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It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always. Today I write this post from the Faroe Islands where I arrived with my van just yesterday morning. I’m here for a week and so far I’ve taken photos in just one location.

As photographers we are largely at the mercy of nature. Some of us have the luxury of shooting indoors but for people like me who shoot outdoors, we rely on the circumstances being just right. I decided to travel in the this van of mine for that very reason. I am now far less limited than I was before and if the circumstances aren’t I right I can simply wait until they are.

Last night I had planned to shoot the setting sun from atop a mountain overlooking the incredible Faroese fjords, but nature had other ideas. As I climbed the mountain (in the van) a storm closed in fast. My plans had been completely hampered and nature was winning. The howling gales and rains offered the full force of the Atlantic Ocean to me, with nothing else to stop it between here and Antarctica. It just wasn’t to be and I had to move to a safer and more comfortable location, suspending my plans.

The weather around here is deemed to be ‘Subpolar Oceanic Climate.’ That translates loosely to mean ‘anything can happen.’

So I find myself here, on the island of Vágur. I’m waiting for a break in this crazy weather and I’m overlooking the waterfall I want to shoot today when, with a bit of luck, the clouds will part and let that golden light through.

We are at the mercy of nature. But we strive to succeed and show the world through our eyes.

Much love


It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here to lay down a little inspiration all about proper preparation.

I’m now getting ready for my departure in the van, which will see me on the road for at least three months. The things I’m doing this week are critical to ensure my van is ready for an action-packed mission to take in as many Nordic countries as I can this winter, as well as spending time well beyond the Arctic circle. I’m servicing the van and installing new components that will make life easier (and warmer) for me. That got me thinking.

There have been many times throughout my photographic career that I’ve made mistakes simply by not being prepared. There are mistakes we can work our way out of, and mistakes we can’t. Misplaced memory cards, uncharged batteries, snapped slings, or forgotten lenses – there are so many levels of unpreparedness to consider.

When we work on a paid project rather than a personal project it can make a huge difference to our credibility and our future success. Being prepared for all our life throws at us, both personally and professionally, makes all the difference. If we prepare ourselves we stand a much greater chance of success.

This week as well as bringing the van up to speed, I’ll be checking, cleaning and charging all my gear just as I would have when I shot weddings and had a job on. If a shot presents itself or a writing opportunity comes in, I’ll be ready. I hope you will be, too.

When starting out as a pro photographer and turning a hobby into a business, this is crucial. There are tons of resources out there to help, including an array of KelbyOne classes, to help us get on track and stay on track.

Have a think about how prepared you are and see if there’s anything you can do to up yourself game.

Much love


It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here again! I write to you today from the top of the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I’m waiting patiently for the gale force wind and sideways torrential rain to stop so I can walk a trail and fire off a few shots as part of my Due North series. It’s testing my patience, if I’m being honest. Hopefully in the morning (Tuesday) I’ll have a. gap in the weather that I can make the most of.

Today I want to touch on the subject of Instagrammable locations, and by that I mean locations made famous by hitting the Explore section of Instagram so often. In particular, I’ll be talking about the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

Made famous following Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets, when Harry and Ron are flying in the blue Ford Anglia when the Hogwarts Express arrives behind them, this location attracts droves of tourists wanting to see the train come around the tracks.

This location, like so many, is feeling the effects of being made somehow famous. From the photo you may think it’s a rather solitary location, and you’d likely think the same if you saw a BTS image I took on my phone: –

When I show a pano from the location you’ll see that the truth of the matter is quite different.

(Apologies for blotching out the tripod – it is a pre-produciton model and it’s still super secret)

You’ll see that there’s actually quite a horde of spectators waiting for the Jacobite Steam Train to pass by, and I’ve had to crop the edges to ensure the faces of the people behind me can’t be seen. There’s probably 60 people, and this is a weekday during school time.

Instagram and other such influences have made otherwise out-of-the-way, tranquil locations become very popular. It’s a catch-22 for us, however. We want to be the only people to know about such a place, but we wouldn’t necessarily know about it if it hadn’t been made ‘instagram famous’. My personal thoughts are that we should embrace it, enjoy it, share the space, and shoot the best and most unique image we can.

Much love

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always with a little something from the world of travel, photography, and Photoshop.

