Thursday News Update (and who’s teaching where)

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Hi everybody. Here’s the latest:

  • Every once in a while you come across a workshop that you’re just dying to attend, and for me, this is the one, as the world renowned Santa Fe Workshops heads down to the small historic Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende (see the shot above, by Raul Touzon) for a series of one-week photography workshops exploring personal vision, figure study, documentary story telling, travel photography, and portraiture.These workshops are lead by a who’s who of the world’s finest photography instructors and I want to go so badly that it’s killing me (so far my schedule won’t allow it, but if I can break away—-I’m going!). What an amazing opportunity! The details are right here!
  • I just found out about FStop magazine yesterday (thanks Moose!) which is an online mag that is just dripping with cool. If you’ve got a minute, and you’d like some insights into some really wild/cool/deep/hip photography, click here and see for yourself.
  • We’ve added a new city to my Lightroom Tour, and I’ll be coming to Washington, DC on Monday, September 10th, 2007 for a full day of Lightroom 1.1. training. If you want to snag a seat now, click here.
  • Brilliant Photoshop and Painter Artist Faye Sirkis is going to be teaching a “Paint Like A Master Workshop!” workshop this summer at the Long Island Photo Workshops (click for details). (Note: Fay has a fantastic “Paint Like a Master” DVD out: click here for info on it, and if you’re going to Photoshop World, don’t miss seeing Fay live—she’s just amazing!)
  • [Lame segue alert:] Speaking of Photoshop World, if you’re a photographer and you’re going to be at the conference, I want to let you know that we have a special “Photography Inspiration” track that isn’t about Photoshop; it’s about the creativity of the photography itself, with sessions from legends like Jay Maisel, Joe McNally, and Rick Sammon) among others. Also, don’t forget: tomorrow is the last day to save $100 with early registration if you haven’t signed up yet. Click here for details.
  • I continue to be impressed with the folks over at, who are doing just an amazing job in creating wonderful, downloadable Flash-based galleries for Lightroom. Very cool stuff—click here to give them a visit.
  • If you have a couple of minutes, check out this week’s episode of Terry White’s wonderful “Adobe Creative Suite Podcast,” where he shares some cool CS3 portrait retouching techniques. Click here to go there.

That’s it for today, folks. Have a good one! :)


Update on Photoshop World Conference & Expo: Las Vegas (and other news and stuff)

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We’re on a record-breaking pace for registrations this year, and I think one reason is CS3 (of course) and some of the cool new things we’ve added around it this year in Vegas, including:

  • A new special interest track on Photoshop CS3′s Extended features, including classes on Extended features for the technical, scientific and manufacturing fields.
  • There’s a new “Adobe Web Tools” track, with special sessions on Dreamweaver, creating Online Portfolios, and using Photoshop CS3 with Flash (among others).
  • The Motion Graphics track incorporates the new video features in Photoshop CS3, along with the latest techniques for Adobe After Effects, and how to use Photoshop with digital video.
  • If you arrive early for the conference, you can catch a very cool special bonus session called “Capture & Creativity: A Tribute to Monte Zucker” which shows techniques for how far you can take your digital portraits using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and special printing techniques. This takes place on Wednesday evening (the day before the official conference kick-off) and it’s totally free to all registered attendees.
  • Adobe is sponsoring a special “Birds of a Feather” session for engineers, architects, and manufacturing professionals to see the newest features of Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop Extended developed just for those who use Photoshop for industrial design, visualization, image analysis, and communication. It’s free, but you have to sign up in advance (click here to sign up).
  • Don’t forget; this Friday is the deadline to register for Photoshop World and still save $100 with the early registration discount.
  • One last thing: Where will you be when Deke McCelland, John Paul Caponigro, Russell Brown, Dave Cross, Ben Willmore, Jim DiVitale, George Lepp, Jay Maisel, Dan Margulis, Matt Kloskowski, Bert Monroy, Jack Resnicki, Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Jeff Schewe, Eddie Tapp, Vincent Versace, Terry White, David Ziser, myself, and some of the world’s most talented and gifted instructors take the stage to share their latest time-saving, job-saving, creativity enhancing, mind-blowing Photoshop techniques? I hope you’ll be right there with me, in Las Vegas, learning from the very best teachers in the business.

Sign up at today (or at the very least, before Friday)!

Now, scroll down one more post for My Wednesday News Update!


Some Quick Wednesday News

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Here’s what’s up:

  • Harris Fogel interviews Adobe’s own Julieanne Kost about Adobe Lightroom, the Lightroom workflow, and much more. You can listen to the interview online at this site (just press the little play button).
  • There are only a couple of spots left for Moose Peterson’s new “Wildlife Photographer’s Base Camp” workshop (logo above). It’s a unique opportunity to learn directly from the of the world’s most highly acclaimed wildlife photographers, in some really amazing locales (click here for more details).Note: There are just two spots left for their Montana workshop, and only four left for their Florida workshop (remember how I mentioned a couple of weeks back about Moose’s Digital Landscape Workshop Series [DLWS] coming up in Cape Cod this September, and how they always sell out in advance? Well, that Cape Cod workshop is already sold out. So, if you want to be a part of his Wildlife Base Camp, you’d better act fast!).
  • Renowned Wedding Photographer David Ziser just released his monthly newsletter, and you can read it online right here (note: he’s got some nice tips, business advice, and some helpful video tutorials in this issue!).
  • My Lightroom Tour is coming to Chicago at the end of this month (on the 30th), and if you haven’t signed up yet—it’s not too late (my past tours have sold out in advance, so don’t wait until the last minute—it might be too late!). Click here for details or to register (NAPP members save $20.00 off the $99 registration).
  • A big congrats to our friends over at the “Digital Photography Show” as they’ve been nominated for two Podcast Awards (In both the Cultural Arts category and the People’s Choice category). They’ve got a really great thing going, and if you haven’t had a chance to listen to their show, then click right here and give it a listen! :)
  • I got my hands on a copy of my new book “The Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” yesterday, and I’m really excited about all the new things I was able to add to the book (not just new CS3 features, but loads of new stuff I’ve learned since the CS2 version of the book came out back in 2005).Now, you’re probably wondering how I added all this cool new stuff without the book becoming some huge 900 page behemoth? I did it by giving people who buy the book access to four bonus chapters they can download that didn’t make the printed edition of the book, yet are totally updated for Photoshop CS3.So, although the CS3 version of my book is a bit longer than previous editions, it’s not crazy big, and best of all; you get more content than ever! Order your copy now at Barnes & or, or in bookstores any day now.
  • Want some Wednesday photography inspiration? Check out NAPP member Glyn Dewis (who’s not only a frequent poster here on the blog–he’s a wonderful photographer as well. See for yourself, and start your day off right!).

