Photos from Photoshop World Vegas Keynote

by Brad Moore  |  7 Comments

Hey everyone, Brad Moore here again with some shots from yesterday’s opening keynote! Thanks to Pete Collins for helping cover this crazy event :-)


Photos from Pre-Conference Day at Photoshop World

by Brad Moore  |  6 Comments

Hey everyone, Brad Moore here with a quick update from Photoshop World Vegas! Just wanted to share some photos from yesterday with you before heading down to the opening keynote (which will be broadcast live at 9:00am PST [12:00 noon EST] over at or


Photoshop World is Here!!!!!

by Scott Kelby  |  16 Comments

Greetings from fabulous Las Vegas where we are kicking off some of the pre-conference fun today at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino (I’ve been here a few days already as my wife and I snuck out early to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary, which was yesterday, and we have just been having a blast!). :-)

If you can’t come to the full conference but still want to check out the exhibits, watch some demos, catch some of the free Expo-floor classes and take advantage of some of the show specials, you can get a FREE expo-only pass — here’s the link. 

Except now it’s called “THE MEET UP” and it’s tonight at the “Eye Candy” bar in the center of the Mandalay Bay Casino (you can’t miss it) and it starts around 9:00-ish. It’s a great place to meet some of the folks you’ll be spending the rest of the week with (I’ll be there, along with all “The Photoshop Guys” from NAPP.

Now, I haven’t 100% fully confirmed this yet (because all of my staff is out partying in Vegas tonight), but I believe we are going to be streaming the opening keynote, including Adobe’s full presentation, tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 9:00 AM PT (pacific time) and if we do, it will probably be broadcast at (well, that’s my best guess anyway). Hope you can catch it (of course, if we actually do stream it, which I think we are, but hey ya never know. I missed a few meetings).

HOWEVER, I expect there to be some cool stuff and surprises at the keynote (there always is), so make sure you check it out. :)

Big day today —- our Pre-Conference workshops kick off today, and the final rehearsals for the keynote and all that stuff is happening, so it’ll be a busy day so I’m going to hit the sack. Hope I get to meet you in person today, and here’s wishing you a totally Vegas kinda day! :)


Sometimes, it all just comes together…

by Scott Kelby  |  46 Comments

Anytime I shoot a game, I try to share little tidbits of what I’ve learned in order to help my fellow shooters, so I made this demotivational poster (with a shot from my Patriots/Bucs game last week) to remind us all that Focus is more than just a word — it’s a five-letter word. I have no idea what that means. Enjoy.


Probably The Best Post I’ve Read About Photography This Year!

by Scott Kelby  |  23 Comments

If you’ve followed me for any time at all you’ve heard me rave about the photography of Bill Fortney. He’s been kind of a mentor to me over the years and has taught me an awful lot (and I’ve been blessed to have taught some landscape workshops alongside him over the years as well).

A couple of day’s ago Bill wrote what I think it probably the best article I’ve read about photogaphy this year, and definitely one of my top picks ever. I shared his post earlier this week on Google+ and here are some of the comments from readers:

> “I think this may be one of the best photoblog posts I have ever read. It simply speaks volumes.”

> “Wonderful & inspiring article. Gets me back on track as to why I love photography.”

> “You’re right it did made me think about my own photography..  truly wonderful article.”

> “An insightful treatise! Thank you for sharing it with us. I have tried to adhere to the principles mentioned and am inspired by the well written reminder.”

> “Incredibly profound post!!”

> “Thank you to Bill Fortney (re his “Why Bother?” blog post) for this authentic share. ”

> “I happened upon this post by Bill Fortney today and thought I need to share this with all of my fellow photographers out there who may be in the same situation.  …”

> “An excellent post by Bill, now he has a new fan I had not seen his work before”

> “I’m so glad I stopped to read it.”

Bill’s post is called “Why Bother” and I promise you, if you read it you’ll be glad you did  —- it really has the power to change the way you feel about your own photography and why “Why we bother” at all.

Here’s the link. 

[DISCLAIMER: Within his article Bill lists his five favorite photographers, and I about fell over when I saw my name on that list. That is absolutely not why I'm sharing this article (though that would have been enough reason alone for me -- wink), but the rest of his article is what really struck a chord with me and I imagine many of you share the same struggles as I do with my photography, and Bill's article helped me a lot. I absolutely know I don't deserve to be included with the other four people on his list, but I am humbled, grateful, and at a total loss for words, outside of just saying "Thanks, Bill."]

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