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At my seminar last week in Salt Lake City (great folks there, by the way — had a blast!), I was talking with a gentleman and he told me his photos were backed up already because he backs-up his Lightroom catalog once a week. Ack! Another guy there thought the same thing — that backing up your Lightroom Catalog also backs up the photos you have in Lightroom.

Backing up your Lightroom catalog DOES NOT backup your photos. These are two separate processes.

Your Lightroom catalog is simply a database of edits you’ve made to your images and a collection of thumbnails of those images. It’s a list of your sorting and organization, but that’s it. Backing up this catalog is important (and to a separate hard drive I might add), because if your computer ever had a serious crash and your hard drive died, or your computer gets damaged or stolen, you’d be starting over from scratch in Lightroom, but that backup of your catalog does not include any actual photos.

Above: When you Quit Lightroom, this Back Up Catalog window appears. Hit the Choose button to choose a location to save your Lightroom catalog, and I would recommend saving to an external hard drive, or to Dropbox (as I have here) or a cloud backup. 

After you’ve backed up your Lightroom catalog, you need to back up your photos separately, and I would recommend:

(1) Putting your photos all on an external hard drive

(2) Buy a 2nd external hard drive as a 2nd backup of all those same images (ideally in a different location. That way if your house burns down or you get robbed, you still have a backup offsite. I keep one drive at the office, and a 2nd at home, and I sync them up once-a-month).

(3) I would have a third backup in The Cloud (I use because if your area experiences a natural disaster (ask folks in Houston, South Florida, New England Coast, Louisiana), you’d lose all your photos in both locations – home and office – at once.

So, most importantly — make a backup of the photos on your computer. Today if possible. And get a 2nd backup. Hard drive dies. Always. Especially when it’s the least opportune time possible, so protect yourself with a backup of your entire photo collection. Then get to backing up your Lightroom catalog.

Hope that helps you sleep better at night. :)

Only 10 more days ‘till the Photoshop World Conference! Whoo Hoo!!!
Even though we’re only 10-days away, people are signing up every single day — you can too, and join us in Orlando, May 31 – June 2nd. Tons of Lightroom training every day of the conference. Details/tickets here. 

Here’s wishing you a great Monday, and a kick-butt week!



If you are, I think I can help you come back with some of the best images you’ve ever taken. Check these out these courses this weekend:

> If you’re heading to Europe, check out one of my “Photographer’s travel guides” on where to shoot in:

I hear from photographers all the time who tell me how helpful these were to them, and what a difference it made in the images they brought back from their trip.

>> If you’re heading to New York City this summer, next week we’re releasing my “Photographer’s Guide to New York City” and it’s not the same ol’ places you’re used to (well, it’s a few of them, but lots of interesting and fun places you might not have known about). Should be out next Thursday. Can’t wait to share this one with you.

> If you just want to learn about Travel Photography in general, check out my Travel Photography course on KelbyOne — it’s a two-part course: Part one is on the shooting, and Part 2 on the post-processing, and it’s filmed on location in Paris.

> Rick Sammon has a great travel photography course that’s a great compliment to the one I did in Paris. He has lots of great insights — totally worth checking out. Here’s the link. 

> Another great online course — this one from Colby Brown — it’s on How to Make a Living as a Travel Photographer. Here’s the link — really great info. 

> We also have some awesome members-only Webinar you can watch, streamed on-demand, including my “A Walk in Lisbon” travel photography Webinar, and “A Walk in Venice” and another — From Prague to Budapest” – plus join Rick Sammon and me for a members-only Travel Photography Webinar.

> A while back I did a talk on my trip to Cuba, and it had lots of tips and locations, so if Cuba is on your travel list, you can watch this one right on YouTube. Here’s that link. 

Whew! That’s a lot! Hope those help you to get your very best travel images yet! :)

Have a great weekend everybody — it’s a perfect one to start prepping for those summer photo trips.



P.S. Just 12-days until the annual Photoshop World Conference in Orlando. People are signing up every day (a bunch signed up just this week). You can still sign up and join in. Detail/Tickets right here.Hope you can make it.

This trick, in particular, is for that nasty noise you can sometimes get in long exposure images — especially if you have to brighten the image, but it can work in all kinds of instances.

Now, before I show you this trick, I do want you to know that I normally don’t mess with trying to fix noise in my images. It has to be really, really, really bad for me to even try to deal with noise, because (1) noise reduction techniques and plug-ins simply blur your image to hide the noise, so you’re trading one bad thing for another, and (2) only other photographers even notice noise — the public is pretty much immune to it, but in the case you’re going to see below, I would (and did in the final image I posted on Instagram), fix the noise, but I didn’t use a noise reduction scheme, which is what makes the trick so helpful. Check it out:

Hope you found that helpful (and I hope you listened all the way to the end). :-)

 17-days to the Photoshop World 2018 Conference
It’s not too late – you can still come and join us for three days of Photoshop, Lightroom, Design, and photography training from the best instructor roster ever assembled. May 31-June 2nd in Orlando, Florida. Details, travel info, and tickets at

Have a great Monday everybody – I’m on my way to Salt Lake City for my seminar there tomorrow. Hope I see you there!




