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I wanted to extend my congratulations to the 2007 winners of the Photoshop User Awards, the worldwide Photoshop competition (produced by the National Assn. of Photoshop Professionals).

We’re sending this year’s Best of Show winner (and a companion) to Maui, Hawaii (including roundtrip airfare, hotel, transfers, and daily expenses) for inspiration in creating the cover image for an upcoming issue of Photoshop User magazine. And this year’s Grand Prize winner is…

Gregory Carter, of Santa Ana, California for his winning entry, “Take the Field”

The winner in each category receives a prize package, valued at over $2,500 from competition sponsors: B&H Photo, Imagenomics, Peachpit Press, Kelby Training, Layers magazine, and of course NAPP. And, the winning image in each category will appear in a special issue of Photoshop User magazine.

Here’s a list of this year’s category Winners (you can see the Best of Show, and the category winner’s artwork here):

  • Artistic Category
    Stian Johansen
    of Norway
  • General Photography
    Christopher Sellers of Los Angeles, California
  • General Photoshop Category
    Den Cops of London, England
  • Illustration Cateogry
    Eugene Ash of Richmond, California
  • Wedding/Portrait Category
    Susi Lawson of Wytheville, Virginia
  • Landscape/Travel Category
    Jared Martin of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Composites/Collaging Category
    Adam Daniels of Tampa, Florida
  • Advertising Design Category
    Jose Luis and Claudia Turueno/Sotelo
  • Photo Restoration Category
    Karen Metrin of Lake Mary, Florida
  • Student Work
    Deeneshen Sabapathee of Mauritius
  • Photo Retouching
    Mike Tompkins of Palmetto, Florida

My congratulations to all this year’s winner. I wonder where we’ll send the 2008 winners? Hmmmmm. So far we’ve sent them to Paris, Rome, and Maui, Hawaii. Hey, it’s a big world out there, right? :-)


Here’s some Thursday-type news:

  • The wonderful Laurie Excell (One of the gifted trainers at DLWS [the Digital Landscape Workshop Series], the expert behind NAPP’s Gear Desk, and the woman behind “The Equipment Lady” site you’ve heard me talk about here on the blog), is hosting a series of on-location “Nature Safari’s” this year, and her first one is coming up here in Florida, on March 3rd – 7th at Ft. Desoto Park. Laurie is a kick-butt photographer (that’s her image above) and trainer, and if you get a chance to learn from Laurie—-jump on it! (I’ll be there for a day or two myself). Here’s where to get all the details (hope I’ll see you there!).
  • Just a heads up: Matt’s brand new “Layers” book is now in stock at, and B&N, and people are already talking about it. Get ’em while the gettin’s good (I have no idea what that means).
  • Remember that amazing Jay Maisel workshop that I mentioned a month or so ago where you spent a week with Jay learning in his New York Studio? Ya know, the one that cost $5,000? Well, it sold out in advance (Ben Willmore was there as one of Jay’s students, and just raved about it). It created such a stir, that Jay is holding another of these incredible workshops this April (14th – 18th) for just nine photographers. Will you be one of those nine, whose lives and careers are changed forever? To request an application, email Jay’s studio at
  • Photoshop World Instructor Chris Orwig did a presentation at Macworld Expo back in January called “The Art and Craft of Digital Photography,” and the fact that it was a big hit with attendees is cool, but the fact that you can watch his entire session for free online, is even cooler. Check out his video, then make sure you put him on your class list when you come to Photoshop World this April.
  • PDN Online has an in-depth article on Wacom’s affordable new Cintiq 12WX, and if you’ve ever thought about making the jump to a Cintiq, make sure you give this a quick read (their reviews give you both the pros and cons). Here’s the link.
  • Lastly, want to see some beautiful photography? Check out the nautical images of photographer Onne van der Wal. This guys does very nice work (click here).

Well my friends, that’s it for this Thursday. See you tomorrow for our “week wrap up” (or it could be a “week rap-up” if someone accidentally starts a drum machine).


This new class, from Vincent Versace, went live last week on Kelby (our online Photoshop and Photography training classroom), and it’s already one of our “most watched” classes. The class (which is not really for beginners), takes you through the steps you need to analyze and retouch a photo in 15 minutes flat. It’s very cool stuff, and ideal for people who kind of already are comfortable with using Photoshop, and are ready to move to that next level in their retouching skills.

You can take Vincent’s class, and all of our other online courses (including new classes from Moose Peterson , Eddie Tapp, Matt Kloskowski, Joe McNally, Dan Margulis, Katrin Eismann, Dave Cross, Bert Monroy, John Paul Caponigro, and myself (among others) by subscribing for $199 per year or $19.95 monthly, for unlimited access to all courses (Of course you get a discount if you’re a NAPP member). Here’s the link with all the details, and you can even try out some sample classes while you’re there.


