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Scott Kelby’s Favorite iPhone Accessories

As promised, here are a few of my favorite accessories for the iPhone 3G. Also, don’t forget to check out Terry’s favorites over at his tech blog, because Terry is an accessory freak (to say the least), and since he buys just about every accessory known to man, he’s a great resource for what’s new and what’s hot (and what’s not). Here’s the link.

  • Kensington Mini Battery Pack and Charger

    If your battery goes dead, you’re hosed, unless you have this rechargeable mini-battery pack that slips right into the bottom of your iPhone. It powers and charges your iPhone, so you’re back up and talking. It’s around $50. Worth every penny.

  • Apple’s iPhone Dock

    I know this one probably seems kind of obvious, but I run into more people who don’t have one (and don’t realize the benefits of one), so I included it here. I think the main benefit is this: people who have the Dock seem to always have a full battery. I know that seems silly, but because it’s so easy to just drop your iPhone in the Dock, and have it charge automatically, you’re more likely to do it. I know people who have one at work, and as soon as they get to the office, they pop their iPhone into the Dock sitting right there on their desk, and not only is it always charged, but they can instantly see who’s calling without reaching for their iPhone. Once you have the Dock, you won’t know how you lived without itâ”it’s that handy, and only $29.

  • Griffin PowerDock 2 Charging Base for 2 iPhones

    If you’re like me and you’ve got more than one iPhone in your household, you’re gonna love Griffin’s PowerDock 2 Charging Base, which charges two iPhones at the same time (or an iPhone and an iPod, or two iPods for that matter). They sit side by side in the charger, which is small and lightweight (at slightly more than 1 lb.), and at $49.95 it is about the same price as Apple’s Universal Dock.

  • Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set

    I’ve never really felt like I had a glare problem with my iPhone, but because I keep it in my front pants’ pocket, I do worry about scratching my iPhone’s glass face. Well, I used to worry about it, until I got Power Support’s anti-glare film, which gets applied right over the front face of your iPhone (and is easily removed or replaced without any sticky weirdness). Once you see how many scratches your film gets, you’ll be glad you got it (it comes with two film covers in the package, so you can replace it quickly and easily if it gets really scratched up). Hey, it’s cheaper than buying a new iPhone at only $14.95.

  • iHome iHM77 Stereo Mini Speakers

    At only a little over 1/2 an ounce, these little speakers may look tiny, but they sound like they’re 10 times as big. Don’t let their slick compact design fool youâ”these babies rock (try them next time you’re watching a movie on your iPhone in your hotel room). One cool feature is that you can use them as two separate speakers, or you can magnetically connect them together to make one small compact unit. They come with a case and charger cord. Very clever design; surprisingly big sound. Around $50.

  • Incase Slider Case

    I’ve been through a number of cases, but so far, this is my hands-down favorite. I love the smooth finish (everybody that holds my iPhone comments on it), but more than that, I love the way it feelsâ”grippy, yet still smooth. Most importantly, it’s a slider case where the bottom slides off, so you can pop your iPhone into the Apple Dock. You’ll love this case, which comes in black, gray, or white and sells for $34.95.

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