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I’m very excited to be the guest tomorrow on Terry White’s “Photography Master Class” live stream, and I’m doing a presentation called “Photo Recipes” where I share a final image, and then show how to make a similar shot, with behind-the-scenes photos and camera setting and such.

It’s free and open to everybody – we’re live from 10:55 AM to 11:55 AM ET, and you can watch it right here on the blog below (and if you miss the live stream, and can watch the archive here as well). :)

Hope you can make it (or rewatch it above if you missed the live stream).

We already have over 1,000 attendees for next week’s Landscape Photography Conference

It’s not too late to join us — it starts with a pre-conference session I’m teaching on “What makes a great landscape photo” and we also have a first-timer orientation class from Larry Becker to help you make the most of the virtual conference. Here’s the link to get your ticket — don’t miss out.

Have a great weekend everybody, and thanks to Terry for having me on his awesome show (which airs each week at this same time. Always great info).

Stay safe and sane, and we’ll catch you back here next week (well, at least that’s what I’m hoping). :)


Well, you probably don’t have to wait until this weekend — you can watch ’em now. Here are three of our KelbyOne Webcasts — normally just for KelbyOne Pro Members, but since we’re all stuck indoors, and we’re all in this together, we’re making this Webcasts free and open to everybody. Check ’em out below:

A hands-on Webinar: From Flat to Fabulous in Lightroom

NOTE: Download Link for the RAW images so you can follow right along with me.

Another hands-on Webinar: Beginner Compositing for Portrait and Landscape photographers

NOTE: Download Link for the class images so you can follow right along with me.

A Path To Making The Kind of Images You Really Want To Make

Hope these help you focus on something creative, something fun, and something that can move you forward so when this awful virus is behind us you’re in a great position to use these new skills for something great.

Have a fun, safe weekend everybody and we’ll catch you back here next week. :)


P.S. Just want to make sure you heard the news — on May 5-6, 2020 we’re kicking of the KelbyOne Lightroom Conference (sponsored by Adobe); its two-days, two tracks of learning from an absolutely all-star cast, and it’s so affordable anyone can be a part of it (and hundreds of photographers have already signed up). Tickets and more info at

For those of you who have stuck with me through four parts of our five-part series, the final payoff is on Monday, live — in another of our free online Webinars (these are the ones that would normally be just for KelbyOne members only, but we’re making these open to everybody because we’re all still stuck inside, and we need stuff like this to focus on other stuff, fun creative stuff, so we get a break from all the bad news.

Make sure you did the things we talked about in Part 1, 2, 3, and 4, and then come ready to have it all come together on Monday as we connect all the dots and help move your photography to the next level. Here are the details:

Who: You and me
What: A free online Webinar about your photography
Where: At this link
When: Today at 11:00 AM ET
Why: Because we’re all in this together, and this is something that can help us all move forward, focusing on something else, and be ready to make great images when this awful virus is behind us

I hope you can join me; but in the meantime, go back and check out parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 (I put the links earlier in this post) so you’re ready for Monday. It’s going to be fun, and eyeopening, and we’re also going to give everybody that comes full access to one of our online courses that will help keep you learning after the Webinar. All it’s all, it’s all free (no credit cards, no sales pitch, etc.), so come join us on Monday.

Here’s wishing you a safe, indoor weekend, and we’ll catch you next week. :)


We wanted to do something for all us photographers who are stuck inside with limited shooting opportunities, and so we’re making the Webinars we normally do just for KelbyOne members, available to everyone, everywhere for free until this awful virus is behind us. There’s no credit card required, no sales pitch, etc. — just a bunch of photographers getting together to work on all that stuff we said we’re going to do “once we have some spare time.” :-)

Check out the video for the type of stuff we’re going to do, but we’re kicking it off today at 11:00 AM ET with a Webinar on how to prep your images for printing at a photo lab. I’m going to cover everything from scratch, from the start all the way through uploading the file to the lab (it’s all easier than you’d think), and with now being such a great time to catch up on stuff like this, I think this will help a lot, and you’ll have some fun.

