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Hi everybody. Lots of stuff’s been piling up during the past week or so, so here we go:

rickspodcastNew Podcast from Rick Sammon
I just learned that our buddy Rick Sammon has launched a new radio Podcast called “The Digital Photo Experience” which he co-hosts with Juan Pons. The first episode was just released on iTunes (the Podcast is free), and it’s already playing to rave reviews (his average rating is five-stars), so if you’ve got a second, check it out (here’s the link—you can listen right within iTunes, and subscribe for free so you don’t miss another episode).

Shuttle Shots from Scott Diussa
Friend of the blog (and Photoshop World instructor) Scott Diussa, posted some very cool images from the recent Space Shuttle launch taken by remote. They’re pretty sweet, so if you’ve got a minute, check them out right here on his blog. (Also don’t miss his shots of how the remote cameras looked after the launch).

David Ziser’s “Wedding Photography: Rapid Fire Tips & Tricks”
Master wedding photographer and brilliant instructor David Ziser is back with a brand new rapid-fire collection of some the must useful tips he’s picked-up during his 25-year career shooting weddings around the world. The class just went “live” last week at Kelby Training Online, and people are already talking about it. Here’s the link with more details (or to watch it online).

Thanks to the Geeks!
Just a quick word of thanks to UK-based RegHardware—the folks behind the “Geeks Guide2 Christmas Guide, Part I,” who included my new book, “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3” in their guide this year. Here’s the link.

Photoshop User TV—-Tweaked for Episode II
Tomorrow the 2nd episode from the new season of Photoshop User TV goes live (I’ll try to run it here on the blog tomorrow if possible), and we did tweak the show a bit. After watching it, we felt pretty much the same way you guys did—-shorter and more content is better, but we lost some of what made the show what it was, so it’s still short and sweet, but not so rushed and with a little more “us” in it than the first episode. Hope you guys like the tweaks (and look for it here tomorrow, with any luck).

Volumes 1, 2, and 3 reviewed at “Learning to See the Light”
I just ran across this in-depth review of my three-volume set of, “The Digital Photography Books, Volumes 1, 2, & 3” over at the “Learning to See The Light” blog. Here’s the link to check it out.

Where are The Deals You Talked About on Friday?
OK, apparently I was one of the last people on earth to realize that today is Cyber Monday (by the way—the term “Cyber” as in “Cyberspace” is just about as dated as “Super Information Highway”), but although I’m one of the last to learn about that, apparently I am absolutely the last one to know exactly which deals my company is planning on running today as part of “Cyber Monday,” so….maybe at some point today they’ll let me know. Hey—the good news is—we may have some job openings very soon at NAPP. ;-)

That’s it for “Cyber Monday”
Have a great day as you “Surf The Web” (Sorry, that’s the only other related phrase I could think of that is as dated as “Cyber”).


I took this past week off to hang out with my family and do fun stuff (and catch up on my reading). But while I was catching up, I got caught off guard while reading a recent issue of the excellent UK-based Photoshop Creative magazine.

In their Creative Forum (letters to the editor) section, I saw the following letter as their featured letter of the month:

NAPP needed

I’ve been buying Photoshop Creative since the very first issue and have been using Photoshop since version 4.0.

I deduced to join NAPP (nat’l assn., etc.) last June, and I use the online training available. However, one thing both myself and my colleague at work are frustrated at is the lack of visits to the UK by the NAPP guys. We started up a Facebook group and have been Twittering various Photoshop groups and individuals to drum up some support to encourage Scott Kelby and the guys to pay us a visit with a seminar or two.

I would like to invite your readers to support our group. They will be able to find all the information they need at

Needless to say, a few calls were made to my staff after reading this, and now we’re seriously looking at returning to the UK next year with one of our one-day tours.

We’ve been to the UK (London and Birmingham) a number of times before with our one-day seminars (I’ve done three or four there myself over the past few years), and we’ve always had a warm reception, and I hope we get there again, soon (I’m hoping my tour gets there, so I can have a pint with Glyn Dewis, go shooting cars with Tim Wallace, and grab some lunch with Ed Davis)—all on my personal ‘to do’ list).

