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It’s a tradition of mine each year to list some of the things I’m thankful for during the year, and while I usually post this on Thanksgiving Day, I got a bit behind (with all the food and well…food), but I’m thankful that you’ll forgive me for being late.

I recently saw a thing online where you were supposed to describe yourself in three words, and when I thought about what my three words would be, the first word that came to mind was “grateful.” I know what a blessed and charmed life I’ve led, and I’m so aware of it and genuinely thankful every day (in case you were wondering, the other two words would have been “Cheese” and “Cheese.”). I’m also thankful I have this blog to put my feelings down on paper (well, in words anyway), and today I’m grateful I get to share another 100 things I’m thankful for with you.

I’m thankful….

  1. anytime the refs actually get the call right.

2. that the 2nd season of Ted Lasso was nearly as good as the first (and I’m thankful that there’s a Season 3 coming next year)

3. for the Arnold Bread Company’s line of KETO bread, hamburger and hot dog buns. They are so good and so low in carbs. Game changer taste-wise

4. for the bird-house looking device that stopped our dogs from barking at our neighbors, or a squirrel, or a leaf, or anything and everything.

5. for Saturday afternoons where we all gather around the TV to watch Alabama football (and I’m thankful that they’re in the hunt for the National Championship once again)

6. that we finally live in an area that gets Amazon same-day delivery

7. that our family has managed to stay healthy through this pandemic

8. for my wife’s mac and cheese recipe (and I know it flies in the face of my whole KETO thing, but sometimes you veer off just a bit, but then you get right back on track).

9. that a new Call of Duty War Zone map is just a couple of weeks away.

10. for this dance/music video, which I’ve watched dozens of times – it always brings tears of joy to my eyes when each of the hug when they’re done.

11. that not only would I never consider writing “100 things I’m angry about,” I could never complete it.

12. for my wife’s wonderful sense of humor. She makes me laugh every day.


The Black Friday sales are here (well, it is Black Friday), and so are a bunch of cool deals. Here’s some I dug up from around the Web, and I included our KelbyOne deal links as well (and we’d love to have you join as a member – 2022 is going to be an incredible year of learning). Anyway, on to the deals (and I’ve got a bunch!):

Gravity Backdrops are 50% Off

These are the hand-painted backdrops I use myself. They are awesome, and they are 50% Off PLUS free shipping (and they were already a deal for this level of quality).

Here’s their link.

KelbyOne Pro Memberships (our best price of the year)

If you’ve always thought of becoming a part of the KelbyOne Online Educational Community, this is the best time ever, at our best price of the year. Just $149 for a full year, full access to everything (over 800+ courses, and thousands and thousands of lessons, plus a subscription to Photoshop User magazine).

Here’s the link.

On1 Software Plugins for Lightroom & Photoshop

They’re offering 30% off across the board on their award-winning plug-ins (I use their Effects 2022, their AI Portrait 2022, and their HDR 2022. Erik uses their AI Noise big time for his astrophotography).

Here’s the link.

Get a Black Friday Deal On Some Platypod Gear!

Everybody wants some Platypod gear, and they have a bunch of Black Friday deals.

Here’s the link to their deals.

Topaz Plug-ins For Photoshop & Lightroom (and a code for better than Black Friday pricing)

Here’s a discount code you can use that will get you 15% off Topaz Labs Black Friday prices (and that should give you the lowest price I’ve ever seen on Topaz plug-ins).

The code (at checkout) is GROSTAMI but you have to use THIS LINK to get this extra 15% off double-savings deal.

Here’s some of their bundle deals: Their Image Bundle, which include Denoize AI, their absolutely killer sharpening plug-in (Kuna swears by it) and Gigapixel AI is usually $259.97, but it’s on sale for just $84.99. Their “Everything” bundle (which includes all their plug-ins) is normally $559.96, but for Black Friday it’s $169.98.

B&H Photo Black Friday Deals

And they have a BUNCH of them!!! The best camera store in the world!

Here’s the link.

Flash and Lighting Deals From Westcott

They’ve got their deals separated into handy little categories, and they’ve got lots of great gear (I use their FJ-400s strobes and their FJ 80 flashes, along with their Rapid Box series of soft boxes for flash and studio lights. Great stuff and insanely good prices).

Here’s the link to their deals

50% Off All DXO Plug-ins (including the Nik Collection)

That’s one heck of a Black Friday deal, and some great plug-ins.

Here’s the link.

Black Friday deals at Photo Lab

If you’ve been wanting to make a photo book, or some Holiday cards, this is for you! (Expires tonight).

Here’s the link

Photo Mechanic Black Friday sales

It’s the “draw full size previews” champ, and choice of working sports photographers everywhere (I bought it myself, and use it daily). The deals are below.

