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Hey gang, Brad Moore here with the latest news and updates!

Corey’s Book Is Here!!
That’s right, Corey Barker’s Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers has finally arrived! Corey has been furiously signing away over the past couple of days so that all the pre-orders can be fulfilled. You can pick up your copy right here!

Next Week Is NAPP Retouching Week!
Next week is a special week, with a live webcast every evening at 6:00pm EST featuring The Photoshop Guys (plus special guests) showing you a variety of retouching for different scenarios. So tune in each evening for Wedding Retouching, Digital Makeup, The Next Level of Retouching, Audience Q&A, and get Tips from the Industry with Calvin Hollywood and Evangeline Cooper! You can see the full schedule right here!
We’ve had two killer additions to the library recently…

First up, check out A Day With Joe McNally. Join Scott Kelby as he visits Joe McNally at his house/studio to talk with Joe and his studio manager, Lynn, about what goes into preparing for a shoot. Then, go on location with Joe and his crew, and watch as Joe crafts amazing images as only Joe can!

Next, head out to Copper Mountain, Colorado with Tom Bol in Winter Sports Photography! Tom takes you through everything from his gear guide for shooting in extreme temperatures, to getting powder shots, to shooting action sequences and more!

More from Tom Bol
Speaking of Tom Bol, his book Adventure Sports Photography from Peachpit Press just started hitting shelves. You can pick up your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere else kick-butt books are sold :)

He’ll also be doing a webinar with on Outdoor Adventure Shooting from 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST on December 13! It’s free to sign up, which you can do right here.

Kelby Books On Sale at Barnes & Noble
Peachpit just informed us that now through January 10, you can get 30% off Scott Kelby’s Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. book, and The Digital Photography Book! In addition to that, Matt Kloskowski’s Photoshop Compositing Secrets is on sale for 20% off through January 18! Just visit your favorite Barnes & Noble to take advantage of these deals :)

That’s it for today. If you’re coming to the sold-out Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. seminar in Washington, DC tomorrow, be sure to come up and say hi!

Hey gang, Brad Moore here with lots of news and updates!

Help-Portrait on The Grid TODAY at 2:00pm
Tune in live today at 2:00pm for a special episode of The Grid with Jeremy Cowart! Jeremy’s dropping by to talk about Help-Portait, the movement that encourages photographers to give back to their community by helping people in need. You can find out more at and by tuning in today at 2:00p!

Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers Available for Pre-Order
Photoshop Guy Corey Barker’s first solo book is at the printer and will be in-stock soon. Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers is jam-packed with amazing design tips in CS5 and it’s really one of the first books of its kind because it’s all about design. Whether you want to create eye-popping commercial effects for client projects or take your own photos and turn them into something mind blowing, it’s covered in Corey’s new book. Reserve your copy here and we’ll ship it to you as soon as it arrives (early December, well in time for the holidays).

11-28-11 is Cyber Monday. Mark Your Calendar Now. It’s Gonna Be Big.
You’ve heard of Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, right? Well meet the online equivalent: Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend). We’re pretty much going to be giving away the farm with kick butt deals on books, DVDs, online classes, NAPP memberships and Photoshop World. Get a sneak peek here and then come back on Cyber Monday and get a killer deal or two on the world’s best Photoshop training.

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live!
Scott will be bringing his tour to Seattle this coming Monday, November 21 and Washington DC on Dec 2. There are only two more dates left for the tour this year, so make sure you sign up now!
The latest addition to the library is Scott Kelby’s Crushing The Composition class. We’ve already gotten a ton of great feedback from viewers saying it’s changed the way they approach photography! Check out this video about the class:

Manfrotto School of Xcellence with Drew Gardner
When The Grid is finished today, make sure you check out Drew Gardner’s webinar, Traveling Light, at 3:00p Eastern, for hints and tips for photographers traveling by air.

Topaz 5 Webinars
Topaz Adjust™ just got better! The just-released Adjust™ 5 features an intuitive selective brush, 5 preset collections with over 100 new presets, preset stacking,  transparency control, a new finishing touches tab and lots more! These new productivity-increasing tools offer you a more professional workflow experience with unlimited flexibility and customization. Head over to for the webinar schedule, and join Nichole Pascal as she introduces you to the new tools, improved interface and all that Adjust™ 5 has to offer!

That’s it for today. See you at 2:00pm on The Grid!


Brad Moore here with the latest news. Here we go:

Jeremy Cowart’s LifeFinder Tour
Jeremy Cowart is hitting the road for a few weeks, bringing his LifeFinder seminar to a city near you. For $179, you’ll get an 8-hour day with Jeremy, plus his LifeFinder DVD, and you can bring someone who needs it most! Dates are below, and you can find all the info at

11.28 – Los Angeles
11.30 – Dallas
12.02 – Seattle
12.05 – New York City
12.07 – Chicago
12.13 – Nashville
12.17 – Atlanta

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live!
Scott is bringing his hugely popular tour to San Francisco on November 14, and Seattle on November 21! Get all the info over at, sign up and come see us! :)
Two new classes up on this week! Bill Fortney is back with Close-Up: Continuing in Macro Photography. And Dave Black’s Painting with Light: A Unique Approach takes you into the world of light painting!

11-11-11 Sale from Kelby Training and NAPP
Tomorrow is 11-11-11 and we’re having a sale with, yep – you guessed it – 11% off a whole bunch of stuff including books, DVDs and bundles. All the Photoshop World items are also 11% off and that means your registration and any pre-cons or other add-ons. If you join NAPP on 11-11-11, you get 11 weeks free, and you can register to win one of eleven $25 Apple gift cards!  Is that elevenly enough?

