We Had an Epic Photo Walk!!!!

Above: Here’s our group from Saturday’s Photo Walk in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo by Gareth Scott

Greetings from Plockton, a small village in the Scottish Highlands, where Erik Kuna, Dave Williams, my brother Jeff, Chicky Nando, and Paul Kober (all from “Team Epic”) and I are up late in an Airb&B, post-processing our images from the day, and celebrating the wonderful time we had at my Photo Walk in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a truly amazing city on so many levels

I’m so glad I picked Edinburgh to lead a walk this year. Not only is the city absolutely fascinating with so much charm and history, but the Scottish people are also just fantastic. Everyone I met on the Photo Walk and outside of it was just as kind, friendly, and just plain nice as they could be. It really has made this trip a dream come true. Thank you, Edinburgh, for your gracious welcome and wonderful hospitality.

Thanks to everyone around the world who participated in one of our photo walks. It was so great to hear the comments and see the posts from so many walks, with so many photographers taking great photos, having fun, and making new friends. I loved seeing all the group shots (and I’ll be sharing a bunch of them very soon).

More on the photo walk to come soon, but it’s really late here, we’re all just beat from hiking and driving all over, and I want to share more shots and stories, but for now, I’m hitting the sack.

Have a great Monday, everybody!


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