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Happy Monday, everybody! The Print module in Lightroom Classic lets you create these really cool multi-photo layouts, and best of all —  you don’t have to just print them — you can save these layouts as JPEGs and share them on social, email them, whatever. Check out the video below (you’ll be surprised at how easy this is).

Hope you found that helpful (and if you have any questions about these multi-photo layouts, drop them in the comments section below).

This is going to be a great week — let’s make the most of it! 


This one is from wonderful portrait and fashion photographer, Mary Bel. Check it out:

Thanks, Mary Bel! :) (and that’s something I’ve been preaching for years — it can all the difference, because “less is more.”

Here’s the official trailer from Mary Bel’s KelbyOne Online Class where she shows you how to take everyday objects, and how to work on a super tight DIY budget to create some really creative portraits.

Here’s the link to watch her class right now (you will love it!).

Disney’s Cruella is a Must-See!!!

OK, a bunch of us who are all vaccinated (close friends and family members) rented an entire AMC movie theater for a private screening of Cruella (it was only $240 for the whole huge theater [we all split the cost], and we could have up to 20 guests, and it was even a Saturday night), so we chose Disney’s new Cruella (as in Cruella Devlle of the 101 Dalmatians) as our show and it was OUTSTANDING!!!

First, just the fact that we were in a movie theater again was awesome on its own, not to mention the whole private screening (and being able to talk at regular volume during the movie), but the movie itself was just so good — way better than I was expecting, with some great storytelling about how a sweet young girl wound up becoming Cruella. Emma Stone was fantastic in the role, and her co-star Emma Thompson was brilliant. If nothing else, they will take the Oscar for Best Costume Design (and the soundtrack is awesome!). Anyway, check it out if you have a chance (I put the trailer below).

OK, I’ve gotta get back to work — today is the deadline for the current book I’m finishing up, and well…not sure I’ll have it done today. I might need another day. Or two. But I’m really close. Anyway, back to work for me. Here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend! Go see Cruella and watch Mary Bel’s new class. :)


P.S. Don’t forget — at the end of this month it’s the iPhone Photography Conference. Two full days, two training tracks, and lots to learn from some incredible instructors. Here’s the link for tickets and more info.

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, and our offices are closed as we honor and remember those who gave their lives in service to our country.

This post is dedicated each year to the memory of David Leimbach, (shown above; the brother of our dear friend and colleague Jeff Leimbach), who died 13 years ago in combat in Afghanistan.

Just a humble word of thanks to the dedicated men and women of our armed services and to all those who came before them who laid down their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy each day.

Here’s wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy Memorial Day.


Very excited about this! It’s two-full days, two-full training tracks, all online with an all-star crew of instructors and it’s going to be (wait for it….wait for it) epic!

It’s coming June 29-30, 2021 and you can get your tickets right here (and save a bundle!).

If you know somebody who’s serious about their iPhone photography, I hope you’ll pass on this news about the conference. :)

Selling Your Lightroom Photo Books Online

Today, over on I have an article I think is going to surprise a bunch of photographers — it’s how to sell your photo books online without putting any cash out up front. Pretty cool stuff (Here’s the link).

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! :)


OK, you remember that series called the “Great Create” that I was featured on where they pitted me against another photographer with a photography challenge? (even if you don’t remember it, it’s OK — stick with me for a sec). Anyway, I won that individual challenge (yay!), but now that all the episodes by different creators have aired (and they are pretty amazing), now it’s time for the public to vote on which of the “Great Creates” they like they best.

If mine episode wins the vote, the show will make a charitable donation to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya (very near and dear to my heart, and many who read this blog and helped build it from the ground up), so we really need your vote.

You can watch the episode right here, and that’s also where you vote (the whole episode is only like 15 minutes long and it’s really well done).

Thank you in advance for your vote, and for being awesome enough to help the orphanage. Last year was a really tough year for them (they had a major fire), and this could go a long way for them.

OK, go vote, and here’s wishing you your best week of the year so far!


P.S. Thanks to everyone who dropped me a kind note or comment about my friend John Swarce’s passing. Your words mean more than you know.

