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Last night to celebrate the launch of my latest book, ‘The Travel Photography Book’ I did a live Webcast packed with travel photography tips, along with a deal from my publisher that is truly mind-blowing – 50% off on the print edition of the book (that makes it only $15 for a brand new book, which is just crazy – and they are honoring that deal until Midnight tonight Pacific time. Here’s the link to order your copy).

Anyway, the live Webcast was a ton of fun, and I shared lots of travel photography tips; you can watch it right here (below).

Hope you find those tips helpful (and I would love it if you would spread the word about this incredible 1-day only deal from Rockynook (my book’s publisher). Here’s that link again, ya know…just in case. :)

Have a great weekend, everybody! :)


I get this question a lot, and so I answered it in a 60-second Photoshop Friday tip, and technically I should have shared this last Friday, but ya, stuff got in the way and all that. Anyway, here it is below:

So, in short – Opacity lowers anything and everything on the layer; Fill controls just any pixels on the layer, so if you add a Layer Effect, like a drop shadow or Inner Glow, and you lower the Fill amount, the layer effect is still 100% visible. Anyway, hope you found that helpful.

BTW: The new course I’m referring to is my brand new just-released (last week) Mastering Layers Course. Here’s a few of the comments from folks who have watched it:

“Doggone it @ScottKelby ! Every time I think I know most everything about something, like layers, I watch your course just in case and 5 minutes in you teach me, or remind me, something new that helps me make better images! And you make me laugh while you are doing it – You so crazy!”

“Just when I thought I was know almost everything about layers, I watch one of these courses and learn something new. I have to admit, though. One of my favorite moments of this course was when @ScottKelby made the cow noise in the blending mode part of the class. I laughed so hard! Scott, you are the greatest teacher ever! Thanks so much for making learning so fun!”

“Great class. I have never been all that confident with my knowledge of layers, so this is a good review.”

I hope you’ll give it a look. Have a kick butt Monday everybody! :)


P.S. Today I’m teaching my “Lightroom Crash Course” Pre-conference session for The Lightroom Conference which officially kicks off tomorrow. It’s not too late to sign up. Tickets, class schedule, instructor list, and more at this link.

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Grid” we did one our most popular episodes (an idea from our friend Terry White), where we ask our viewers to send in an unedited photo (like the Raw “before” photo seen below sent in by Fredrik Brettman). The photo is solid – very well composed, it’s a great subject, there’s just a ton to like, but when you shoot in RAW, you usually get a very flat-looking photo to start with, but as you’ll see in the short video below – you don’t have to settle for what comes out of the camera. That’s why we have Lightroom and Photoshop – to bring images like Fredrik captured to life.

In this clip from ‘The Grid” below I take you from the Raw image (above left) to the after image on the right, and you see every step of the process along the way. The video starts 9-minutes and 21-seconds into the show – right where where I start editing the Raw image. It’s most Lightroom/Camera Raw, with some cool, but very easy, moves in Photoshop, and then an optional move at the end. Hope you’ll check it out below:

See, that’s why we need post-processing. That’s why learning this stuff is so important, but once you learn it, it’s just so much fun watching what develops.

Hope you found that informative, helpful, fun, and here’s wishing you a great, safe, healthy, happy weekend! :)


P.S. Don’t forget – the Lightroom Conference kicks off next week – 2 full days (plus a pre-conference “Lightroom Crash Course” the day before), with two simultaneous training tracks, with an all-star team of instructors, and you get the entire conference archived for an entire year. Here’s the link to the full conference schedule, more info, and tickets (get yours name and save a bundle). 

This is a great little tip, on a cool little feature I’ll bet most folks didn’t even know was in Photoshop, and it’s from our friend and KelbyOne instructor, British Superstar Dave Clayton. Check it out:

Thanks, Dave!

It’s good to be back!

My holiday break is over (and it was epic), but it’s great to be back in the saddle here with all of you once again. I’ve got a lot of awesome stuff planned for 2022 and I’m so glad to have you stopping by now and then. Lots of fun stuff to share this year. :)

Here’s wishing you a great Monday, and a safe, happy, healthy year to come! :)


I’m very excited about this collaboration with the creative team at On1 (maker’s of awesome plug-ins for Lightroom and Photoshop), and they are doing a 50% off deal right now on my signature collection (just in time for Christmas, and it’s an instant download, so no waiting on shipping).

Here’s how they describe my new collection (and it’s more than just presets):

“ON1 has partnered with world-renowned photographer Scott Kelby to bring you his new Signature Bundle! It’s an ON1-exclusive featuring over 70 of his best ON1 presets, 20 beautiful textures, and 20 high-resolution skies along with his most popular video course “10 Essential Tips Every Landscape Photographer Should Know.”

Whether you’re using ON1 Photo RAW 2022 or Effects 2022, this creative collection is an essential addition to your ON1 editing toolkit.”

I know a lot of you already have one or more of On1’s awesome plug-ins, and if you do, I think you’ll super-dig this bundle (especially when it’s on sale like this). I hope you’ll check it out. :)

Here’s the link to get the 50% off deal.

Have a great Holiday week (technically, I’m on vacation this week, but I wanted to share this today since it just came out).

Merry Christmas, everybody! :)


This one answers a question I was asked during the Portrait Photography Conference this week, but before we get to the video below that shows you the simple technique (it’s part what you do in the shoot, and part what you do in Photoshop), but first I to thank all the photographers, and the instructors, from all over who came together for a very special three-days. The conference was a huge success, and we’re so grateful to everyone who attended, who supported us, and who made the whole experience an awful lot of fun. :)

OK, onto the tutorial (below) – give it a quick watch if you’ve got a chance.

Hope you found that helpful. Here’s wishing you a great weekend, and I hope to see you here again next week. :)


P.S. Want to watch something really fascinating and fun this weekend? Check out Ramtin Kazami’s fantastic course on using Enhancing Landscapes Using Photoshop’s Color Tools. I put the official course trailer below. Here’s the link – you’ll learn a ton in this one class – he is SO good!