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BREAKING: The Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE Tour Lighting Kit is $100 off at B&H today only!

As mentioned this morning, we’ve been doing a short 5-minute broadcast at the top of each hour today starting at 10:00am Eastern. In each one, we’ve shared some of the best Cyber Monday deals for photographers we could find, including some great ones from and NAPP :-)

Here’s the first video of the bunch (with links below it), and the rest after the jump:

Topaz 50% Off ALL PRODUCTS
Cyber Monday Awesome account just $37.95 (normally $50).

B&H with LR 4 at $99 plus Matt’s DVD

Kelby Training Online – $40 Off with promo code CYBERMON12

40% off SmugMug – must use code cybersmug

Tether Tools – 20% Off Wallee Gear for iPad

Gelakins 20% off EVERYTHING

Kelly Moore Bags: $25 off any bag (use the code BLACKFRIDAY25).

DEAL #1: Save $40 on our kick-butt Online Training for photographers You get it all ---- unlimited access to all our online training courses for an entire year (literally hundreds of classes by the best teachers anywhere) for just $159 for a full year (or $139 if you're an NAPP member). Here's the link.    DEAL #2: Join NAPP, get cool stuff  OK, that's our next deal (above) --- on joining the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). Join today and get 3-extra months added, plus our "What's new in Photoshop CS6 Training DVD" (usually $49.95) for free. This includes a subscription to Photoshop User magazine by the way (sweet!). Here's the link.  (there's also deals for member who want to renew their membership). DEAL #3: Save money on the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (coming in April to Orlando) There are two deals here…

Just a reminder... We have a ton of crazy deals going on today through Monday, November 26! Check out everything below to score huge savings on, NAPP, and Photoshop World and our Books and DVDs: Kelby Training Online (Our world-class online training for photographers) NOTE: check out the free sample video above with sample clips from our online classes > DEAL: $40 off Annual Subscription (That's just $159 for a full year, unlimited access. Just $139 for NAPP members) > Use the Promo Code: CYBERMON12  ______________________________________________________________________ Kelby Training Books (My Lightroom 4 book, my Photoshop CS6 book, Matt's Photo Compositing Secrets, Corey's Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers, RC's The HDR Book, and many more). DEAL: Take an additional 15% off + FREE Shipping Use the Promo code: FREESHIP ______________________________________________________________________   Kelby Training Tutorial DVDs (Matts Lightroom 4 Crash Course DVD, my Crush The Composition DVD, Matt's Tack Sharp…

We have a ton of crazy deals going on today through Monday, November 26! Check out everything below to score huge savings on, NAPP, and Photoshop World: $40 off Annual Subscription Promo Code: CYBERMON12    Kelby Training Books 15% off + Free Shipping Promo code: FREESHIP   Kelby Training DVDs 15% off + Free Shipping Promo code: FREESH12   NAPP & KelbyTraining.Com – Join Or Renew Combine both for only $199 Promo Code: CYBER60   NAPP – Join 3 extra months + What’s New in CS6 DVD Promo code: CYBERNEW   NAPP – Renew 6 extra months free Promo code: CYBERRENEW   Photoshop World – Orlando Call in ONLY: Bring a Buddy for $299 Promo Code: CYBERPLUSONE 800-738-8513  Online: Save an extra $50 + a Free Speed Pass Promo Code: CYBEREXTRA

These are the prints on metal (aluminum) from ImageWizards (I've talked about their prints quite a bit before—here’s the link). Even though I’ve seen other prints on metal, I’ve never seen metal prints like theirs (don’t confuse these with printing on metallic paper—this isn’t printing on paper at all—your image is printed on Aluminum [they call it AluminArte]. The detail is insane!!!). Since the detail is insane, we asked them for some insane deals. Here they are: Today through Sunday, November 11, ImageWizards is offering a couple of special deals: 20% off any size up to 24×36 for either Framed To Edge or Float Mount prints, plus FREE shipping* OR 20% off anything over 24x36 for Framed to Edge prints Just go to and enter the promo code SKB20FS in the Comments box during checkout to get your discount! Limit of 4 AluminArte metal prints per client *Standard UPS ground…

To celebrate this weekend's Worldwide Photo Walk, Kelby Training Apps are 50% off for a limited time! If you're looking for some help processing the images you capture this weekend, Kelby Training is the place to go! For under $5, you can get a class on taking your photos to the next level, from some of the best instructors out there! Head on over to to get your app now!