Epic Skye

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here! This week I’m writing from Skye, Scotland, where I’m in the company of Scott, Erik, Fernando Santos, Paul Kober and Jeff Kelby. Because of other commitents there are some absent Team Epic members but the trip is Epic, nonetheless.

This trip has, as you will know, incorporated Scott’s Edinburgh walk for his Worldwide Photowalk and we all had a great time meeting everybody and talking shop. The walk, as well as this entire trip, has reaffirmed the belief I have that photography should be a social experience and we aren’t in competition with other photographers. It’s a unique industry and we all need to back each other, sharing knowledge and having a great time along the way.

One such example of how simple it can be to help other photographers comes from our sunset shoot at Neist Point Lighthouse where shutter speeds and ND filters were being shared, along with shooting spots for the optimum view. Here’s a shot of Chicky Nando right before the fog rolled in and gave us an awesome atmosphere for the lighthouse shoot, enveloping the mountainous sea cliffs in a shroud of fog bathed gently by the light of the setting sun.

It’s not always about the serious, calculated shots. Sometimes the social side of photography can be incorporated with the fun of just getting in amongst a herd of Hairy Heelan’ Coos (which is Scottish for hairy highland cows) and firing off some shots for the sake of memories.

We photographers should share more and stick together, meeting new, like-minded friends and forming epic teams of our own. And with that I hope you have a great Tuesday.

Much love


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