Here’s the link.

Our “Holiday Gear Guide” Episode of “The Grid” is Here!

If you’re not sure what to buy the photographer on your Holiday Gift List, here’s a whole show packed full of ideas, with me and my guest Terry White (who always has gift ideas nobody else is covering). You can watch the episode below – tons of great ideas, from stocking stuffers on up. 

Much more coming next Monday!

Next Monday is “Cyber Monday” and Larry Becker and I are hosting our annual “Super Cyber” 10-minute only deals live broadcast at the top of every hour. We asked some of our friends in the industry to offer a crazy insane deals on their gear but just for 10-minutes only, and their deals are just ludicrous. More details here on Monday, but make sure you don’t miss it – the deals they offer are just nuts!

Have a great Holiday weekend everybody. Happy Shopping!


It’s #TravelTuesday again and I, Dave Williams, am coming at you from on board the MS Norröna bound for Iceland.

I just finished a week in the Faroe Islands and it was intense! The Faroe Islands lie in the North Atlantic, between the UK and Iceland. They experience the full force of the Atlantic, with nothing at all but open sea all the way down to Antarctica. The wind and rain is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced and that has taught me a valuable lesson about photography.

Always keep your options open.

Sometimes we make plans to shoot a particular subject or location and centre a day or even a few days around getting it done. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t happen. I’m used to this, having come from the arena of fast-paced travel photography before having the freedom I have now, but it’s still a very valuable lesson.

I’d summoned a mountain (by driving) on several occasions with the idea to shoot the mountains rising out of an early morning fog, and in anticipation of this I’d been checking the temperate and humidity forecasts with my fingers crossed. It just didn’t happen, but I had a backup plan. In the opposite direction that I would have shot the fog, I overlooked Kolafjordur. The azure blue water carried in on the Gulf Stream was the foundation out of which gargantuan, dramatic cliffs rose and formed towering mountains.

Rather than walk away from the situation, I fell to the backup plan. I was able to take a stash of images away from the location, albeit not exactly the images I’d planned. It’s all down to having that ‘plan B’ ready to step in when necessary.

Team, always make sure you have options. Have a plan B every time you shoot so if plan A fails, you can walk away with something. We can strive to attain all we’d set out under plan A and, if it doesn’t work, wouldn’t have known unless we’d tried. Plan B will afford us the safety net to ensure we achieve something and to ensure some form of success to keep driving us forwards.

You can watch my progress via my Instagram story, and I’ll catch you all next week.

Much love


It’s #TravelTuesday again and I, Dave Williams, am writing this to you from under the sea! I’m in the eurotunnel – a 25 mile undersea tunnel that connects us Brits to mainland Europe. This is the first big part of my ad-van-ture and I plan to wake up in Kinderdijk, Netherlands in the morning when this post goes live. 

Today I want to talk to you about the fear I felt in changing my entire life in order to do this and hopefully inspire you to be brave. 

I’ve been a photographer for years but I was working alongside a full-time ‘regular’ job while I built my photography business. The regular salary was secure and would arrive in my bank account every month. Running your own business isn’t quite like that in most cases. 

I knew that if I was going to quit the day job and shoot for a living, rather than as my side hustle, I’d lose that security. I agonised over it for a few years, constantly telling colleagues that I was going to quit. It got to the point that I’m sure they didn’t actually believe me when I eventually did it! 

The process before that is the bit where I had to take all the thoughts, the niggles, the worst case scenarios, and everything else that was running through my head and try my beat to organise it and rationalise it, adding an element of bravery into the mix. We live our lives largely looking at our fears and the things that might go wrong and, if I’m totally honest, there is an element of risk still present despite all the planning and preparation I’ve done here. But if I didn’t have some bravery to throw into this mix I would never be here, under the sea in a metal tube moving towards France at 100mph and totally changing my future. 

So that’s my message for this week. Be brave. Consider everything, assess risk, but be brave in doing so. Sometimes the thing you really want that may appear to be just outside arms teach is achievable with a little bravery.

Much love


(and yes, this was entirely written and uploaded whilst under the sea. 2021 is making a comeback!)

Last week Adobe’s own Terry White did an excellent live webcast about what’s new in this recent update to Lightroom. Terry is so great at this stuff, and I wanted to share it with you, so I embedded his Webcast from Adobe Live right here below so you can check it out. It’s super informative and there’s lots of great stuff in there. So worth checking out. 

Thanks, Terry. So well done (as always). :) 

Here’s wishing you a fantastic Monday (hey, it could absolutely happen). :)


P.S. Over on my other blog,, we’re talking about “How to cancel your Adobe subscription.” What? What! It’s the good, and bad, and well…it’s just those two things.