It’s Finally Here! It’s “Worldwide Photo Walk” Day!

Here’s some “Day of Walk” stuff from me and the crew:

1. Our hashtag is #WWPW2022

On Twitter, follow @kelbyone for updates and photos and get updates on the walks worldwide. Please use the hashtag #WWPW2022, and tag your images with that hashtag as well.

2. Upload any cool shots you’re taking today to share them with the Community

We’ve created a worldwide gallery where you can upload (from your Photo Walk account page) to share your images with the world, and there’s a checkbox there if you want to enter the image into our photo competition.

3. It’s not too late to help an orphan. It’s a great thing to do today!

It’s not too late to make a small donation to the Springs of Hope Orphanage (it’s the social mission of our photo walk each year), and this week, we had our first-ever $1,000 donation come in, which is just amazing (you are a hero Bill M!!!), and lots of folks donating $100, even $250, and we’re so grateful, but all you have to give (if possible – it’s totally optional) is just $1. It all adds up so much, and 100% of your donation goes directly to the orphanage itself. So, even if you can’t do a Photo Walk today with us, you can still just donate a buck. Thank you! It means a lot to us, and them.

4. Order your official Worldwide Photo Walk T-shirt

You can still order this momento to remember and celebrate your walk, and of course, 100% of the profits go directly to the orphanage, and this is a great way to show your support — here’s the link (plus, the shirt design is really cool — high-five to our own Margie Rosenstein, who comes up with these t-shirt designs each year. She is awesome!)

5. Don’t forget to share your Group Shots!

If you take a group shot of the folks on your photo walk, please share it on my Facebook page so I can reshare them on Monday there and here on the blog. I so love seeing and sharing these. Seeing these from all over the world is one of the most awesome parts of all this – seeing everybody together out shooting and making new images and new friends. I love it!

6. Most importantly, be careful – play it safe – and look out for each other during the walk!

Keep an out eye for your fellow walkers, and don’t walk with your eyes glued to your viewfinder. Be aware of your surroundings, car, bus, bike traffic, and other walkers, too. Safety is the most important thing. Also, don’t go into scary-looking areas, traipsing down deserted alleys or anyplace that looks unsavory, and don’t wander off on your own. Don’t get distracted by shooting – you don’t want to bump into or trip over anything. We want you to have a safe, fun, healthy, memorable day wherever you’re photo walking today. :)

Thanks, everybody — it’s going to be a great Photo Walk day, and we’re going to raise a lot of money for some awesome kids, and that is something to celebrate! :)



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