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The Grid: Blind Photo Critiques | Ep. 475

These critiques may be blind, but they should also be eye opening! Join Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna for another round of photo critiques to help sharpen your camera and processing skills.

New KelbyOne Course: What to Shoot When There is Nothing to Shoot Part 2 with Jeff Leimbach

There’s always something to photograph when you’re with Jeff Leimbach! Following up from his first class on this topic, Jeff shares even more ideas for what to shoot, new tips to help you have fun while you improve your photography, creative ways to use your camera, more places to consider photographing, and wraps up with ways to get motivated and keep shooting, even when there’s nothing to shoot.

Securing Your Gear On Shoots with Jefferson Graham | The Grid Ep. 473

How often have you been on location for photography and you can’t focus on doing the thing you’re there to do, take photos, because you’re constantly worrying about your camera bag and all the gear in it? Join Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna, and their guest Jefferson Graham as the discuss securing photo gear on location!

New KelbyOne Course: Introduction to Toy Photography with Dave DeBaeremaeker

Unlock story telling with toy photography! Join Dave DeBaeremaeker to learn how to get started photographing toys indoors and out, using the gear you already have, to bring concepts from your imagination to life. Dave takes you through the gear he uses, considerations for choosing toys as subjects, tips on posing, and demonstrates his workflow from shooting the scene through post processing to creating the final image. By the end of the class you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and start telling your stories.

Tips For Making Great Portraits with Lenworth Johnson | The Grid Ep. 472

On this week’s episode of The Grid, Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna are joined by portrait photographer Lenworth Johnson! They share their time-tested tips and advice for creating portraits that are intriguing and tell a story. Check it out for some info you won’t want to miss!

New KelbyOne Course: Architecture Photography Basics with Jeff Leimbach

If you’re considering going into architectural photography, then this is the class for you! Join Jeff Leimbach as he lays out the fundamentals of his process for capturing, editing, and delivering finished files to his clients. In this class you’ll learn about the essential gear you’ll want to have with you, the key lenses to consider adding to your kit (and why), the settings and steps Jeff follows for capturing the raw images used to create the final photos, and his process for delivering those files to the client. By the end of the class you’ll have a firm grasp of the basics of commercial architectural photography and how to start applying those fundamentals to residential, real estate, and other related fields.

Blind Photo Critiques with Scott Kelby & Erik Kuna | The Grid Ep. 471

What’s your favorite Wednesday in May? If you said “Blind Critique Wednesday,” then you’ve answered correctly! Check out the latest round of blind photo critiques from Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna on this week’s episode of The Grid.

New KelbyOne Course: Creative Portraits with Everyday Objects with Mary Bel

Learn how to incorporate your personality into your portraits and let it shine through the camera! Join Mary Bel as she walks you through how to take everyday materials and turn them into something different that can give your photography a beautiful elevated feeling. Making something from nothing is super fun and completely attainable, and by the end of the class, you’re sure to take away inspiration, ideas, and tips that you can apply to your own creative journey.

Avoid Misconceptions Learning Photography with Guest Mark Silber | The Grid Ep. 470

This week Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna are joined by photographer Marc Silber to talk about common misconceptions about learning photography! Marc brings years of experience as a photographer and educator to the discussion as he, Scott, and Erik hit these ideas head on and help beginners with their advice.

New KelbyOne Course: Photoshop for Beginners with Scott Kelby

If you’re new to Photoshop then this is the class for you! Join Scott Kelby as he takes you through the 12 essential techniques and concepts that you need to know to get started using Photoshop. Once you’ve got these under your belt you’ll be ready to head off into any Photoshop direction you choose.

In this class you’ll learn the essentials for opening and navigating around photos, using panels, using the most common tools, making selections, removing things from Photoshop, using brushes, using filters, and much more. These are exactly the techniques Scott would tell a friend to get them up and running with the most powerful image editor ever created, and by the end of the class you’ll feel confident to start diving deeper into more advanced techniques.

Photowalks & Exercising Photo Skills w/ Jefferson Graham | The Grid Ep. 469

This week, Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna are joined on The Grid by photowalk expert and former USA Today tech columnist Jefferson Graham to talk about photowalks and putting those photography skills to work to keep them in shape!

New KelbyOne Course: Travel Photography: A Photographer’s Guide to LA with Jefferson Graham

Learn how to photograph LA like a pro! Join Jefferson Graham as he takes you on a tour of the most iconic spots in and around Los Angeles to photograph. You’ll find out how to get to the best spots for epic travel and street photography, where to shoot the Hollywood sign, where to go downtown, insights to photographing the most iconic buildings and landmarks, and even a look at surf photography. There’s no shortage of subjects and locations, and Jefferson helps you avoid the most common mistakes and leaves you brimming with ideas for your next trip to the city that launched the movie industry.