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I'm back from an amazing week in Orlando, and I just had a blast! Here's quick recap: I'm happy to report that the crutches didn't slow me down at all---especially since they arranged for me to have a little powered scooter to get me around the convention center. It was pretty quick too, and I was reprimanded several times for doing donuts and zig-zagging through the halls. We had two video crews going non-stop during the event, and we're putting together a special "Taste of Photoshop World" online training class for, with training segments from a number of different sessions, and highlights from some of the events. But here's the cool thing: all NAPP members will get a special code so they can take the class for free! (not just members who attended Photoshop World---all NAPP members around the world). I'll let you…

Hi Gang: I'm kind of up to my ears here at Photoshop World, so I don't really have a blog post this morning (which is why I'm posting so late). I've got a 10:45 am class, so I'm preparing for the class, and that sort of thing, so I'll try to ping back to you guys tomorrow. In the meantime, don't forget to check J-bon's live blog from Photoshop World, right here. Also, don't miss's daily video blogs from the show, including an quick interview with Adobe VP John Loiacono on Lightroom 2.0 Public Beta, and a video clip of Adobe's CS4 Sneak Peek from the Photoshop World opening keynote. P.S. I saw a number of comments, and posts on other people's blogs who thought my PageMaker 7.0 post from April 1st, was an April Fool's Joke. It wasn't. Here's the link---see for…

Today Adobe announced the release of a free public beta version of Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 (available for free download right now from and during this morning's opening keynote at the Photoshop World Conference and Expo (featuring Adobe VP John Loiacono), the 2,500+ attendees will get the first glimpse of Lightroom 2.0 direct from Adobe's own Lightroom team. To learn more about Lightroom, visit NAPP's Lighroom 2.0 Learning Center, or visit Photoshop Product Manager John Nack's Adobe blog.

Just wanted you guys to know that NAPP (The National Association of Photoshop Professionals) has just released a free Lightroom 2.0 Public Beta learning center, with loads of videos (from Matt and I) on all the coolest new features in Lightroom 2.0. Matt and I did a short intro video discussing some of the features, and some things you might find interesting about the beta, and besides all the individual videos we did on the new features, RC has a complete listing of all the new features, and we've got some Q&As, System Requires, and lots of links to more Lightroom 2.0 news. Here's the link to NAPP"s Lightroom Learning Center.

With the release of Lightroom 2.0 Public Beta, I'm excited to announce that Kelby Training has just released a brand new online Lightroom 2.0 training course by non other than Matt Kloskowski (my Photoshop User TV co-host, Photoshop World Instructor, Bestselling Author, and host of the popular Lightroom Killer Tips weekly podcast). This new class is designed to get you up and running fast on all the new features just introduced in Lightroom 2.0 public beta. So, if you're already signed up with the online subscription training, click here to go take Matt's Class, and if you're not, here's a link to his class with all the details.