If you’re a Photoshop Educator; you’ve got to watch this video

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My book, The Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers is used in classrooms around the world to teach Photoshop, and today with the help of our friends at Peachpit Press/New Riders and Pearson Education, we’re releasing a truly groundbreaking free Instructor’s Kit for educators who use it as the textbook for their students.

Here’s a short two-minute video I put together to explain the free Instructors Kit, what you get, how it was developed, and how it’s going to make a big difference to you and your students.

Here’s the link to register to get your free Instructors Kit, and they’ll even send you a copy of my “CS4 Book for Digitial Photographers” absolutely free for your use in the classroom.


Friday News Stuff

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It’s a Holiday Weekend here in the US (our offices are closed today in observance of Independence Day), so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Let’s do it:

Photo Walk Update
By Monday we’ll have nearly 25,000 photographers registered for Photo Walks in 911 cities around the world. My buddy (and Photo Walk leader for Dunedin, Florida) RC Concepcion did a video on how to get prepared now for uploading your photos after the event. Here’s the link to watch his short, but very helpful, tutorial video.

Free Extreme Sports Photography Webinar on July 17th
You’re invited to attend a free online Webinar on Extreme Sports Photography with Michael Clark (the event is hosted by Bogen Imaging). Here’s the link to sign up.

Making Departures magazine’s list
American Express publishes a great travel and leisure-style magazine for card holders called “Departures” and in their current issue they have a feature story on which digital camera is right for you. They cover everything from cameras and lenses to accessories. In a sidebar the writer lists where to go to learn about photography online, and states, “there are no better resources.” I was quite excited when I read they included in their list. Thanks Departures—it’s an honor.

Our “Lens Series” continues on D-Town TV
Yesterday, part 4 of our 5-part series on lenses went live on D-Town TV. If you’ve missed any of the episodes, they’re all still available right on the Web site.

Brad’s on Vacation Next Week
What is the world coming to when Brad is allowed to take time off? Frankly, I’m at a loss. How could this have happened?

Bill Fortney on our recent Savannah workshop
Bill did a few posts this week reflecting on our workshop in Savannah last week, and on life in general. If you’ve got a quick second, stop by and catch some of Bill’s thoughts and images from the week (definitely worth a visit). Here’s the link.

A New Photography Term?
When I was in Savannah and we were shooting that classic red Cadillac convertible, Bill asked one of the students to remove a feather on the ground right in front of where Bill was shooting. Somebody mentioned that he could remove it later during “post  production” in Photoshop, and that’s when I came up with a  phrase for the act of actually picking up and moving a distracting piece of something from the scene. I laughingly said “That’s called Pre-Production.” Hey, ya never know—it could stick. ;-)

My 1,000 Post happened this week
I just happened to look up yesterday and saw that I had released my 1,000th post on this blog. Right then I realized, “Rats! I could’ve written a book.” ;-)

What ‘Independence Day’ Really Means to Us
Tomorrow is a national holiday celebrating our country’s independence from traditional film. No longer will we press the shutter button thinking, “Well, that just cost me 22¢” or “Well, that’s 36—time to pop in another roll.” or that phrase heard so often on vacation, “I need to stop and buy some film.” Should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice: No longer will we wait hours, or days, to see our prints only to find out that someone was blinking or the flash didn’t fire. No longer will we go quitely into the night, to drop off our film in an overnight drop box. We’re going to live on to shoot for free another day—free from the tyranny of film chemicals and safe lights; changing bags and temperature regulators; cotton gloves and Print tongs. No today as we gather together to fill our 8 and 16-gig cards with wild abandon we celebrate our real Independence Day! (–insert wild cheers here).

That’s it for today folks. I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th weekend, surrounded by friends and family, and all the joys that it brings.


How to Shoot Fireworks

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With the 4th of July coming up tomorrow (The 4th is Independance Day in the US, and we celebrate with Fireworks), I thought I’d run a quick blurb from Vol. 1 of my book, The Digital Photography Book on how to shoot Fireworks (like I did last year around this time). Here ya go:

You’ll need to shoot fireworks with your camera on a tripod, because you’re going to need a slow enough shutter speed to capture the falling light trails, which is what you’re really after.

Also, this is where using a cable release really pays off, because you’ll need to see the rocket’s trajectory to know when to push the shutter button—if you’re looking in the viewfinder instead, it will be more of a hit or miss proposition.

Next, use a zoom lens (ideally a 200mm or more) so you can get in tight and capture just the fireworks themselves. If you want fireworks and the background (like fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World), then use a wider lens.

Now, I recommend shooting in full Manual mode, because you just set two settings and you’re good to go:

  1. Set the Shutter Speed to 4 seconds
  2. Set the Aperture to f/11. Fire a test shot and look at the LCD monitor on the back of your camera to see if you like the results. If it overexposes, lower the shutter speed to 3 seconds, then take another shot and check the results again.

TIP: If your camera has “Bulb” mode (where the shutter stays open as long as you hold down the shutter release button down), this works great–hold the shutter button down when the rocket bursts, then release when the light trails start to fade. (By the way; most Canon and Nikon digital SLRs have bulb mode). The rest is timing—because now you’ve got the exposure and sharpness covered.

Here’s wishing you all a safe and happy fourth, and I hope you capture some great images this year!


Check out this Way Cool Video from Jill Enfield

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Friend of the blog Richard Rabinowitz (former Publisher of Popular Photography and American Photo) turned me onto this very cool time lapse video from photographer Jill Enfield that is really going to strike a chord with anyone who has ever developed their own film. But beyond that, this two minute video is just darn cool, and seeing the process unfold in front of your eyes is almost as fascinating as the portrait she creates.

I’ve embedded the video below, but also make sure you visit Jill’s Website to see some very engaging, thoughtful fine art work.


Here’s What’s in Volume 3 of my Digital Photography Book

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Hi Gang: Rather than write a thousand words, I did a quick video about what’s in the soon-to-be-released Volume 3 of my book “The Digital Photography Book” and you can check it out below. (NOTE: The book is on press right now, and should be in bookstores in just a few weeks. You can preorder yours now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or


Catch Matt’s Lightroom Tour in Chicago and New York City

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My buddy and Lightroom guru Matt Kloskowski is taking our “Lightroom 2 Live!” one-day seminar tour to:

  1. Chicago on Monday, July 20th
  2. New York City on Wed., July 22nd.

Matt absolutely kicks butt on this tour, and if you get a chance to catch him live—don’t miss it!!!!

Here’s the link with more details (By the NAPP: If you’re a NAPP member, you can attend for only $79. If you’re not a member, it’s still just $99).

Also, you can download the tour brochure (in PDF format) right here.

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