Photoshop World Day Two: Rain, What Rain!?!

Day Two of Photoshop World got off with a bang – thunder, lightning and torrential rain! Despite the massive storms moving through Central Florida, the show continued at hurricane strength with instructors like Julieanne Kost, David Cuerdon and Moose Peterson braving the elements to share their tips & techniques with rain-soaked-but-enthusiastic attendees.

Here’s a look at today’s Photoshop World activity:

Sell, sell, sell! PSW instructor and Web guru Janine Warner highlights ways to sell photos and grow your business online.

Time flies whenyou’re having fun! PSW instructor Julieanne Kost teaches attendees how to shoot time-lapse photography and use Photoshop CS5 Extended to add exciting special effects to your work.

Make it work! PSW instructor Cliff Mautner shares his secrets for making the most out of harsh lighting conditions.

Atten-Hut! PSW instructor Kevin Ames takes attendees through a Lightroom 3 Develop Module boot camp sure to whip you into workflow shape.

Check back here to see more images from Photoshop World! 

And check out the official PSW Orlando Flickr group to check out images taken by conference attendees or upload your own:

  1. I’m so disappointed that I couldn’t make it today… The weather kept my babysitter and myself stuck at home. Wishing i could come tomorrow, but I have a prenatal appointment… Can’t really skip that for PSW… too far along. Have a fabulous day 3 tomorrow.

  2. thanks for posting..Take advantage of changes of weather. I always hear people complain about rain but I rarely do – it is a photographer’s best friend. Rain brings out colours that are otherwise hidden. Overcast skies create an even light so everything is exposed equally. It looks great in black and white, too, and reflections off wet roads, buildings, cars, anything, have a particular sheen. If the sun comes out then it is great for high-key photos. Do not be afraid to shoot into the sun and get a bright overexposed shot because they can look highly dramatic.

  3. “The National Weather Service has confirmed that nine tornadoes raked through the Tampa Bay region on Thursday.” SOunds like a wild day at PSW

  4. I was there at 7:30am every morning of the Conference … that rain couldn’t have kept me away, no matter what, even with a tornado warning! My first Photoshop World Conference (and won’t be my last!). You ROCK!

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