… [drum roll, please]……it’s…….Henry Heerschap!!! (Wild cheers, ensue!!!! Well, from Henry anyway).

I’ll have the figures tomorrow on how much we raised for the orphanage from the raffle, and more details, but I wanted to get this up there today so you wouldn’t still be in suspense.

My humble thanks to everyone who supported the orphanage in such a meaningful way. More tomorrow, but for now just a very big thanks! You guys rock!!!! :-)

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  1. Wow. Just wow! Glad to have had a chance to support such a great cause. Many thanks.

  2. Congratulations Henry

  3. Wow that really is a pretty guitar. Congrats Henry!!

  4. manthose Shecters are NICE, dont care what ANYONE says I put a $260 dollar plain jane diamond series in my grubby little mitts at guitar center and it was SO comfortable and easy to play, I didn’t plug it in but thats moot with todays tech you can get a garbage can to sound like a seasoned Tama

    it was comfortable, easy to play and solid!

    what more can you ask for, primo practice axe in any event

    I WILL have one sooner than later and save 2-3k over a PRS thank you!!! lol

    like that Hellraiser, Randy would be proud to play one no doubt about it!

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