That’s it for today, so get back to showin’ those pixels who’s boss! :-)


Tuesday News

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Good morning everybody. Here we go:

  • First up: we’re expecting my new book, “The Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” (shown above) to hit bookstores this week!!! If you haven’t ordered yours yet, you can order it now over at Barnes & or, or you can find it in bookstores by this weekend.
  • Larry Becker let me know that there’s a $100 rebate on Epson P-3000 units (those way cool photo viewing/photo storage units), and you can get the unit, and the rebate, over at B&H Photo. Here’s the link with the details (by the way, I have one of these which I use for backing up on location, and then seeing if I “got the shot” while still out on location. Once you have one—you’ll wonder how you lived without it).
  • Remember last week when I mentioned that Stephanie Shimerdla over at Obsidian Dawn was going to create some custom brush sets just for NAPP members? Well, good news: the first set has been posted and they’re available for free download from the NAPP member Website.
  • A buddy of mine was just asking me if there’s an easy way for him to get his many thousands of slides converted over to digital, (he’s all digital now and those slides are just sitting in boxes doing nothing). I told him it’s time to buy a slide scanner, block out a few weeks, and get to work. Well, as luck would have it, I ran across a new service today that will do the “dirty work” for him (or you), at a pretty reasonable price (starting at about .19¢ per 3,000 dpi slide scan). It’s called ScanCafe, and for all the details click here.
  • If you’ve got a second, check out the work of NAPP member Joan West, who took the stretched-pixel effect (like the one I’ve been teaching in my Down & Dirty Tricks Session at Photoshop World) and did a very clever layout that combines the stretched version of the photo with an inset version of the same photo still in tact. It looks very cool. Click here to see her member portfolio (you don’t have to be a member to view her portfolio).
  • The prestigious Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging is offering NAPP members a 15% discount to attend any of their workshops. Click here to see their schedule of upcoming workshops (including workshops from Ben Willmore and Fay Sirkis). For the special code you need to get the discount, visit the NAPP member’s Web site.

That’s it for today’s news. Have a great Tuesday! :)


Shooting With David Ziser on Saturday (and today’s news)

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I got lucky enough to spend the day shooting and learning from one of the hottest Wedding photographers in the industry today—the amazing David Ziser. David was hired to shoot a huge black-tie wedding in Cincinnati and was kind enough to invite me to come up and spend the day with him so I could see behind the scenes how he shoots a wedding of this scale.

It was really an amazing experience—and even though I was technically there just auditing the wedding, I still wound up shooting about 1200 frames (it was a really long day—-we shot for five hours before the ceremony even began, and didn’t leave until after 2:00 am).

The shot above (click on it to see a larger version–then scroll down to the next post for a slideshow from the wedding) was taken about three hours before the wedding, shot handheld at 400 ISO using a single Nikon SB-800 flash to light the bride (I had the flash set at full power, aiming nearly straight up. It didn’t really bounce (the ceiling was too high), but the flash spilled just enough light onto to her that it worked. It took a number of test shots to get it where it didn’t light the aisle too much, and I added a little vignette effect in Lightroom to help darken the aisle carpeting a bit.

As for the wedding shoot itself; David was amazing (a true master); I kept taking notes all day, I really learned a lot, and I can’t remember when I’ve worked that hard (and had that much fun).

Now, it’s time for the news (Scroll down to the next post for a slideshow of some of other wedding and reception shots, then the post following that is today’s news update).


A Slideshow From that Wedding Shoot

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About the images in the slideshow above: the only light source I had for both the wedding and the reception was that one Nikon SB-800 (there are no shots there with just natural light).

Most of the time the flash was mounted on the camera (although I did handhold some wireless off camera flash shots) and I used either bounce flash (bouncing off any white ceiling that wasn’t too high), or I would turn the flash head completely sideways (aiming directly to my left) just to let a little of the light from the flash spill onto my subject, so that way the shot was mostly the ambient room light with just a little bit of flash on the subject. I dragged the shutter quite a bit (using a slow shutter speed like 1/10 to 1/20 of a sec.) to get more ambient room light (the slower the shutter speed the more background room light you get).

We basically shot in three locations: (1) A hotel suite where the bridal party was getting ready (2) a beautiful and historic Hilton Hotel in downtown Cincinatti where the reception was held, and (3) an absolutely beautiful synagogue where the wedding ceremony took place.

And yes; the violin and sheet music shot was totally set-up (the violinist was very kind to help me out like that, considering her violin was from the 1700s). Also, if you’re wondering how I got that light behind the couple dancing; I cheated. There was a video crew there taping the event, and they had a light attached to the top of their video camera. I positioned myself so the video crew was behind the couple and when the couple danced directly in front of their video light, I was ready for it and got the shot! :)

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