photo Walk

FRED KRIEGER | Naples, Florida USA Photo Walk

KB COLLINS | Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Photo Walk

ROMELO JAMISOLA | Doha, Qatar Photo Walk

KLIENNE ECO | Pitik sa Lawa ng Taal, Laurel, Batangas, Philippines Photo Walk

ARIEL MEDINA | Prado, Montevideo, Uruguay Photo Walk

POOJA GODSELWAR | Hyderabad, India Photo Walk

شمس رضوان (Shams Radwan) | Burullus Lake, Egypt Photo Walk

DIMITRI KACZMAREK | Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Photo Walk

…and now for the 2022 Worldwide Photo Walk Grand Prize winner:

BOBBIE MONTALES | Manila, Philippines Photo Walk

I fell in love with this image the moment I saw it because it has it all. The light is amazing, but the eye-catching color draws you in, and then once you see the figure in the image, it really goes to that next level. It’s like when Jay Maisel talks about “Light, Gesture, and Color” and how if your image has any one of those, it has a shot at being something. If it has two, you’ve got something special, and this image definitely has light and color; some might argue it has all three, but either way – it’s a captivating image – one I would hang on the wall in my own home, and I love it! Congratulations to Bobbie. Bravo!

The Walk Leader competition is always one of the hardest to judge
There are so many great entries from so many talented leaders around the world — it just a really tough job. Last year was a tough one to judge, so was the year before that, and the year before that, and this year it’s that tough once again.

Although there’s only one winner, I felt some images were so good that even though they didn’t win a prize, they still deserved to be recognized, so I’m displaying my “Honorable Mentions” first, then we’ll reveal our winner.

I present our 10 Walk Leader Competition Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

MOHAMED ADEL | Burullus Lake, Egypt Photo Walk

ZIA SURAREZ | Barcelona City, Spain Photo Walk

JOUIE TABILIN | Cagayan De Oro, Phillipines Photo Walk

DIONYSOS PHOTOGRAPHY | Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Novia Scotia, Canada Photo Walk

ROSEMARY KEAN | Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Photo Walk

J. SCOTT KELLY | Vero Beach, Florida USA Photo Walk

NOHA HIMMAT | Gharbia governate, Egypt


MARK ANTHONY AGTAY | Dubai, United Arab Emirates Photo Walk

I love the mystery of this image, and I want to know the story. The colors, the lighting, the mood, it all works so well together. Really an intriguing image and masterfully crafted. Nicely done!

Congratulations to all the Photo Walk Leaders Competition Honorable Mentions and to our 2022 Leader Winner, Mark Anthony Agtay.

Thanks to all our Walk Leaders

It’s an awful lot of work (ask anyone who has led one), and a thankless job, so let me be the first to say “thanks.” We couldn’t do any of this without our volunteer walk leaders around the world, who do such a great job of creating the walks; working and wrangling their walkers, judging the local contest from their walk, and making the whole thing happen on the local level, and that means a lot.

We could not do this without Adobe

We owe a very special thanks to our Premier Sponsor, Adobe Systems, for their support of the photo walk this year. Without their help and support, there would be no Worldwide Photo Walk, so you can imagine how grateful we are to the folks at Adobe, who also provided some amazing prizes for our contest winners.

Also, thanks to our additional official sponsors: Think Tank Photo, Skylum, Rocky Nook, Platypod, On1 Software, and B&H Photo — thanks for all your support this year and for offering such awesome prizes to our winners. We are very grateful.

Lastly, thanks to all the talented photographers around the world

…Who created such inspiring, creative, and beautiful work, and special thanks to those of you who contributed to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya — it means more than you know.

Have a fantastic day, everybody!


Today on our live weekly photography video podcast ‘The Grid’, we’re announcing this year’s Finalists, the Grand Prize Winner, The Leader’s Competition winner, and some special leader honorable mentions.

WHEN: Today at 1 PM EDT (New York Time)
WHERE: On ‘The Grid’ – you can watch live on or at

Hope you can join us today for the big reveal – we have some wonderful images to share; plus like always, we’ll be doing some cool prize giveaways to folks just watching the show live, so tune on in. :)


P.S. I’ll also post all the winners here on the blog today at 2:00 PM EDT.

If you want to enter the optional Worldwide Photo Walk photo contest, the submission deadline is this week – All contest submissions must be submitted by August 26, 2022, at 11:59 pm EDT.

How to submit your image into the contest:

  1. Edit your favorite photo, making sure the final file size is less than 5MB.
  2. Login to your account at
  3. Navigate to Your Walk found in the top navigation bar.
  4. Scroll down and click on the Contest tab found under the map.
  5. Use the form provided to upload your photo submission.
  6. While you’re there, visit the Gallery page to view other walkers’ submissions.

Good luck, everybody! :)

This Photo Walk Story Will Make You Smile!!!

Well, it made us smile big time. This is such a great story – in our Photo Walk this year, we had a 99-year-old photographer walking with us. Check out this wonderful note we got from one of our walkers:

“Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know that you had a 99-year-old walker this year. This is my dad [above]; he’s in great shape and has inspired him to walk even more. I really think this is awesome, and I wanted to share a couple of pictures of him on the walk. I hope you can share it with others who might feel they aren’t able to participate. Thanks for the opportunity to share this with the world, this is my 3rd walk, and I love it!”

How cool is that!!!

