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Stories From The Sidelines with Scott Kelby & Rob Foldy | The Grid Ep. 484

This week Scott Kelby is joined by fellow sports photographer and KelbyOne instructor Rob Foldy to share stories from the sidelines! From getting plowed over by players and umpires, to meeting memorable people, and lessons learned from their experiences, this episode is packed full of entertaining and enlightening stories. Viewers also share some of their own close calls throughout the episode.

In Case You Missed It… Sports Photography: Make Your Pee Wees Look Like Pros

Photograph your kids sports like a pro! Join Rob Foldy, professional sports photographer, as he teaches you the basic photographic principles that will make your subjects proud. This is not a class on gear, but Rob does show you how to use what you have, and how to configure your camera for the best results. You’ll also learn the importance of storytelling and how being prepared before you go to the game will help you take your photographs to the next level. Rob brings it all together by working with three parents while they photograph their kids’ soccer game, providing them tips for shooting with everything from a mobile phone to a DSLR.

Blind Photo Critiques with Scott Kelby & Erik Kuna | The Grid Ep. 483

Fresh off of Photoshop World, Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna are back this week with another installment of the fan favorite, Blind Photo Critiques! Tune in to see what advice they have for this week’s batch of user-submitted photos.

New KelbyOne Course: The Infrared Landscape with Deborah Sandidge

Infrared photography is a wonderful way to broaden your photographic horizons and expand your creativity! Join Deborah Sandidge as she introduces you to the fundamentals of infrared photography. Nothing can quite compare with the surreal factor of bright white foliage, a dark sky and how beautifully infrared light is reflected and absorbed by different surfaces. In this class Deborah introduces you to the types of infrared photography, the gear you’ll need, what to look for when shooting infrared, and inspire you to open yourself up to a new outlet for artistic expression.

New KelbyOne Course: The Time-Traveling Photographer with Frederick Van Johnson

Did you know your camera can act like a time machine? Join Frederick Van Johnson as he shares his unique philosophy on this topic. In this class he explores three different techniques—multiplicity, cinemagraphs, and adding motion to a still image—that you can incorporate into your photography. Starting with the fundamentals, Frederick discusses the tools he uses, and then steps through a series of demonstrations involving on location shoots and in-studio post-processing to teach you how to accomplish each technique from start to finish.

In Case You Missed It: Mastering Multiple Exposures Using Advanced Flash Techniques

If learning advanced flash techniques from a legendary photographer gets you excited, then get ready for a serious adrenaline boost! Join Joe McNally as he teaches advanced lighting setups and camera flash techniques for creating spectacular multiple exposures of the same image

Discussing Dave Williams’ Travel Van | The Grid Ep. 482

Caught up on all the Travel Tip Tuesday posts? Well, how about catching some Travel Van Tips from special guest Dave Williams on The Grid with Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna?! Dave is taking his van on the road to capture some amazing sights, and he’s ready to share all about it on the latest episode of The Grid!

New KelbyOne Course: Scanning Images Using Your Camera with Jack Reznicki

Let your digital camera breathe new life into your archive of negatives, slides, and prints! Join Jack Reznicki as he shares the process he uses to digitize his huge archive of work from his days of shooting film. You don’t have to compromise between speed and quality, and Jack demonstrates the tools and workflow he’s found to give him amazing results. Once the pictures have been digitized Jack explains his post processing workflow in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop to convert negatives to positives, correct color, and fix problems you couldn’t fix before. Your film archive is a treasure trove, and you’ll love going back through your pictures to find memories, complete stories, and possibly share them with others to make new connections.

New KelbyOne Course: The Biggest Mistakes Wildlife Photographers Make and How to Avoid Them with Juan Pons

Join Juan Pons to learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made by fellow wildlife photographers. By learning what to avoid we put ourselves in the best possible position to do all the right things when photographing wildlife. Juan pulls from his decades of experience leading photographic workshops to share stories, examples, and sage advice on how to create the best photographs you can while enjoying and savoring the experience of being out in nature.

In Case You Missed It: The Science of Wildlife Photography with Moose Peterson

Take your wildlife photography game to the next level! Join Moose Peterson as he shares the wisdom he’s earned from 30 years in the field photographing critters. By understanding the biology of your subject and its environment you’ll do a better job of creating photographs that make a difference. In this class Moose shares how he got started and the early lessons he learned, the importance of using the gear you already have, why dressing in the field for comfort in function is key, how to become a wildlife detective, why you need to get your camera settings nailed down so you can focus on what’s in front of the camera, and so much more. By the end of the class you’ll be itching to do your homework as you plan your next wildlife photography adventure!

How Would I Edit Your Photo with Scott Kelby | The Grid Ep. 481

Have you ever sat down to edit photos after a take and wondered to yourself, “How would Scott Kelby edit this image?” Well, now is your chance to see! On the latest episode of The Grid, Scott takes viewer photos and shows how he would approach their processing. This episode is full of great examples of editing, so you won’t want to miss it.

New KelbyOne Course: Working a Scene: Building with Small Flash with Joe McNally

“Lighting tools have evolved to a place where even small, hot shoe style flashes can be brought to bear in complex ways to create an entire scene that has nuance, color, depth, and dimension. Environmental portraiture and the idea of lighting an entire place was often regarded as the province of big flash. Not so anymore. In this session, our unique studio (formerly a bank) is transformed via small flash into a complex dramatic location photograph.

Every person or situation that presents itself in front of the lens to photographers is unique and demands equally unique solutions and reactions at the camera. But often in the tumult of an actual assignment, there is no time to parse out the exact look of an umbrella, a softbox, or a beauty dish, or how all these can work together in concert. In this fast-paced session, we’ll take light shaping tools, and work with the same face, in the same environment, and observe.”