The Grid
If you missed yesterday’s episode of The Grid, you missed a show filled with passion, cyanotypes, and marination! The topic was Are The Classic Masters of Photography Relevant to Today’s Young Photographers? and I think we had a record number of comments. Keep an eye out this afternoon over at for Episode 31 of The Grid!

That’s all the pimpy for today. Have a great Thursday!

Hey gang, Brad Moore here with the latest goings-on!

Jeremy Cowart on The Grid
On Thursday, November 17, we will be airing a special edition of The Grid featuring Jeremy Cowart. Jeremy will join Scott on the show to talk about Help-Portrait, the movement that began a few years ago which gives photographers the opportunity to give back to their community. This year’s event will take place December 10, and you can find all the info on how to be part of it over at!

Kelby Training Live
Here are the upcoming dates for all of the Kelby Training Live seminars. Come out and see us!

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! with Scott Kelby
Nov 14: S. San Francisco
Nov 21: Seattle
Dec 2: Washington DC

Lightroom 3 Live Tour with Matt Kloskowski
Nov 7: Arlington
Dec 1: Philadelphia

The Photographer’s Photoshop CS5 Power User with Dave Cross
Nov 9: Chicago
Nov 15: New York City
Nov 16: Toronto
Nov 30: San Diego
Dec 7: Jacksonville

Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished with Ben Willmore
Dec 5: Ft. Lauderdale
We’ve got two brand new classes up on this week. First is the highly anticipated followup to Syl Arena’s first course, Working with Speedlites: Multiple Flash Photography! Syl heads into advanced territory and helps you get the most out of using more than one Canon speedlite.

Next up is Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom 3 Creative Presets. Matt takes you through all the steps to set up killer presets to get different looks for your photos and speed up your workflow at the same time.

11-11-11 Sale from NAPP &!
We’ve got some amazing deals for this once in a lifetime date… Deals so good you may never see them again (well at least not until 12-12-12). Save on books, DVDs, bundles, NAPP memberships and Photoshop World right here!

Peachpit Celebrates 25 Years!
Our friends over at Peachpit Press (Scott’s book publisher) are celebrating 25 years, and passing on lots of great deals to you to celebrate! Head on over to to check out the deals, and to see a video on their evolution as a company from the beginning till now.

Ben Willmore Workshops
Ben Willmore will be teaching all over the place during the next year! Check these dates to see if he’s coming to your neck of the woods, and head over to for all the workshop details.

Dec. 7-11  Los Osos, CA
Feb. 16-19  Death Valley National Park
Feb. 25-26  Honolulu, HI
May 10-13  Page, AZ
Jun 24-30  Iceland
Oct 4-7    Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Oct 18-21 Zion National Park

That’s it for today. I’ll leave you with this, via a tweet from @JeremyCowart. Enjoy :)

Hey gang, Brad Moore here with your weekly updates about what’s going on :)

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE!
Scott and I are headed out west to San Francisco and Seattle next month, then to Washington DC in December! Check these dates and links for more info:

Nov 14: S. San Francisco
Nov 21: Seattle
Dec 2: Washington DC

Kelby Training Live
Check the dates below to see if our other tours will be hitting your town soon!

Lightroom 3 Live Tour with Matt Kloskowski
Oct 26: Phoenix
Oct 28: Indianapolis
Nov 2: Tampa
Nov 7: Arlington
Dec 1: Philadelphia

The Photographer’s Photoshop CS5 Power User with Dave Cross
Nov 9: Chicago
Nov 15: New York City
Nov 16: Toronto
Nov 30: San Diego
Dec 7: Jacksonville

Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished with Ben Willmore
Dec 5: Ft. Lauderdale

October PhotoshopFest with Corey Barker & Pete Collins
Today is the NAPP Members-Only October PhotoshopFest with Corey Barker & Pete Collins — a live webcast from 4:00 – 5:00pm ET.

While you must be a NAPP member to get this exclusive Photoshop training — NAPP is offering a really nice sign up bonus gift when you join  —  2 extra months will added to their membership free. Use promo code: 2EXTRA to get this bonus gift when you sign up online or call NAPP member services at 800-738-8513.

The PhotoshopFest webinar will be archived on the NAPP members-only website so it can be viewed as often as a member likes.
Calvin Hollywood’s Post-Processing: Calvinize Your Photoshop Workflow is the newest addition to! In this class, Calvin takes you through his personal retouching workflow to show you how he achieves his signature “”Calvinized”” look so you can take what you like, or what works for you, from his style and make it your own.

$10 Off at
Just a reminder there are only a couple more days to get your $10 coupon at October is trick-or-treating month, and with every book, DVD or bundle order OR every new NAPP membership, you get a $10 coupon (treat) for your next order.  So buy something now, and get a coupon in the shipment for $10 off for later.  Check out our full selection at the Kelby Training Store.  Standard terms & conditions apply. Full details on the coupon.

The Grid
Keep an eye out for Episode 29 of The Grid over at (it should be posted later today). Scott was joined by myself (Brad Moore), his wife Kalebra, and Nancy Massé to discuss the topic, Are Photographers Turning Off Their Social Media Audience? We had a great discussion for sure, but… Well, just make sure you watch it all the way through. I’m not sure the show has ever gone off the rails quite this badly before, but we had a blast! :)

Also, make sure you check out last week’s episode of The Grid featuring Tim Wallace with Matt Kloskowski. Tim has really great insight on building a successful photography career, in addition to some incredibly inspirational photography. Lots of viewers said it was their favorite episode yet!

That’s it for this week. Scott and I are off to Photo Plus Expo today. Hope to see some of you there!