OK, everybody – have a great Monday, and don’t forget to enter those images. :)


Above: Here’s our group from Saturday’s Photo Walk in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo by Gareth Scott

Greetings from Plockton, a small village in the Scottish Highlands, where Erik Kuna, Dave Williams, my brother Jeff, Chicky Nando, and Paul Kober (all from “Team Epic”) and I are up late in an Airb&B, post-processing our images from the day, and celebrating the wonderful time we had at my Photo Walk in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a truly amazing city on so many levels

I’m so glad I picked Edinburgh to lead a walk this year. Not only is the city absolutely fascinating with so much charm and history, but the Scottish people are also just fantastic. Everyone I met on the Photo Walk and outside of it was just as kind, friendly, and just plain nice as they could be. It really has made this trip a dream come true. Thank you, Edinburgh, for your gracious welcome and wonderful hospitality.

Thanks to everyone around the world who participated in one of our photo walks. It was so great to hear the comments and see the posts from so many walks, with so many photographers taking great photos, having fun, and making new friends. I loved seeing all the group shots (and I’ll be sharing a bunch of them very soon).

More on the photo walk to come soon, but it’s really late here, we’re all just beat from hiking and driving all over, and I want to share more shots and stories, but for now, I’m hitting the sack.

Have a great Monday, everybody!


Here’s some “Day of Walk” stuff from me and the crew:

1. Our hashtag is #WWPW2022

On Twitter, follow @kelbyone for updates and photos and get updates on the walks worldwide. Please use the hashtag #WWPW2022, and tag your images with that hashtag as well.

2. Upload any cool shots you’re taking today to share them with the Community

We’ve created a worldwide gallery where you can upload (from your Photo Walk account page) to share your images with the world, and there’s a checkbox there if you want to enter the image into our photo competition.

3. It’s not too late to help an orphan. It’s a great thing to do today!

It’s not too late to make a small donation to the Springs of Hope Orphanage (it’s the social mission of our photo walk each year), and this week, we had our first-ever $1,000 donation come in, which is just amazing (you are a hero Bill M!!!), and lots of folks donating $100, even $250, and we’re so grateful, but all you have to give (if possible – it’s totally optional) is just $1. It all adds up so much, and 100% of your donation goes directly to the orphanage itself. So, even if you can’t do a Photo Walk today with us, you can still just donate a buck. Thank you! It means a lot to us, and them.

4. Order your official Worldwide Photo Walk T-shirt

You can still order this momento to remember and celebrate your walk, and of course, 100% of the profits go directly to the orphanage, and this is a great way to show your support — here’s the link (plus, the shirt design is really cool — high-five to our own Margie Rosenstein, who comes up with these t-shirt designs each year. She is awesome!)

5. Don’t forget to share your Group Shots!

If you take a group shot of the folks on your photo walk, please share it on my Facebook page so I can reshare them on Monday there and here on the blog. I so love seeing and sharing these. Seeing these from all over the world is one of the most awesome parts of all this – seeing everybody together out shooting and making new images and new friends. I love it!

6. Most importantly, be careful – play it safe – and look out for each other during the walk!

Keep an out eye for your fellow walkers, and don’t walk with your eyes glued to your viewfinder. Be aware of your surroundings, car, bus, bike traffic, and other walkers, too. Safety is the most important thing. Also, don’t go into scary-looking areas, traipsing down deserted alleys or anyplace that looks unsavory, and don’t wander off on your own. Don’t get distracted by shooting – you don’t want to bump into or trip over anything. We want you to have a safe, fun, healthy, memorable day wherever you’re photo walking today. :)

Thanks, everybody — it’s going to be a great Photo Walk day, and we’re going to raise a lot of money for some awesome kids, and that is something to celebrate! :)



Tomorrow, in cities all over the world, my 13th Annual World Wide Photo Walk for the Springs of Hope Orphanage kicks off, and by tomorrow night, collectively, we will have taken literally millions of photos and, with any luck, have raised a ton of donations for the orphanage. How cool is that!!!!

If you haven’t signed up for a walk yet: go here right now – find a walk near you and sign up free! (you can be walking with us tomorrow!).

I’m Leading The Local Walk in Edinburgh Tomorrow

I’m excited to be in Scotland today, leading a local walk here tomorrow in the old town area, along with Eric Kuna, Dave Williams, and some of the other members of Team Epic (including Chicky Nando).

Here are some photo tips for getting great images on tomorrow’s walk

Here are SIX LAST MINUTE PHOTO WALK TIPS from our dear friend, beloved photographer, educator, and author Rick Sammon.

What gear to bring on the photo walk:

7 Tips for Photographing in Cities

Don’t Forget to Wear Really Comfortable Shoes

You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so make sure you wear shoes that make your feet happy. Don’t forget sunscreen (or a raincoat, depending on the weather for your walk).

Charge your camera batteries tonight

Don’t forget to charge your camera batteries, clean your lenses, and make sure you’ve got an empty memory card and a backup.

Brings LOTS of water (and drink lots of water!)

This is key! You don’t want to dehydrate on your walk – you want to have 100% fun the whole time, so make sure you drink plenty of water before the walk, and during the walk – it makes a big difference in your enjoyment of the walk and your safety and well being.

The Most Important Thing Is… That You Stay Safe

Look out for each other on the walk. Don’t go into scary-looking areas, traipsing down deserted alleys, or anyplace that looks unsavory. Don’t get distracted by shooting – you don’t want to bump into or trip over anything.

Get some great shots, and I’ll see you back here on Monday for a recap of the event.