Over here in the UK, things are turning more and more “normal” as we move out of the age of the ‘rona. Here, I am with International wedding photographer extraordinaire, Peter Treadway, and KelbyOne instructor Dave Clayton.

The show was missing a few players, particularly noteworthy being the American contingent, but most major brands were represented. Front and centre at the entrance was Nikon, with the UK and Nordic branch showing off the latest tech and the Nikon School demonstrating techniques, and as you walk through the aisles there’s a clear emphasis on space and hygiene throughout.

The queues at the Canon stand were ever-present, with a couple of demo models of the new EOS R3 available to try out. I had to do it, despite shooting Nikon, and I have to say I was very impressed with what I saw. The 30fps continuous and eye control for focus point selection are the key features, and very impressive they both are.

The Photography Show and The Video Show are placing a clear emphasis on education, with a lot of live stages available both paid and free, which is great because although the exhibitors are there to sell gear there’s a much larger audience out there wanting to learn how to best use that gear to make their investment worthwhile. I was fortunate enough to be speaking twice in the Masterclass Theatre, then on the Editing and Post Production Stage, and I loved how receptive the audience was and how, again, everything felt like it was going back to normal.

The return of live events is great to see, and here’s to many more!

Much love


#TravelTuesday has come around again and I, Dave Williams, am here as always! My departure date is getting closer and closer and I’m busy preparing and testing for my mission in Kofifernweh. I’ve been making minor adjustments and I’m happy to report that the turbocharger is now fully operational again. But that’s not what I’m here for – I’m here to talk pixels. More specifically, gifting them!

With a special time of year approaching it’s time for us to get thinking about what to do in the way of gifts. A random gift from Amazon may solve the issue of being empty-handed, however we can use our skills as photographers and artists to give a gift that really has meaning instead.

A portrait photographer can gift a portrait, a landscape photographer can gift a landscape, and a photographer with too many to choose from can gift a calendar. We have so many fans amongst our family and close friends that offer constant praise and act as personal cheerleaders to our growing photography skills that we could think smart and offer something bespoke that they would really love.

Having seen the headline of this post you could have very easily guessed what it was about and you’ve just read it, so surely there can’t be a lot left to say. Well, here comes the curveball!

Gifting photos to promote our business and to open doors is very, very effective. I’ve told the story of how I shot inside St Pauls Catherdal in London with a tripod – a feat only ever achieved by the BBC when they record and broadcast ceremonies – and it was all down to the promise of a print.

I got in touch with the marketing manager (who is always a good person to start with) and ensured I addressed them personally, by name. I asked very nicely what I wanted to ask without beating around the bush or wasting their time, offering a brief explanation of the circumstances, the intended result, and who I was. At the end as well as the usual line of ‘you can have copies of the images’ I added, ‘and I would love to print one for your office.’

That offer of a print, or the surprise gift of a print, is a fantastic way to market ourselves, make ourselves memorable, and form a lasting relationship. It’s also the best tool for leverage!

Short but sweet, but valuable, that’s todays post. Honestly worth its weight in gold!

Much love


This week for #TravelTuesday, we’re going to sleuth around and learn to easily and quickly find any images we may feel have been stolen and used online. I’m Dave Williams, and every week I’m here for Travel Tuesday with Dave. Let’s crack on!

I’ve written recently about the problem with image theft and the problems it causes. In the post, I mentioned reverse image searches. This is a search function incorporated well by Google into their search engine, but it’s particularly well done with the Google app. Here’s an image I took from Cape Canaveral a couple of years ago, having been told about the spot by Erik “the Rocketman” Kuna.

The reason I’m choosing to search this image is because I know it’s out there on the internet, so Google should be able to find it wherever it exists. I said in the intro that there’s a very easy way to do this in the Google app, and here it is:

First up, fire up the app.

At the right side of the search bar, there’s a camera icon. Go ahead and tap that.

Google Lens will open up. This is a very smart searching tool so I encourage you to try it out, but what we’ll do instead is change the mode to the image search by tapping the framed image beside the shutter/search button.

We now have our camera roll, and from here we can choose the image we want to search. I’ve selected the image and this screen came back to me:

The top match is presented, along with the option to “See more.” This top result is from The Express, a British newspaper.

Now we can simply go over the results to make sure any use of our images complies with any permissions or licenses we’ve granted. It’s as simple as that!

Much love