It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am writing as always. This time I’m in Finland where the brisk air is clear, the landscape is coated with snow, and the reindeer roam free.

Today’s post has absolutely nothing to do with Finnish Lapland, however. It’s all about photographers you may want to consider following on TikTok! Let’s list them off:

Dave Williams (yes, that’s me) – Behind the scenes travel and photography content that may potentially give you a little feeling of wanderlust.

Gilmar Smith – Amazing BTS content showing how she creates her magical photos. Also, Disney!

Mary Bel – Fascinating insights into photography and lighting, and photography ideas for you to try.

Clinton Lofthouse – A deeper look at lighting and composition with a focus on art and retouching, and a look at his local area in northern England.

Siân Elizabeth – A look at some editorial beauty creations that will really make you think about how you use lighting and makeup.

TikTok is definitely not just for kids, and the opportunities offered by this social media app are getting pretty serious. Creators who thrive on TikTok can expect some hefty payouts from the app itself as well as from sponsors. It’s not all about photography, as my friend Peter Treadway shows with his cycling account, so if you haven’t explored the world of TikTok, maybe now is the time. As photographers, we always need to be thinking about our marketing and influencing agenda, and this platform still has plenty of space for us to grow into with a photography-centric account.

Just something to think about today. Have a great day!

Much love


Amazon fulfilled all the pre-orders, and then they were out of stock for a while, but now thankfully the print edition is back in stock. All the new Masking stuff is in the edition, and lots of other important new stuff, updates, and improvements (it’s my biggest update for the book in years). 

Check out the trailer below for more details on the new edition: 

Here’s the link to pick up a copy (perfect to get with that Amazon gift card you got for Christmas) or for a friend (idea gift), or just because you’re loose with money. You can also pick it up at Barnes & Noble (love B&H), right here. 

Here’s wishing you an absolutely kick-butt week, full of Lightroom learnin’.


P.S. Excited that the Bucs won their playoff game yesterday – we play the winner of tonight’s Cardinals/Rams game next week (GoCards!). 

Very excited to be announcing our first conference for the year, and it’s a doozy!!!! We just announced it to KelbyOne Members last week, and the sign-ups are through the roof, which is really exciting. Check out the short trailer below for more details. 

We would love to have you with us for the conference (and the pre-conference session the day before). 

Here’s the link to grab your ticket today at the early-bird discount price. Hope you can make it. :) 


Blind Photo Critiques with Scott Kelby & Erik Kuna | The Grid Ep. 499

It’s the first Blind Photo Critique of 2022! Join Scott and Erik as they give their feedback on viewer submitted images to share how they could be improved both from behind the camera and in post processing. And we’re just one episode away from the 500th episode of The Grid! Tune in next week to see what the gang has in store.

New KelbyOne Course: Just One Flash – Updated with Scott Kelby

If you want to take great portraits with just one flash, this class is for you! Join Scott Kelby as he teaches you a simple system that works in studio and on location. Starting from scratch, you’ll learn the camera settings, flash settings, and core gear you need to get consistently great results. At the end of this class you’re going to be able to create amazing portraits with confidence!

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here again! This week I write from northern Norway where the northern lights are dancing over me as I type and I hear the sound of reindeer outside among the trees. I’ll show my view on my YouTube channel on Sunday if you want to see.

This week I want to share a rather peculiar trick to help you to see light when shooting, if it’s something you’re trying to learn. I’ve written before about how to read a Histogram, which apparently I wrote while on an airplane flying to Orlando one day, and it’s a key skill we should have as photographers. Interpreting a chart on a screen versus seeing light for real are two different things, though. So here’s the strange trick: –

First off, before you do anything, known that to do this effectively you must be shooting raw! That way you can properly adjust in post. You’ll see why in a second…

Here’s a hairy highland cow. You’ll (hopefully) immediately know that the colour is totally wrong. Well, that’s the trick! When we shoot outside we’ll usually have a warm White Balance. Keep that info in your mind while I also say this: When we look at our preview screen we often look at composition and colour first and while we’re learning to see light, we may not notice it.

If we shoot in a peculiar White Balance, such as Tungsten or Fluorescent when outside or Sunny when inside, we’ll knock the colour out and start to see the difference in tones rather than the tones themselves. We’ll see the light and shadow far easier because we’ve eliminated something in the shot – the correct colour. We can fix the White Balance in post because we shot raw, just like this: –

This is literally the strangest photo tip I’ve ever written, but please trust me, it works! It will help you to see light on the preview screen when shooting if you’re still learning to do so.

I’m going to get back to shooting the aurora now.

From Norway, much love

OK, technically this is a Photo Tip Friday, and I realize that today is Monday, but I get special dispensation because tonight is the College Football National Championship, and once again, my Alabama Crimson Tide is in the championship, so it’s a special day, and anyway (#rolltide), this is such a great tip I wanted to share it here. It’s from pet photographer Alex Cearns, and it’s so right on the money. Check it out below (it’s just 60-seconds).

Such a great, relevant, and timely tip as we kick off a new year. If you want to learn more from Alex, here’s a link to her latest online course called “how to ignite your photography business” at KelbyOne.

Here’s wishing you a kick-butt Monday, and here’s to a big Bama win tonight!