Anyway, thanks to all my very patient readers, and NAPP members, over in the UK—absolutely one of my favorite places on the planet, and I hope we get to see you all there in the coming year!

P.S. Did anybody catch that “Clash” reference in the headline? ;-)


We’ve snagged another killer “this weekend only” deal—this time from Artistic Photo Canvas (the same people who did that five-foot long pano of St. Lucia on canvas for me—here’s the link to that post).

Here’s the deal: For this weekend only, they are offering you (the readers of my blog), a big 20% OFF your entire order plus you get a FREE microfiber camera lens cleaning cloth. The discount is applicable to all 102 standard size and finish combinations for gallery wraps, stretched canvases and unstretched canvases — as well as all optional techniques and add-ons including texturizing gel coats, dust covers and blind drop shipping.

When you place your order, you have to use this Promo Code to get the special discount:


If you’ve been thinking about getting a canvas print made—this is your chance!!!! (Here’s the link to Artistic Photo Canvas).

These canvas prints make fantastic Holiday gifts, and obviously they don’t just do panos—you can choose from loads of standard canvas sizes, and you’ll be tickled with the quality—these guys are really good!

Note: (The promotion does not apply to custom sizes and cannot be combined with other discounts.) Also, this special 20% off deal ends this Sunday at Midnight EST.

ONE MORE THING: The guys at APC told me this truly is a special deal, (one of the best discounts they’ve ever offered). From now on, I’m making sure that if a company offers to give my readers a deal, it has to actually be a special, unique killer deal for my readers or I’m not posting it, so a big thanks to APC for making this special discount happen.

Sale letter tags

That’s right—we’ve put together a bunch of special one-day only deals on everything from Photoshop World Full Conference passes to copies of my books, our DVDs, and well—all our stuff, and we’re launching these deals this coming Monday.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Why not offer these deals today, like everybody else in the world?” That’s a fair question, and since I’m not in our marketing dept., I have no idea why we’re waiting until Monday, but I’m sure there’s some compelling reason (actually, I’m not sure there is a good reason—I’m just covering my bases).

Anyway, I’ll have the full list for you on Monday. At least, that’s what I’ve been led to believe. ;-)


Wow, thanks to Scott and Brad for giving me this rad opportunity to guest blog. I’ve been an avid Photoshop user for about 15 years and have been impacted by Scott’s amazing books and tutorials for as long as I can remember, so it’s really cool for me to get to do this.

Most of you don’t know me, so here’s a little ice breaker:

10 Ways I’ve Used Gaff Tape in the last year:

1. To reduce terrible chafing between my legs while shooting at Witch’s Rock in Costa Rica.
2. To patch up holes in my mosquito net over my bed in Tanzania
3. To hold up the water bladder I used to bathe in Sudan
4. As a bandaid to keep the blood from my cut finger off equipment
5. To keep the insane knot-untying raccoons out of my bag while camping on the beach in Costa Rica
6. To strap my camera to the top of a piece of rebar for a time-lapse in the earthquake zone of Beichuan, China.
7. To attach my camera to my hand while paragliding in the Himalayas
8. To make it unbelievably difficult to steal a camera I wanted to leave on a construction site for a 5-day time lapse (used like half a roll on that sucker, it worked!)
9. To hold my battery charger into a really jankity outlet in India.
10. To keep the spitting cobras out of my cottage in Zambia

Using gaff to set up a time-lapse in rural China

I finished school about a year ago and since then I’ve been able to travel through about 20 countries working with a variety of different missions-based organizations on assignment to capture what they are doing abroad (both through still and motion picture.) My work is typically used to share what they are doing with others in efforts to raise money for the organization in one way or another, whether it’s sold as art or just connecting with donors on an emotional level.

It’s definitely been a whirlwind of a year and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had and the failures I’ve endured. I could write forever about all the ins and outs of travel photography; how to prepare for a shoot in 140°F Sudan, how to pull off an album cover shoot in an earthquake zone in rural China or even how to get the best seats on international flights (without paying an extra penny!) (more…)