I’m Back From New York, and Next Week, It’s The Lightroom Conference

No rest for the weary. LOL!! But I love it! It was an exhilarating week last week in New York, where Erik Kuna and I led a group of 12 photographers through the most photogenic parts of the city during our travel photography workshop. But now, we’re in full prep mode for next week’s online two-day, two-track “Lightroom Conference” (tickets and more details here).

Above: one day, we rented a classic 1960s Checker Cab, and we found a street that looked lost in time, and when you put the two together, it looked like we were shooting on a movie set.

Below: here’s a behind-the-scenes shot – that’s right, it was shot with an iPhone. and here’s it sitting on Mr. Kuna’s TripodPro foldable iPhone tripod.

Photo by Erik Kuna.

And I aimed and triggered the shot using Apple’s “Camera Remote” app on my Apple Watch (as seen here). That is just one of the cool shoots, one afternoon (we did so many shoots in so many different locations with different subjects). It was a lot of work and an awful lot of fun. Lots more photos to share soon. :)

Next Week: the Lightroom Conference is here!

It’s one of our biggest online conferences each year, and this year’s kicks off next week; where on Monday, I’m teaching a pre-conference session called “Lightroom for Absolute Beginners,” followed on Tuesdays by two full days of training, with two full tracks packed with incredible Lightroom class sessions taught by some of the very best, most talented instructors in the business!

We would love to have you with us for the conference (and the pre-conference session the day before). Here’s the link to grab your ticket today at the early-bird discount price. Hope you can make it. 🙂

Have a great weekend, everybody, and we’ll catch you next week at the conference. 🙂


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