So, last night I’m online and checking for airfare deals from East Coast cities to Orlando for the Photoshop World Conference 2018 and I found some doozies! Really just super-low rates to fly to the conference from major cities.

The Conference itself is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 31 – June 2nd, so I was looking at flights arriving the day before (May 30th), and leaving that Sunday, the day after the conference (June 3rd). Check out these flights I found (whose prices are, of course, subject change at any time as airlines seem to change their prices daily, or hourly, on a whim, just for fun, just to mess with us, etc.):

[All Roundtrips to Orlando]:

Atlanta: $86 on Frontier. $98 on Spirit

Birmingham: $264 on Southwest (Rolltide!)

Boston: $135 on Spirit

Charlotte: $185 on Delta

Chicago: $111 on Southwest

Columbus: $165 on Spirit

Dallas: $153 on American

Detroit: $157 on Frontier

Indianapolis: $132 on Southwest

Miami: $129 on Delta

Nashville: $204 on United & American

New York: $171 on JetBlue

Philadephia: $97 on Frontier or $117 on American

Washington, DC: $123 on United

There are some great deals on (that’s what I use anyway), and our travel page. Note: some of those fares above are deals put together by Kayak using one airline for your flight to Orlando, and in some cases a different airline for the return trip.

Plus, hotel rooms in the Orlando area are surprisingly inexpensive, and if you call our host hotel (the Hyatt Regency), they’ll help you find a great room at a great rate.

OK, get to booking those flights, and we’ll see you in Orlando in just a few weeks for three days that will change everything for you!

Have a great weekend, and here’s wishing all the awesome moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.



I want to help new photographers really have a breakthrough in their photography, and I think I can – today at 2:00 PM EDT. If you have a friend, co-worker, or family member that is new to photography, and you want to see them make a real leap to where they’re making much better images right away, have them watch this one minute video below about my free Webinar today – I think I can really help (and it’s really 100% free).

Here’s where you register(free) for my 2:00 PM ET live “Beginner’s Breakthrough” workshop.

I’m going to share some things I believe can really make a difference in their photography right away. It’s free and open to everyone, so I encourage you to invite your friends (just send them a link to this post).

Thanks for sharing this with your new photography friends. :)

Here’s wishing you an awesome Thursday, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.



P.S. Don’t forget to scroll down to the next post for our regularly scheduled “New Class Thursday” post so you can check out our new course – it’s Terry White’s class on using Adobe Spark to get more attention on social media.  Just released today at KelbyOne (we release a new full-length course every week). 

Greetings from Hartford, Connecticut (up here for my Lightroom seminar today). Well, it’s Monday – and it’s gonna be a good one, so let’s do this thing! :)

1) Dave’s cool Platypod Trick
I hadn’t thought of this before, but now that Dave’s shared it, I’m going to be using it.  Here’s the link to Dave’s blog. He’s a clever man, that Dave (make sure you catch his weekly column here tomorrow). 

2) New Instructor Announced for Photoshop World
We’re psyched to announce that Unmesh Dinda, the Mumbai, India Photoshop YouTube sensation will be teaching a session at the Photoshop World Conference 2018 in Orlando (24 days from now). If you haven’t caught his YouTube videos yet (I embedded one here), you will love him – so enthusiastic and full of great techniques to share with everybody. 

3) Adobe sneaks in a new feature to Lightroom on Mobile
Along with some bug fixes, the latest update for the iOS mobile version (just released last week), adds an overlay Grid to the new Guided Upright feature that was added just a few weeks before that, along with improved zooming when using the Guided Upright feature. Look for it in the App store. 

4) Interesting Little Lightroom Profile Tip
Over on my other blog,, I’ve got a handy little thing to know about the new RAW profiles in Lightroom Classic. It’s just a little tip, but that’s why I like it. Here’s the link. 

5) Where to shoot this summer (continued)
If you’re heading to London this summer, I did a class called “A Photographer’s Guide to London” and I share my favorite places to shoot; some insider tips, and lots more to make sure you come home with some awesome shots. Here’s the link. 

6) Just 24 days left until Photoshop World
If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late – travel info and tickets at (btw: if you sign up right now you can still snag one of the last rooms at the Hyatt Regency, our host hotel). 

7) Salt Lake City here I come!
I’m there next week – hope you will be too. Come and spend the day with me learning Lightroom like a total boss! It’s my last one until well after Photoshop World. Tickets at

That’s it for this glorious Monday. It’s going to be the week that you make it, so let’s make it a great one!