Howdy, folks. Here’s whaz up:

  • Yesterday was Lightroom’s one-year anniversary (for the actual shipping product), and my hearty congrats to Adobe’s Lightroom team for changing the way we work forever. had a couple of great stories yesterday covering the anniversary, including one on the significance of Feb. 19th, and a fun post with a “Do you remember where you were when Photoshop (and Lightroom) shipped” question, that’s a run read. Here’s the link to to check them out.
  • The new issue of Adobe Magazine (the quarterly PDF mag free from Adobe) is now available right here (thanks to John Nack for pointing this one out).
  • Vincent Versace, Photoshop World instructor and author of the highly acclaimed “Welcome to Oz: A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography with Photoshop” has a fascinating on location workshop coming up called “A Photographic Exploration of India” (From Delhi to Pushkar) from Oct 31 – Nov 13, 2008. This is one of those “Shooting and learning opportunities of a lifetime” events, and if you’re interested, here’s the link the full details. Sounds just amazing!!!
  • Just a reminder: If you’re planning on joining us at Photoshop World in Orlando, from April 2 thru 4th, you’ve only got about 10-days left to take advantage of the $100 off Early Bird Special Discount. Here’s the link to the site with all the info, how to register, etc.. Don’t miss out—if you’re going–sign up now.
  • has a really cool “a day at Photoshop World” feature, written by Jeff Revell (Who’s sharing what he’s learned about the event, after attending six different Photoshop Worlds), and if you’ve ever wondered what it’s all about; he really does a great job of bringing it all together. Take two minutes and give it a quick look (click here).
  • If you’re in the UK, check out this organization—it’s called the London Photographic Association and it sounds like a very worthwhile group. Here’s the link to their site with full details.
  • David Ziser just sent out his latest newsletter, and it’s always packed with goodies. Here’s the link to sign up for this free newsletter (Hey, it’s free, right)? I do have to say; I’m absolutely amazed at the sheer amount of blogging David does each day—he is a freak of nature (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). He makes me feel like a slacker. Check out his DigitalProTalk blog (including his recent “Massive Blog Post Monday”) here.

That’s it for this fabulous Wednesday. Remember, like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. ;-)


My buddy, and Photoshop User TV co-host Dave Cross is debuting a brand new Photoshop Tour (produced by Kelby Training), called the “Maximum Photoshop Tour,” and it kicks off inĀ  Oklahoma City on February 28th, and then goes on to Richmond on March 18, and then Los Angeles on March 25th.

This new seminar features five brand new sessions, including:

  • Avoiding the “Gotchas”
  • Photoshop Fixes
  • Selection Secrets
  • Get Smart with Photoshop
  • Seven Functions You Never Use But Ought To.

The full-day seminar is $99 (just $79 for NAPP members), and you can see the full class schedule, and register by clicking here. Congrats to Dave on launching this new nationwide tour!

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on:

  • Nikon released a Firmware upgrade for the Nikon D300 that addresses a rare issue that could occur that creates vertical bands in images taken at shutter speeds longer than 8 seconds. Here’s the scoop on the upgrade, how to install it, and a download link (click here).
  • BIG OPPORTUNITY: If you’ve ever wanted a chance to learn printing from acclaimed Landscape photographer Stephen Johnson—this may be your best chance ever. Get this; he has a hands-on Fine Art Digital Printing Workshop coming up on Feb. 23-26 (in his studio near San Francisco), but he only has two people signed up so far–and he’s still going to do the workshop! So, if you want the opportunity of a lifetime, you can get on board and learn from Stephen almost one-on-one. Plus, if you’re a NAPP member, Stephen will give you 10% off the registration. Here’s the link for more info (if you can take advantage of this, this will rock your world!).
  • When I was at David Hobby’s Strobist workshop this weekend, I ran into a terrific pet photographer, and she told me (well, she admitted to me) that she joined NAPP to get free B&H Photo shipping, because since she shoot pets, she goes through seamless paper like you can’t believe (she says she saves about $600 a year just in B&H shipping charges). OK, the good news is, she told me although she originally joined for the free shipping, now she is totally hooked on everything else; the magazine, the Web site, all the training, etc.. I thanked her, and told her not to worry, because we go out of our way to encourage members to take advantage of the member discounts so that (as she said), their “NAPP membership is free!” I took advantage of that NAPP free shipping discount myself yesterday when I ordered Two Avenger 420 rolling C-stands from B&H and saved $31.70 by getting the free shipping. That would’ve paid for nearly 1/3 my annual membership in one order (well, it would have, but they’re nice enough to give me my membership for free. Ya know, seeing as I’m NAPP’s President, and all).
  • Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Publisher at Peachpit Press, did an audio interview with Joe McNally about this groundbreaking book, “The Moment it Clicks” and you can listen to it by clicking here.
  • Want to see some really slick photography (on a really well-designed site—check out the EXIF data panel that appears over each photo. Too cool!). It’s from photographer Julien Roumagnac. Take a moment and check it out. You’ll dig it.

That’s it for today, see you all tomorrow! :-)