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Here is the tweaked, and re-tweaked 3rd episode of the new season of  Photoshop User TV! We’ve been really listening to your feedback, and each week we’re trying to massage the show and get the balance and speed just right (among other things), and I think we’re getting closer.

Also, we tweaked some lighting and audio stuff as well, but the big news is that later this week (maybe on Friday) we’re releasing a special bonus “Insider’s Guide” to the show that explains what all the inside jokes are about, where they came from, the history, etc. (stuff like “Pointy, Choppy” the “horse references,” and “Jazz hands” the “Steam references” and “Blammo” and all the other stupid stuff that just won’t go away). I’ll let you guys know when the bonus episode (of sorts) goes live (maybe I’ll run it here on Friday).

It’s back baby—Photoshop User TV, the weekly show for Adobe Photoshop users kicks off our new season with more Photoshop tips, techniques and tutorials in less time than ever, with an all-new format, a new set, and a brand new look (and you can watch this week’s episode right here!).

COOL GIVEAWAY ALERT: We’re kicking off the new season by giving away a Westcott Spiderlite TD-5 Studio Lighting kit (courtesy of our friends at FJ Westcott). Just watch the show to see how to enter (there is no trivia question—just sign up to win at the Web address we give you on the show). Good luck!

Also, even though we’ve been on a construction hiatus, we’ve been posting special abbreviated “best of” and highlight shows (including our full-length “Live from Photoshop World” show), and you can watch those on the Photoshop User TV Web site (here’s the link).

NOTE: If you want to catch every episode for free, you can subscribe using Apple’s iTunes and watch it right there on your computer, or download it onto your iPod. Here’s the link.