One of the worst things about getting older is that your old enough to have a friend or two pass away. In the past few years, I’ve lost some good friends: Winston Henderickson, Jim DiVitale, Mike McCaskey, and this week my buddy John Swarce passed away, and I’m heartbroken once again. Like Winston, Jim and Mike, he went far too soon (at just 60), and his passing was just as sudden and unexpected. So when Kalebra told me John passed away, it was like a slug in the stomach. It hit hard. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. 

John and his sweet wife Gina were coming down to Florida next week (from their home in Boston) for a visit to the Orlando attractions, and he wanted to come over to Tampa to catch Wednesday’s episode of The Grid live in the studio. Afterward, John asked to go to Zaxby’s to try their top-ranked chicken sandwich (since they don’t have one up where they live). The day before he passed, I had emailed him about whether he was comfortable eating indoors with masks, or should we do takeout and bring it back to the office after the show? And then, the next morning, he was gone. I’m still in shock.

Left Side: my friends Deb Uscilka, Me, Mike McCaskey, Bob DeChiara. Right side: Sam Haddix, Kalee Greer, and John.

When I’m up in Boston, the night before my seminar, I would invite John and a small group of my friends up there to dinner at a casual North End Italian restaurant, and it’s become “a thing” — one I look forward to so much every year. It’s more like a family reunion with some pasta, and the last time I was in Boston was the year before the Pandemic hit. John used to love to tease me about the Patriots and their many SuperBowls (me being a lowly Bucs fan with just one SuperBowl win in our team history). We always went back and forth about teasing each other. At the last time I was up there, he sat right in the front row of my seminar wearing a Patriot’s Tom Brady jersey (and he got the rest of my friends to do the same — all of them, in the front row, each wearing a Patriot’s Jersey. It was brutal and totally hilarious!).

Look at this: John, family and friends (at a home BBQ), with him wearing his Photoshop World t-shirt, holding a photo of me and him, and he’s posed behind a box of Chicken in a Biscuit crackers with “Spray Cheese.” How could you not love this guy!

So, you can imagine how I turned the tables on him this past year when not only did Brady leave the Patriots for The Bucs (of all places), and then Pat’s hero Gronk joined the Bucs as well (double-whammy), and then Brady went on to win us a SuperBowl. An incredibly unforseen chain of events for sure.

You’d think I would have been gracious and classy about it. Not a chance! LOL!!! I teased John unmercifully and often via email, texts, and DMs. When they came for their visit, I had even planned to take a long way around on our way to Zaxby’s to secretly drive him past the Buc’s Stadium to see giant posters of Brady in a Bucs uniform. It would have been so funny, and he would have totally rolled with it, laughing all the while.

While I was neither gracious nor humble about any of this, John was both. When he learned of Brady joining the Bucs, he told me he was a Tom Brady fan for life and was actually happy for The Bucs and that he would now be a Bucs fan too — pulling for us (and Brady) to win it all (note the hashtag on the end of his Facebook comment above). Well, that really sucked the fun out of teasing him, but it gives you a little glimpse into what a cool guy John was. So creative, smart, talented, funny as heck, and he was one of those guys that everybody loved. Everybody. He was always in a great mood, so witty, and he really enjoyed life, friends, family, and football (maybe a little less last year, but still). 

John was a great supporter of everything we did at KelbyOne. I can’t count how many members we must have got through John spreading the word about us to anyone who would listen. I can’t imagine a Photoshop World conference without seeing John. He was part of the fabric of the conference, and when we get together again for an in-person conference, he is one of the things I will miss the most.

That smile is just so John. Of course, I always called him “Jaaaaahhhhnnnn!”

John’s passing is another reminder of how each day is a gift and how precious life is. They say it’s why we need to make the most of each day, and I can tell you John did. Not only did he make the most of his days, if you ran into him on any given day, he made your day, too. I’ll miss John so much, and for my small group of great friends up in Boston — we are all the better for having known him.

I hope you have someone in your life like John, and if you’re lucky enough, now would be a great time to hug them and tell them so.

Rest in peace, John We love you, and will never forget you.