London Calling


I took this past week off to hang out with my family and do fun stuff (and catch up on my reading). But while I was catching up, I got caught off guard while reading a recent issue of the excellent UK-based Photoshop Creative magazine.

In their Creative Forum (letters to the editor) section, I saw the following letter as their featured letter of the month:

NAPP needed

I’ve been buying Photoshop Creative since the very first issue and have been using Photoshop since version 4.0.

I deduced to join NAPP (nat’l assn., etc.) last June, and I use the online training available. However, one thing both myself and my colleague at work are frustrated at is the lack of visits to the UK by the NAPP guys. We started up a Facebook group and have been Twittering various Photoshop groups and individuals to drum up some support to encourage Scott Kelby and the guys to pay us a visit with a seminar or two.

I would like to invite your readers to support our group. They will be able to find all the information they need at

Needless to say, a few calls were made to my staff after reading this, and now we’re seriously looking at returning to the UK next year with one of our one-day tours.

We’ve been to the UK (London and Birmingham) a number of times before with our one-day seminars (I’ve done three or four there myself over the past few years), and we’ve always had a warm reception, and I hope we get there again, soon (I’m hoping my tour gets there, so I can have a pint with Glyn Dewis, go shooting cars with Tim Wallace, and grab some lunch with Ed Davis)—all on my personal ‘to do’ list).

Anyway, thanks to all my very patient readers, and NAPP members, over in the UK—absolutely one of my favorite places on the planet, and I hope we get to see you all there in the coming year!

P.S. Did anybody catch that “Clash” reference in the headline? ;-)

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