Tomorrow’s Special Guest Blogger is…

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….Adobe Photoshop Senior Product Manager, John Nack.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I’m a big fan of John’s official Adobe blog (it’s called “John Nack on Adobe.” Here’s the link), because it gives us all a “peek behind the curtain” and his insights and comments really give you look into the mind of Adobe.

Besides his comments on all things Adobe, John digs up some of the most unique, fascinating, often funny, and just downright interesting sites and articles (and he blogs at least five-days-a week), and its won him a legion of devoted readers.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with John on a number of things over the years, and I can tell you this; he’s exactly the kind of person you would hope would be a Product Manager at Adobe. He’s really a brilliant, articulate, hilarious, and extremely talented guy, and it’s truly an honor to have him here tomorrow as my guest blogger, so make sure you stop by and check out his post.


Your Final Votes Are in: Here’s “The Top 10 Things You Want Most In The Next Version of Photoshop”

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Over 2,500 of you voted on Friday’s survey. Here are the top 10 results, in order by popularity:


Interesting stuff to note:

  • You didn’t ask for wild new features, and stuff Photoshop can’t already do; instead you just asked for improvements to things Photoshop can already do.
  • A lot of things you asked for, can already be done in Photoshop, but only through workarounds. For example, you can apply Shadow/Highlight as a Smart Filter (after you convert your layer to a Smart Layer), but obviously that’s not what we want; we want it as a real Adjustment layer.

    Same thing for wanting Filters to be applied as Adjustment Layers. Smart Filters offer the same basic functionality as an Adjustment layer (it comes with a layer mask, it’s fully editable after the fact, you can change the blend mode and opacity, you can save your Smart Filter layers in a layered Photoshop document, and you can delete your Smart Filter layers any time—all traits of an Adjustment layer), but obviously; that’s not what we want. We want to apply filters as a simple Adjustment layer without converting it to a Smart Layer first.

    Also, you can certainly apply watermarks in Photoshop, and you can even create an action that will do it for you—but that’s not what we want. We want a dedicated Watermarking feature.

  • Seeing a quick before/after (like Lightroom lets you do) was one of the top 3 most requested features. Again, you could do this, in most cases, by going to the History palette—but that’s not what we want. We want a simple before/after keyboard shortcut, or button, etc.
  • Overall, speed isn’t an issue—even having Photoshop launch faster wound up near the bottom of the list.
  • Better noise reduction is the #1 feature request (but of course, this is skewed by my audience, which is skewed toward photographers).
  • Just a reminder: Remember my original premise: Adobe could add 50 or even 100 other features as well, but in this “feature dreamland” they’d have to include your top 10 (as shown above) in the next release. Then, after a while another version of Photoshop would come out, and then you’d get to vote again, and they’d have to include your next top 10. I know–the mind reels.

Last night I forwarded your Top 10 to a list of people at Adobe, including Photoshop product managers, engineers, etc. Hey, ya never know. :)

My personal thanks to everyone who participated in this survey, and for sharing such great ideas with me, my readers, and Adobe.


How I Did Those Italy Calendar Layouts, Step-by-Step

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I had so many questions and requests to show how I made those calendar layouts last week using photos from my vacation to Italy, that I’m going to give you a step-by-step on how it was done (and how to make your own).

Now, before I go any further; most of this was done using Apple’s iPhoto application (which comes free with every Mac), and it’s absolutely brilliant for stuff like this. If you’re using a Windows PC, then later in the week I’ll have a separate tutorial on how to achieve a similar look in Photoshop (but it takes a bit more work).


STEP ONE: Import your photos into Apple’s iPhoto application, then create an Album (similar to a collection in Lightroom, or a Playlist in iTunes) by clicking on the + (plus sign) icon in the bottom left corner of the iPhoto window. Name your Album, then drag your newly imported photos into this album. Once your photos are in their own Album (seen above—click for a larger image), click the Calendar button in the toolbar at the bottom of the window (as shown above).



STEP TWO: This brings up the Calendar window (shown above) where you choose which theme you want for your calendar from the list of themes on the left side. I choose the Classic Theme (as seen above), and it shows you a preview of how that style of calendar looks in the main part of the window. Once you’ve chosen Classic, click the Choose button. Continue reading


The Day Before Photoshop World…

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Last year we had a number of disappointed people who found out too late that a Photoshop World pre-conference workshop they wanted to attend was sold out, so I’m just giving you a heads up now—-they’re gonna sell out, so if you want to go to one, you need to snag your spot now.

[Note: Pre-conference workshops are optional in-depth four-hour workshops on a specific topic, with a limited class size, held the day before the Photoshop World Conference & Expo begins. Most are $89 if you sign up in advance, but some of the live locations shoot are a bit more, because we have to provide buses, and rent locations, etc.].

Here’s the list of this year’s pre-conference workshops:

  1. NAPP On-Location Photo Safari (with Moose Peterson & Joe McNally) (SOLD OUT)
  2. On-Location Wedding Shoot (with David Ziser–shown above)
  3. The Epson Print Academy (with Jeff Schewe, John Paul Caponigro, and Andrew Rodney)
  4. Canon Live Fashion Shoot (with Eddie Tapp & Jack Reznicki)
  5. Impressions of Nature; a landscape & seascape painting class (with Fay Sirkis)
  6. Building an Electronic Photography Portfolio (with Rich Harrington)
  7. Channels & Masks (with Deke McClelland)
  8. Lighting, Posing, Metering (with Kevin Ames)
  9. Shooting for Photoshop (with Ben Willmore)
  10. Inside the Digital Photography Studio (with Jim DiVitale)
  11. Lab Color In Depth (with Dan Margulis)
  12. Believing is Seeing (with Vincent Versace)
  13. 3D Lenticular Imaging with Photoshop (with Russell Brown)

Click here for full description of these workshops (Note: these workshops are only available to registered Photoshop World conference attendees)

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