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Dear Lightroom Seminar Students:

Below you'll find my custom Print Presets (my gift to you), which I mentioned in class, and a PDF of my favorite (and most useful) Lightroom keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks once again for spending the day with me, and I hope you enjoy "The New Digital Photography Workflow" using Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

All my best,

Scott Kelby

Download Presets Download Keyboard Shortcuts

To install these presets:
(1) First un-zip them (just double-click on them to extract them).
(2) In Lightroom, go to the Print module, and Control-click (PC:
Right-click) on “User Templates” in the Template Browser.
(3) When the pop-up menu appears, choose “Import”, navigate to the folder containing the unzipped template files, select them all and click “Open”.

By the way, in the Gear Guide in the PDF, I didn’t include the name of that Sony GPS unit for digital cameras, but I’ve had a some emails about it. So, just in case, it’s called the GPS-CS1KA, and Amazon.com had it for around $104 last time I checked. (Amazon Link)

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