The Grid Blind Photo Critiques: Perfecting Your Aviation Shots

The Grid Blind Photo Critiques: Perfecting Your Aviation Shots

Join Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna in this critique session as we dive deep into the world of aviation photography. From the allure of dusk shots to the pitfalls of over-lighting, we explore how to truly capture the essence of aircraft. Discover the importance of sculpting light, the challenges of nighttime static shots, and the nuances of post-processing. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or a budding photographer, this session offers invaluable insights to elevate your shots. Don’t miss our highlight critique of a standout image that truly soars above the rest!

New KelbyOne Course: Making Your Skies Look Fantastic in Photoshop with Scott Kelby

Have you ever taken a photograph only to find that the sky has problems? Or, have you taken an outdoor portrait but the sky doesn’t look all that interesting? In this class with Scott Kelby you’ll learn how to make the sky look amazing in all kinds of situations. From taking the sky you have and enhancing it to repairing it to completely replacing it from scratch. By the end of the class you’ll have a complete toolkit of techniques for making your skies look their best in all your photos.

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