I’m even going to give away the print we’re sending to the lab during the Webinar to someone watching live today.

I’ll be taking your questions live during the Webinar, and we’ve got a lot more coming, so keep an eye out here, or follow me on social (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) and please tell your photography friends as everyone is welcome.

WHO: Me and you
WHAT: Free photography Webinars
WHEN: The first one is today (Friday) at 11:00 AM ET
WHY: Cause we’re all stuck inside, and this is something we can do to help. :)
Keep your hands washed, look out for one another, stay healthy, and we’ll see you online later today. :)

Here’s to a safe, healthy weekend for everybody.


Today, during the opening keynote at Adobe’s MAX Conference in Las Vegas, it’s a day of big announcements, new features, new applications, and just tons of cool stuff! Here’s a brief look at what’s coming:

Above Left: The Lightroom we know and love is now rebranded as “Lightroom Classic” – Above Right: There’s a new Lightroom in town, it’s branded as “Lightroom CC” — it’s Lightroom for “the new generation” (my words, borrowed from Pepsi I think). 

Let’s Start with Lightroom
Lots going on in the world of Lightroom, including an update (which includes a HUGE speed boost in performance, and new features); plus there’s a whole new version of Lightroom!

Today we’re releasing the new issue of Lightroom magazine (Issue #34) published 10-times a year for KelbyOne members, and our cover story is from Lightroom super brain Rob Sylvan, and he goes over the new “Ecosystem” for Lightroom; looks at the new Lightroom CC (who it’s for, and how it works), and goes over the new features in Lightroom Classic. It’s over on our sister site:

Photoshop CC gets a BIG update!
Lots of new features in Photoshop CC — lots! (one of my favorites is shown above; the ability to easily edit 360° panos taken with those new 360° cameras that are becoming hot right now), but there’s lots of great stuff throughout, including the ability to open sync’d images from Lightroom from right within Photoshop; a new Quick Share option to get your images directly from Photoshop to social media; big improvements to the Pen tool (including a new Pen tool); Type enhancements; lots of great Brush Stuff; a big new masking feature in Camera RAW, and on and on.

Live “What’s Next in Photoshop and Lightroom” Webcast
Today at 11:00 AM EDT I’m doing a LIVE Webcast for KelbyOne Members to answer questions about all the new Lightroom changes; talk about the new Photoshop stuff, and chat live with members from around the world.

Here’s the link to watch and join in the discussion.

NEW COURSE: “Get Up To Speed FAST on the new Photoshop CC 2018”
Today at KelbyOne we’re releasing my full-length course on all the new features in Photoshop CC 2018, to help our members get up to speed fast! Check out the member’s dashboard today for direct access to this brand new class — there’s a LOT of cool stuff to learn about this major update to Photoshop CC.

It’s an exciting day to be a Lightroom, Photoshop or Adobe Creative Cloud user (lots of new stuff for CC subscribers today, including new applications and updates).

Don’t forget ‘The Grid” at 4:00 PM today with my guest, wedding photographer Justin Wojtczak
It’s going to be a great show – lots to share and talk about. Here’s the link.

See you online today!



My guest this week on “The Grid” was the most awesome dog photographer anywhere, Kaylee Greer (who, by the way, has the cover shot on the new National Geographic magazine “Nat Geo Wild“). On the episode (you can watch it above), she answers viewer’s questions; shares her techniques for dealing with hard to photograph dogs (and tougher to deal with dog owners), and well…she was just awesome. You will love it and learn a lot (she shares some great tricks, too!).

Kaylee is here at our studio filming another online course for KelbyOne that should be released in about four to six weeks. Her first class was such a huge hit, and she shared everything from lighting to post processing, but she’s got so much more to share, so we were out on location with her today filming her next class and we’re super psyched to be bringing more Kaylee your way.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday (well, I sure hope). :)