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This year at Photoshop World our theme was "Football" (The Game is On!) and during the opening keynote we showed a parody of the classic "Mean Joe Green" TV ad for Coca Cola (with me playing a twist on Mean Joe Green's role). The parody ad also features Matt's son Ryan, and it was directed by our own Jason "The Scriv" Scrivner (with vocals by Stephanie Cross). Hope you like it. (Here's a link to the original ad from 1979).

Rather than writing some long drawn out report, I thought I'd give you the "a picture tells a thousands words" version, and just include lots of pictures (photos by Brad Moore and Drew Gurian). Here ya go! View of the opening standing-room only Keynote presentation from Thursday morning. The screens aren't actually white, but well, ya know, it's an exposure thingy. This guy is psyched because he knows that winning a Photoshop World Guru Award can be a career-changing experience. (Just ask NAPP's own Corey Barker-----that's how we found him!). Nothing like waiting for the Expo Floor to open. The "Adobe Halftime Report" kicks off the opening keynote (LtoR: Matt Kloskowski, Me, and Dave Cross"---"The Photoshop Guys." We played it up as though it was a real halftime report, but of course, we replaced all the football lingo with Photoshop lingo. Sad, I know.…

Hi gang: I just got back on the red-eye from Vegas, so I'm at half power and still blurry-eyed this morning, but man did we have an amazing time out at Photoshop World!!!! I was hoping to get a few photos posted, (and I will tomorrow along with more detailed coverage) , but in the meantime, here's some links to cool stuff: (1) Terry White video'd the entire opening keynote, including Adobe's "sneak peek" at future Photoshop technology, and you can watch that right here. (2) To see some photos from the first day of Photoshop World, click here. (3) You can also catch the live blogging from the keynote right here. See you guys tomorrow for my complete coverage of the big show! Now I'm heading back to bed. ;-)